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By Jose Portocerrero

Immortal One



Faster than Light

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Part One

Advanced Technologies for Aerospace Applications

January 2018

Nikola Tesla

“The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power”

The external Variables

Breakthrough Technologies

This is the part one, of the original report I presented to the Peruvian government under the president Pedro Pablo Kuckinsky letting them know important advancements I have achieved in science, but as estrange as it sounds, I was never contacted in person or received a phone call from them. Unbelievable!


You will understand as you read.

This is an updated version, with new objectives not only scientific. This being as a consequence of new understandings as I discovered the presence of a hidden hand controlling and persecuting scientist and thinkers in Peru.

Only when the truth is about to be revealed those infiltrated traitors show their real face, power,

and intricate methods of suppression.

I had a prime exposure to this traitors infiltrated in the Peruvian government in trying to express my values and scientific achievements contrary to their interests in Perú. Then I became a victim of their hidden tactics of suppression and control. Of course individual Peruvians are responsible for my case. But understand this, those people suppressing the most important technologies for Peru are not only ignorant but traitors which look for petty personal and professional benefits accepting to be part of a plot and obeying blindly corrupt people infiltrated in the government and also infiltrated as members of secret societies to take advantage of them too.

Some individuals helping this treason are accepting orders and directives which they do not understand and do not comprehend in the negative consequences this is going to bring to their careers, without even imagine the favor they are doing to foreign countries in the suppression of important technologies for Peru.

They are betraying their institutions sabotaging science and development of important technologies related to the military defense of our country. They do not understand the problem for themselves due their actions and complicity with this irregular suppression. Some of them are in the military. This is not a game, this is serious advanced gravitational Physics for Perú.

Traitors will be prosecuted!


Because Peruvians are going to demand that!

If not there will not be Breakthrough Technologies for Peru!

They ignore Peruvian science is national security, and has been manipulated for centuries in favor for the supremacy of leading countries part of the agenda and interest of a hidden world rulers mafia.

We in Perú are victims of this suppression and any effort to discover forbidden science is national strategy and has to be protected. This global ruling elite control science and technology in their benefit, and uses all in his power to suppress discoveries in other countries illegally and secretly, depriving of support for advanced scientist, and forcing them to emigrate from their own countries.

The objective is to lure those brilliant minds in their benefit and deprive their native country from their discoveries. They achieve this purpose using traitors at their service infiltrated in our governments to force our scientist to look for asylum or foreign jobs, as they are deprived of support and isolated and prohibited of personal contact with functionaries of the government due to hidden plots of discrediting them in manipulated reports or secret calls to corrupts accomplices to deny approach to our scientist, but never through an official personal contact with them.

They steal our most important technology this way, discoveries which otherwise will benefit the development of science in Peru. They are smart and they know how to get what they want!

The infiltrated traitors in our own government are conspiring against our development and suppressing key technologies in benefit of their masters, treasoning the future of our children which are going to lose their right to work in advanced technologies and never be part of a Peruvian space program because it was stolen from their future.

As a consequence of this acts and my confusion and surprise toward the incomprehensible suppression efforts toward strategic scientific investigations for our country. I decided it was time for us Peruvians to seriously understand who are those traitor’s masters, those ruling the world and our societies no matter which country you are. All efforts and achievements of Peruvian scientist were hitting a wall, it was not a technological or a mathematical blockade, but a sociopolitical barrier. Our dreams to develop anti-gravity, scalar, plasma technologies, etc. were impossible, unless we defeat that silent and secret opposition conspiring inside our own government for the suppression of the most strategic technologies for our country. It was clear to me, I was not going to allow this secret rob to our country and the future of our children.

That is not going to happen!

Then we Peruvians have to make the next step in our development as a country who want to be modern and advanced, the step that the traitors didn’t want us to go into, but the own abusers provoked. If Peruvian scientist were able to understand physics to solve the anti gravity riddle. Now If we really want to go to the stars, then we have to understand politics and history in order to solve the puzzle of those traitors infiltrated in our own government under the influence of these global satanic elites.

But we Peruvians have to be sure that this knowledge is a prime objective and previous step toward our independence and freedom out of their illegal control.

We are not going to allow that suppression and secret treason against our national objective of conquering science and technology.

Our families deserve to have dreams and work in the most advanced technologies because those were put in our destiny by our God of infinite and pure love. So our children can develop the full of their potentials and reach the stars.

Of course today I am totally spied, what they know about my way of thinking is the reason because they try to force me to ask for political asylum or look for job in their controlled countries, to completely block me. This way they plan to steal this technology from Peru. They don’t want Peru to have the knowledge of gravity, this is paramount for them. Then any divorce of lack of communication between our most advanced scientist and the Peruvian government will be in their benefit, the benefit of foreign countries, just as it is happening right now!

The Peruvian traitors infiltrated in our government don’t like free thinkers but sheep. and they know that they can’t control me in being silent about crimes and genocides which I stand against. So they bother me, calling me every day and hanging the phone as if those calls will not be investigated in the future, threatening me in the most creative ways as using YouTube’s recommended videos posted for my account where suspiciously the same videos about mysterious death of scientist repeat again and again, etc.

It’s evident that they will use the same mechanisms with our children, to control them, to suppress them, if they are able to develop understanding as I did. Then it is evident that if we want to go to the stars, first we need to defeat those infiltrated traitors, secondly we have to change the immorality and corruption in Peru, then we can finally retake our dream of reaching the stars. That will be accomplished with lot of scientific investigation and sacrifice of our next generation of scientist.

Incredible! ¿Isn’t it?

¿Who are those ruling elites?

¿What are their motives and objectives?

¿Which mechanisms do they use to control most countries in the world?

¿Is it possible to end their satanic control?

I will share with you my ideas and interpretation of what’s happening in the world and solutions I propose.

All of them are mostly based on my advances in modern physics and breakthrough technologies.

Of course you can have a different view or opinion and that would be fine specially if you are honest in your analysis and contemplate the best future of all our children and descendants. If you can bear with me and repeat:

“Enough is enough, no more ritual sacrifices of children, no more false flags and genocide of millions, no more technology in the wrong hands and suppressed knowledge for mankind, no more killing pharmaceuticals and heavy metals into vaccinations, no more satanic ruling elite twisting the minds of our children. Etc.”

Then we are realizing the same base problems and we want to solve those, and that’s the reason for this document to exist.

I divided and updated my original report in 3 parts, this one which introduces the problem will be shared with all of you people of our beautiful Earth.

¿Why is this report written in English?

Later during the explanation of topics, I will reference other scientist lectures, books, interviews, and as they are in English, if those are not understood it is pointless to try to realize what I am talking about.

From my perspective English is vital as I have to read hundreds of technological terms, write them down and then search additional information about them in writings, books, videos, etc. and it is evident I will not receive any feedback or useful scientific information if they are not properly spelled or the contacted person doesn’t understand them. It is a pity, but true. Of course always can be exceptions for sure.


The initial purpose is to establish an advanced Research facility for the advancement of Breakthrough Technologies in Perú.

United States in words of its President Donald Trump is creating their Space Force. But that is for them, not for us, not for our children. But there are some Peruvians that see no impossibles, some of us have the same driven spirit as those who were born in United States and are colonizing space in this moment. So we decided we will go into that challenge too, with our own resources and with our own people.

There are people without education in Peru, but there are also brilliant scientist and professionals, and we say.

“We will do it! “

We will travel the Cosmos in this century.

Our ancestral cultures including the Nazca will go back to the Stars!

As my understanding of illogical politics and treasonous agenda against our scientists and our people evolved, then I realized that the urgent problem to solve for us Latin Americans is not only to develop more technology because it will be finally be ending in the wrong hands.

But the main problem to solve is to put the right hands and souls in charge of our governments, as well as the appropriate methods to control and suppress those traitors infiltrated in our own governments. Traitors who also infiltrate into secret societies and other institutions to use them to advance the control agenda of foreigners working for the satanic world ruler’s interest.

So, to put it simple.

The objective for us Peruvians is to clean our government from corrupt infiltrated people, people who are betraying all of us and responding to foreign interest.

Traitors protected by Secret Societies members, and trying to suppress advanced technologies against our children’s future!

The problem is: We are in a time in history were new breakthrough technologies will bring progress or destruction over Earth as we remain silent collaborators of satanist ruling the world.

But if we freed from them, then a new age of union and collaboration will allow us Latin Americans to join together and in collaboration with other nations of the world bring progress for our countries and reach the stars, all this free of dangerous satanic rule and their wars and terror.

But ¿isn’t it true that we can force change with technology?

No. definitely not!.

Today’s scalar technologies in control of world rulers are terminator technologies for the whole planet. More of that is useless!

New ideas and open criticism to the ruling satanic elite is the way.

No more fear to speak the truth.

They are only 0.001 % of human population, in a one to one combat we will finish them forever, no technology needed. This means for us Peruvians and all nations of the world. No more gathering technology thinking in wars toward purposely created enemies i.e. Chile or Ecuador, but joining them, joining all Latin America against the satanist world rulers who had divided us through racism and insane massacres of civil population as the 3 years of occupation and genocide of Lima during the “Guerra del Pacifico” to divide, conquer, and control Peru and Chile forever.

I offered the Peruvian government advanced understanding of anti gravity technology but I was ignored as if I was invisible, nonexistent. ¿Why?

Because some few officials in charge are traitors working to service corrupt people infiltrated on purpose into secret societies which force them to obey their leaders blindly.

What those traitors can’t see, is that their orders to block and dismiss strategic technologies like gravity came from corrupt leaders. Leaders who where in complicity with foreigners as Odebretch and the “Club de la Construcción” to favor the election of corrupts and steal thousands of millions from poor people of Perú, they have no interest in Peru or Peruvians.

Stealing gravity, wave structure of matter, and other technologies from Perú is high treason. Exactly the same kind of treason as treasonous Americans who conspired with foreigners to murder 3,000 Americans at 9/11 2001, and today’s Fake News, as President Trump says, who still conspire in the cover-up.

Understand well, I am not against any Military personnel because they join the Military forces with patriotism and love for our country, the traitors I am against are the ones who advance in rank and hold charges for being members or collaborators of traitors infiltrated as members of secret societies like Freemasons and Jesuits among many others to mention here.

After analyzing the Peruvian government rejection toward the technology I was offering to them. I have to conclude that all wars are fake. Just false flags and geopolitical moves to ensure world rulers some new advantage and more control, out of promote selling us their garbage weapons forever.

¿What else could we think?

¿Isn’t it illogical not even request a personal interview with a scientist claiming knowledge of advance gravity physics to help us in the development of breakthrough technologies?

The personal interview was primordial specially because of the secrecy involved.

The document presented was short of explanations or of shallow content due the necessary limitations of expressing secret ideas in a written public document.

¿Isn’t it true?

This is military technology, you can not reveal the real content without knowing the other party.! The purpose was to establish contact with the government of Peru, not reveal the secrets of anti gravity or other secret technologies.

It seems we scientist are destined to work for the “world rulers” and not for our own governments, the world rulers kidnap us under secret contracts in black projects to hide technologies from public view. Then helping them to avoid their use in benefit of humanity.

Otherwise we scientist are being forced to switch our investigations to meaningless areas of science, or being threaten our families, or being starved without resources, or killed.

¿Are we so stupids to don’t realize they control both sides in any war, plotting to make one side winner and the other the looser by maneuvering their viper secret societies inside our governments like Freemasons and Jesuits according to whatever new advantage they need to steal from us?

¿Wasn’t this the reason why they ignored me?

¿Because they don’t need technology for their controlled countries like Peru other than what they approve, so they can control the outcome of any war?

We all know democracy is a domination tool, because it is a circus, and because it was

invented by them as method of control!

In this document I will introduce you into world affairs and will be the first time Peruvian population will know what the traitors infiltrated as Freemasons are, and how they are betraying all of us Peruvians.

They will know what’s the feeling of being repudiated by the whole country.

¿Isn’t it true that the “world rulers” will use their controlled traitors in our own governments to ensure we will be buying forever their junk weapons from their controller countries and conveniently hide, block, and eliminate scientist like me? ¿Is not vital for them to keep us forever technologically dependent?

Yes, yes, yes!.

¿What I offered to the Peruvian government?

Sound and clear: I was working the theoretical and applied physics necessary to control gravity!, as my dream was to send robots to the Moons and Planets of the Solar System.


Because I devoted my life to science and that lead me to realize that I can!, and I promised God I will do it in benefit of the Latin American and human race, if not

¿why would God gave me to birth in this nation?

Have to be to understand discrimination abuse and genocide against them.

So I will elevate their scientific knowledge to make them valued and respected citizens of the world by teaching and creating the mechanisms to open this ancient race to the understanding of the technologies that will dominate the world for the next one thousand years.

I endured lots of sacrifice to keep my research work independent and in possession of the knowledge acquired, areas which include. The real structure of the atom (a model out of “world-rulers” distortion, one of the most important achievements of my research), scalar technology, existential densities, fabric of space-time, how gravity works at the atomic level (only this topic position me as the greatest scientist in Peruvian history, second in my ranking of achievements, sorry for not being humble, is not enough being economically crushed 10 years working in secrecy with my own resources to escape their persecution and veto over my investigations? ¿On top of that shy?), how xxx works at atomic level, counter gravity technology, plasma technology, entanglement, etc.

I must be clear that I got important advances on those areas, but far from complete. I past the break even point of key knowledge and started the avalanche phase of understanding. Now, only with the addition of specialized teams of research for any area, we will develop the technology of the third millennium, just as the Americans did a hundred years ago based on Nikola Tesla’s advances.

For some incomprehensible reasons to me, the influence of the world ruler’s servants in Peru have kept me blocked, as it was the case for the last 8 years. As a consequence of their treason to us Peruvians. I was left to pursue my best interest somewhere in the world.

I thought at the beginning that It was the Peruvian government fault. later I understood that I was Peruvian too, and that the ones who have to abandon Perú have to be the traitors infiltrated as Freemasons to use their vertical power, and not me!

So, I decided to support good politicians and wake up Peruvian population against our viper enemies within. Those cowards traitors working in the shadows belonging to secret societies for personal benefit. Those ignorant who can’t imagine their acts are endangering their soul’s future because they are collaborating with satanic sects practicing the most horrible ritual sacrifices of children even eating their flesh, they are becoming for being their members in accomplices of false flags, genocides, murder and wars.

Those stupids think that being in the shadows will protect them, but they forget God, they forget that there are no hidden places for God.

There is one universal law for the whole universe, Physics is the law, and I will explain here how that law will ensure for them the eternity of their kind together, imagine living your afterlife with monsters like Rockefeller or John Podesta, ¿horrible isn’t it?

Stay tuned stupid traitors infiltrated as Freemasons for your personal convenience, in this document I will explain why. In this document also, I will express my ideas publicly.

This will be in order to implement policies against such traitors who dare to betray the trust we deposited in them to work in benefit of Peru, protect our people and specially our scientist. Only then I will consider fulfilled my promise to God to work for the benefit of our Peruvian nation.

Any human being find the purpose of his life and how to better serve God and humanity. Mine is this way. I have the same purpose as those Americans who started the endeavor which took them to space, and with the same need for uncovering the mysteries of the atom, the cosmos, and creation. Any obstacle being scientific or political has to be solved!

¿Am I so estrange or difficult to understand?

¿Why not join the Americans then?

Because, I am not American, and as a scientist I was aware of the false flag events that put authorities in a state of panic inducing them to abuse foreigners as we can see in the massive deportations of Latin American people everyday, all based on false flag event that traitors as the Peruvian ones did to the United States, in other words a lie that President Trump is fighting against in what he called Deep State.

They are always at war with somebody and breakthrough technologies are forbidden for most foreign scientist i.e. to work in anti-gravity physics you have to be born in the USA, of course that affects me, and the fact that they are also not happy with free thinkers like me which analyze everything, like the true technology used in 9/11 traitor’s crimes. Besides that, I was not seduced to remain in USA because there were many unsolved questions about the lies the American Government says to us scientist of the world: ¿Did they go to the Moon? ¿Are they on Mars now? ¿Is there civilization in Ganymede or other moons? ¿Do they have anti-gravity machines? ¿Do they use secret scalar, EMP technologies? .

¿Isn’t it true that to work for them, you have to sign confidential agreements under national security pretexts to kidnap the technologies?

No one but they know those and other answers. Then, ¿Why Do I have to feel like mine the advances of the American Space Program?

Of course not!.

For me it is like if humanity would never had sent an object to the space, not until I do it by myself!

¿Can we Latin Americans send robotic vehicles to the space?

¿Aren’t there other more important technologies first?

Yes there are, but I am not going to mention much of them here. (personal interview, remember?) The state of the art in electronics and the advancements in science makes this the ideal time in history to pursue the uncovering of the technologies which will be in control of the 3rd millennium.

We Peruvian scientist are not going to be disconnected of this world effort in science. I was born to lead and not to follow. So, I demand my country to assume an independent and mature decision to attack and conquer those sought technologies, in which one Peruvian, Me, have already succeeded in its understanding to the level of avalanche, which is the passing of the point of no return in their comprehension, entering in the phase of continuous and unstoppable growing.


¿What does it imply?

To start working in serious plans for anti gravity vehicles (not really only antigravity, toroid plasma engines). First of all, we don’t need to send humans as starting point. Controlled vehicles are on the other hand easier and cheaper to start with, and also a necessary previous step to send humans. Even we do not have the technology and materials ready. Over time we will. So the technologies required for the project cover a variety of specialties, each one with its own challenges which specialized teams have to solve.

This topic is sensible to discuss here. So you have the idea. Robotic controlled vehicles means the need to solve a myriad of technological problems, but as we are smart to avoid disillusion and raise spirits we will focus on key technologies to attack first, on completion of these first goals, all remaining task would appear at reach of hand and then we will easily comply with what appeared to be a difficult objective at the beginning.

¿What technologies will we use?

Breakthrough technologies!

If I am starting from zero, then ¿why not invest my time and energy in the best?

¿Are there hidden technologies far powerful to make our dreams true?

Yes there are!, and I already advanced into the comprehension of some of those, with SUCCESS!

We need to start with technologies for gravity compensation or gravity manipulation, we also need secured communications, computer control and robotics necessary for sensors-transducers used for navigation, we need programming the firmware and embedded systems of control, navigation and others. The kind of design the KT-1P is missing to be exported and was blocked by the USA, and lastly our final basic technology will be plasma reactors for the energy needs. The same here sensitive information to be discussed.

Then we will have the all basic needed key components to make a platform elevate from the floor: the propulsion system, the secured communications system, computer control navigation system and the power system. Attach a camera and then we go, to answer all the questions that we as humans deserve to know!

I don’t know about you but I live for that!

¿But what additional knowledge and understanding accompany this endeavor?

Well breakthrough Technologies are based in the true understanding of the wave structure of matter!

¿But isn’t true that science have already progressed in solving the atom structure and the Atomic Energy production?No, it is not true!

Open science is a cover up to hide the real structure of the atom, if not everybody will have atomic bombs and will be communicating at speeds faster than light, and we know that is not happening, at least not openly.

¿Why is it important the concept of wave structure of matter?

Because it allows us to realize that matter can be altered, changed, teleported!.

This means we can convert matter to light and light to matter at any time, meaning that the concept of teleportation is away only as we are able to advance the technology required, but somebody could already have done that!

The concept of light in this document is different to what most humans consider visible light. It goes beyond the light we can see, that in reality our visible light is only a little tiny frequency range spectrum visible to the human eye. Light in the broader concept is mostly invisible energy radiated in infinite range of frequencies including the ones of matter, antimatter and dark-matter. Light is what connect us to God, and our soul to our physical body.

Light is the communication medium of creation and the reason for our universe to exist. Literally God is Light as the Bible says.

But matter to light is the same as energy to light, it means that if we can teleport energy, then we will be able to teleport matter. And energy teleportation was already done by Nikola Tesla in the early 1900s but kept hidden by world’s rulers. More recently discoveries were made by German professor Konstantin Meyl, and lastly by myself replicating such experiments.

By example, One of our many objectives in developing Scalar technologies will be the creation of operational scalar wave transponders (longitudinal waves). I already tested the transmission of energy using longitudinal waves, and confirms all our theoretical views. So, We need to create a research facility for the development of longitudinal waves transponders which are operable beyond the close range. The energy is transferred with the same wave carrier as the information. Areas of application with energy and data requirements are constantly added apart from the desire for a larger range, possible applications are:• drones remotely supplied of energy, with bidirectional data links.• in the robot and handling technique the wiring are going to be replaced by a wireless technology.• in telemetry plants sensors are to be supplied wireless with energy.• portable, mobile transponders, Notebooks and remote controls working without batteries.

The problem before consisted of the fact that the valid field theory, that from Maxwell, was only able to describe transverse and not longitudinal wave components. Now we have modified Maxwell equations considering the anti-vortex phenomena and scalar wave components of the wave equations. This allowing us to understand the physics behind the wave structure of matter.

We all perceive there is something wrong with mainstream science. Of course we are not naive, we all know that NASA’s investigations and discoveries are for themselves and not for us. Then ¿why would it be different in mainstream science? There is one scientific knowledge for them, and another false for us.

But ¿how could this happen?

The interest to remain as sole world powers and control the world! I will explain that later in the document, but for now we are forced to add to our endeavor another set of variables besides the technological ones or “internal ones”, and that new set of variables we will call the “external variables”, or “political ones”.

¿What are the “external variables” that we have to solve to go to the stars?

Imagine you have everything to go to the beach: girls, beer, food, car etc, suddenly your father tell you that you can’t go because it is not good for your formation.” Then you are grounded, that’s an “external problem”!

¿But who is going to tell us Peruvians not go to the Moon or stars?

Well, think again in the secrecy of science. Are those who are in control of the world with power and in possession of that technologies ¿are they going to facilitate our endeavor, or oppose to it?

Of course they are going to oppose it, because this goes against their supremacy and control.

That’s why they oppose scientist like me.

¿Is this legal?

No, but they will oppose it anyway.

¿Do they have the mechanisms power and control to oppose us in our own house?

Think again what is happening with me, and how I am is viciously opposed, ignoring me, molesting me, cutting any support or financing for my investigations. Even they know the importance of my advances.

Peruvian traitors infiltrated into secret societies and working to serve the world rulers agenda. Of course we have an exact measure of their intentions for the hiding and controlling of science just by looking the secret technologies used in the 9/11 false flag attacks. Nobody had a clue before of what caused the dustification of the steel columns while falling to ground. I talked about that here:

Another aspect of why they don’t want us to raise from servants to equals is for their horrifying cults and murdering as Pizza-gate or satanic ritual sacrifice of children.

They want to keep us busy thinking stupidities without science, because they want to manipulate and abuse our families and children. That’s why our young people is bombarded with sex, drugs, homosexuality, video games etc. Because nobody must be thinking in their wrongdoings.

The satanist world rulers. They are evil and smart!

The world rulers using their infiltrated tentacles inside our own Peruvian official organizations will be the obstacle “external variables, or political ones” we have to solve that problem too, if we plan to go to the stars.

That’s why it is important to see what attitude will have President Vizcarra toward me and the breakthrough technologies we are uncovering.

¿Will we work together for our country?

“Existe una enfermedad de pensar que nada se puede cambiar, que nadie puede volverse bueno u honesto. Yo creo en Dios y en finales felices, pero requiere de valientes que luchen contra la corriente y no duden que lo van a conseguir.”

Recuerde Sr. Vizcarra que yo he enrumbado por mas de una decada el camino de descubrir los secretos de la “Gravedad” sin ninguna evidencia de que alguien lo hubiera descubierto antes, y no dude ni por un momento de que lo lograría.

Abandone todo lo económico, mi cabeza estaba en “modo Gravedad”.

Usted necesita angelitos en su oido Sr Vizcarra, hasta ahora puro diablito han murmurado en la oreja a los presidentes del Perú. Sea usted parte de los que tenemos almas elevadas y capaces para sacar adelante al Perú.

Es tiempo de no enfrentarnos y colaborar, lo que queremos es hacer un honesto, grande, y enorme Perú!

Desmarquese de los corruptos infiltrados en el gobierno Sr. Vizcarra, olvídese de pedir consejos a socios de empresas extranjeras robando a los pobres del Peru , o que le aprueben sus amistades. Si les hace caso, nunca contactara con cientificos Peruanos censurados ilegalmente y traicionara al Perú.

Si Dios lo ha tocado a Ud. como a mi. Entonces no se equivocara!

Usted y nosotros almas inmortales nos podemos poner en “modo Perú” Turbo charged!

Don’t think we only have ideas in science, but I also we have very good ideas for the transformation of Peru.

We offer you the solution that in only one year without any significant resource! We can create permanent 5,000 new jobs, Lima to be completely ordered, clean, and beautiful!

With people obeying the rules, better than in the USA. Nobody would believe it’s possible, nobody will believe it is the same old Peru! You will become the most popular president in history.

Just be nice to Peruvian Scientist, and we will help you!

Now the “World rulers” have to understand that we Peruvian government and scientist together are on our way to the stars and God gave us that right!

The World Rulers’ Fake excuse that they suppress technology to be in the wrong hands because is dangerous, is true, but they are the wrong hands, and 9/11 is the proof!

So they have no moral authority not the divine right to oppose us South Americans and world scientists any more!..

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