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Breakthrough Technologies

Gravity – Time – Faster than Light – Wave Structure of Matter -Scalar Technologies – Existential Densities – Biological Physics

By Jose Portocerrero

Immortal One



Informe 3

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Part Four

Advanced Technologies for Aerospace Applications

Our understanding of the technologies used in False Flag attacks and the public knowledge of those are our insurance that similar attemps will not happen again. That is happening right now with the false flags events in Syria and other countries when the international community and citizens

are immediately uncovering such acts.

The criminal Mafia in control of the planet has to understand that they are busted!

We humanity are not going to forget who they are and what they do.

Justice and Peace are going to prevail in our planet.

Knowledge is the driving for Change!

The Peaceful Revolution of the Third Millennium is based on Knowledge! in Understanding!

¿But what kind of change?

First self confidence in us humans to regain the control of our planet.

We have to trust in ourselves, in our capacities, we can not feel ourselves as inferiors or

limited by the material circumstances. Only then we can endure the

spiraling process of science and understanding.

We are more than our material biological portal or body.

We are an immortal soul incarnated to experience love and happiness.

Anything against that is artificial and imposed for other beings in their negative benefit.

¿What could be the benefit of False Flag invented wars and the killing of millions of innocent people?

¿What could be the benefit of satanic rituals, killing babies to extract adreno-chrome after the horrible tortures they experienced?

They are the owners of everything, Banks, Industries, Properties.

¿Do they kill for more money?

I don´t think so.

There is a plan, there is an agenda behind.

¿What kind of agenda and from whom?

To understand this let see Who are the beneficiaries of all this terror in children and invented wars

We humans have creative power and we saw that in the “Science of God”. We are able to create high frequency energy to alter matter thing that it is impossible for lower density beings or demons (in the realm of frequencies). That’s why babies can transmute matter and create Adreno-Chrome. We adults are limited in that ability. That´s why children are also used in contacting extra-dimensional beings in the secret space program, because they have high sensitive and natural connection with the source.

So the actual gain for those monsters in control of our planet other than their publicized plan or agenda are the suffering, hate, and horror frequencies liberated for us humans and our babies in benefit of extra dimensional beings.

That´s why this can not be normal killings but horrendous ones.

That´s why all their mass media fill our daily life with catastrophes and horrendous crimes.

That´s why our children play all day killing zombies.

What nobody realizes is that those are part of the agenda of the monsters ruling our planet.

¿Are those in the top of the controlling Pyramid humans or extraterrestrials?

That is most important knowledge to liberate humanity.

Those are Extraterrestrial beings!


Let see:

¿Why don’t religions say this?

Because it is controlled dissent, they know that we will seek our essence, which is love and justice, and they put the leaders of those sects.

All religions were created by them to deceive and control us. That is why religion throughout history persecuted and murdered scientists.

They do not want humanity to understand that negative aliens are in control of the planet and are holding us prisoner based on false beliefs imparted by their Secret Societies, their Religions and the invented stories of saviors mixed with lies and information concealment that promote their dominance and control of humanity.

¿But will there be good people in religions?

Of course, but they are not in control. If so, they would have already protested for the ritual sacrifices of children, they would have already raised their voices against the genocides of 9/11, but we see that this is not the case. What we rather see is authorities of the Vatican participating in rituals of the Ninth Circle, speaking that they want a world government and a Single Religion in the hands of the satanic and genocidal elite whose hands they kiss.

The double face and morality of these institutions that on the one hand appear in public kissing children and the hands of parishioners and on the other in secret they practice satanic rituals clearly speak to us of the hypocrisy of these people in control of the planet.

¿But if religion speaks of God and love and paradise, how is that wrong?

Because what they hide is that we are immortal souls with creative power and our passage through the earth is in a plan of evolution or involution but they do everything possible to disorient us based on falsehoods and that we forget who we are.

To let us forget that we have the power that demons do not have, which is to create unattainable frequencies for them such as love.

That is why they control us and try to keep us eternally reincarnating in this prison called planet Earth.

When you die the power of manifestation of your thoughts that are dormant in the low frequency density of the Earth they suddenly regain their power of manifestation and it is then that all the garbage of cinema, television, education, and religions make their appearance.

If you believe in Zombies, they will appear, If you imagine horrors they will appear, If you believe in flying elephants they will appear. You create them yourself and save yourself or condemn yourself to experiencing them.

Our children cannot be watching Hollywood horror and genocides, on TV, or in video games. The monsters are programming them to recreate those realities in case they pass away without realizing that we are manipulated and deceived by beings of other densities. On the contrary, if you are aware of the game and deception, every time your consciousness creates something horrible you just have to close your eyes and focus on the vortex or light of infinite love that is the god of love that you love yourself. That light will enter through your head directly into your heart and from where it will emit infinite rays of light that will create a torus of high frequencies around you. That torus has frequencies incompatible with those of negative thoughts, immediately disappearing everything bad about you. Just thinking about that connection with the source or God of infinite love sets you apart and protects you throughout your existence.

You are part of God and have a permanent and indestructible connection with him (entangled). But make no mistake to connect or invoke a God with his own name, because you do not know what type of energy is associated with him, remember that false stories have been created for you to worship. God has no name, he only has attributes. Love, Infinite, Pure and Eternal. That is your god and nobody represents it only your heart that is united to him and the intelligence that he gave you so that you realize things.

It is very important to stop the false education promoted by these Secret Societies in control of the planet and understand the reason for its intentions and purposes. That can only be done by those people who realize things and peacefully organize to change them. There is no movement like ours in humanity. We are the Revolution of the Third Millennium. We are the Knowledge Revolution. We are the peaceful Revolution of truth that seeks to raise the existential frequencies of humanity and become a galactic society and a full member of the community of planets that currently secretly rules our planet.

Said Federation of 5th Density Planets of existential frequencies (We on Earth are in 3D existential frequencies) has been in control of the planet for millennia and is the eye of the Pyramid in control.

According to these “advanced” beings, we humans are responsible for all the horrors and sufferings that we suffer in our incarnation because we consent and internally we are creators of this reality.

A reality that in turn is highly appreciated by other souls in the Universe who decide to incarnate on our planet in search of that existential contrast that allows them to evolve in a spectacular way.

All this story that we are the culprits, only hide the rottenness and deceit of this Federation of planets of 5th Density, which illegally assume that they are the owners of our planet and we are their pig farm from which they can commercialize our sufferings in his Theme Park of Horror called planet Earth.

They they were in Egypt, Venice, Rome, and in 1291 they created Switzerland. The neutral nation to which no war invaded its territory, where under its mountains are together with the United States all the treasures stolen from humanity. This is the home land for the heir to the Egyptian dynasties of Bankers and tycoons that control the planet and is the cradle from which all the elites that control the world converge. Royal Houses, Presidents, etc.

They created all the religions, and they created all the Secret Societies as a method of control. That is to say, these authorities of the Federation of 5th Density planets who say that we are responsible for what happens because we do not control our creative power of the negative are grossly lying and distorting reality. The truth is that they decided to create a Theme Park of Horror for incarnated souls on our planet. A Disneyland for distracted souls from the universe who come to join us in the suffering of seeing dying horribly tortured defenseless children. Because according to these distracted everyone is here because they want to enjoy the theme park.

But what these 5th density shits don’t want to see, is that the native souls of the earth are prisoners of misinformation and deceptions created by the Federation itself in control. There would be no wars or genocides if they were not created by the satanic mafia in control imposed and maintained in power by the aforementioned Federation of Planets and the outdated technological weapons that keep them in power. Like the case of the nuclear detonation in Moscow during Napoleon’s invasion in 1812.

There would be no ritual sacrifices and inhumane torture of children if it were not for the protection of Secret Brotherhoods in control of professional bar associations all over the planet and protecting such illicit and monstrous acts.

There would be no manipulation of knowledge about the nature of the human immortal soul if it were not distorted and persecuted by its false churches that throughout history have dedicated themselves to eliminating scientists and promoting false stories and beliefs in the human population.

The church is controlled dissent to appear as opposition to the monsters but in reality it works in concert to achieve the same objectives.

That is why we see that they desperately ask for a One World Government in the hands of the same genocidal and satanic elite as always.

They (The Federation) brought the knowledge of banking to create money from scratch to corrupt our society and control it to implement their Artificial Theme Park of Horror.

You extraterrestrial beings who believe you are highly evolved and we ignorant shit. You are the ones who create all the terror and who falsely accuse us that we are the creators with our impure thoughts and without control. Go fuck your mother fucking liars.

Everything negative that happens on Earth has been devised, planned, and created by you, using your advanced technology to put a rotten Satanist elite in control. Giving them the ancestral knowledge of deception and manipulation through Religions and secret societies. And eliminating earlier humanities when they began to rebel against your control.

¿What are you going to do now that humanity already knows that you are the eye of the Pyramid?

¿Will you apply the reset to us as humanity again?

¿Are you going to convince us that we are the ones who sacrifice children in pain and suffering for our impure thoughts?

¿Are you going to convince us that your Secret Societies are not the instruments to protect all your lies and genocides worldwide?

¿Are you going to convince us that we are here watching how millions of human beings and babies are killed in created pain, because we decided to evolve?

Idiots! …

¿Don’t you know that to evolve the first requirement is not to cause harm to anyone?

A child, a pure soul blank by the veil of oblivion, tortured to the extreme for years and years, ¿what positive evolution that poor soul can have?

You Leaders of the Federation in charge are in serious trouble, many humans have projection in higher densities and we know that it is possible at will to be part of the 7th density council.

Rather, we believe that there is a secret pact between the leaders of said 5th Density Federation and the regressive races that feed on the energies of human pain and suffering.

Then the Theme Park of Horror would be nothing more than an excuse from being a window to illuminate distracted souls from the Universe, to actually being a hidden and illegal business to provide energy food to low-density beings. or demons, so that they can access realities that do not belong to them and so that they use “human pigs” as biological portals, or by possession through rituals and drugs, so that these beings can enjoy their aberrations and genocides in an existential reality to which they do not belong, nor should they be able to access, except for the illegal intervention of the 5th density Federation of Planets that is the creator of this macabre plan.

For the slow people who still don’t believe in aliens because Trump doesn’t tell you. You must stop being idle and have to start thinking for yourself. There are many knowledge in our history out of time and impossible for primitive humans, such as the Horoscope, which is based on constellations and position of stars according to the position of the Earth with respect to the Sun (knowledge linked to how the stars are positioned and the role of light in such processes). By assuming that the characteristics of the soul are determined by those factors denotes a knowledge of souls and star mechanisms (in future posts we will talk about that). Another case is the number of turns that the kabalhist or shaman has to make to establish contacts in rituals, these are the techniques to contact with spirits. Everything reveals advanced knowledge that we are just rediscovering in advanced Physics and that was implanted in humanity by said federation in control of the planet.

¿But what would be the motive for spreading such knowledge among primitive people?

They wanted to make sure they maintained channels of possession for the souls in low density. African techniques are based on advanced science imposed for a purpose. That of lowering the vibrations of people, and favoring the possession by beings of other densities allowing the use of humans as biological portals for what we call demons.

All of this was done intentionally by these beings with advanced knowledge interfering with the destiny of humanity. So for the brutes who hope to see a green Martian to believe in extraterrestrials I inform you that it is not necessary because only by analyzing ancestral knowledge we can already verify its existence.

Furthermore, in Peru we are already studying the mummies like the Nazca tridactyl beings which are oviparous humanoids which reproduce by eggs and are reptilian. They were also intelligent beings because they had implants and pectorals that were found in them to prove it.

Of course secret societies tried to erase this from our history as well, but brave Peruvian scientists prevented this from being completely lost in history.

It is therefore this 5th Density Federation the eye of the pyramid that is manipulative and responsible for all human problems for its open promotion of Satanism on our planet.

And this is a fundamental part for the implementation of their Thematic Park of Horror artificially created and maintained by them.

The objective is to manipulate the evolution of our souls, and for that, they have subjected our home based on terror and deception, usurping control of our nations with their secret societies and false religions. Societies rotten by immorality protected by them, where they have us as prisoners, as witnesses afraid to speak, or as victims of their countless atrocities and genocides. Your control over humanity “evolved” 5th density beings ended. We claim control of our planet and ask evolved beings of higher densities to support our effort to re-educate the human race and achieve the desired elevation. frequencies of all humans and become a galactic civilization with full rights as equals before any federation of planets to defend the true cause of humanity. Likewise, we make a call to advanced beings of the universe in order to avoid an artificially generated displacement of geographic poles since it would mean planetary extinction due to the inertia of oceans and land masses when interacting with the aether and not the current rest that would put an end to the humanity prior to its planetary and inter-galactic expansion. In humanity we could already transcend catastrophic natural phenomena like this if we had not been stolen from our knowledge by this Federation of Planets in illegal control of our destinies. It is necessary to preserve this humanity, its culture and its knowledge outside the alleged Satanic Theme Park or Planetary Disneyland imposed by said regressive 5th density beings. The real dissent Out of the control of this satanic Federation and into the opposite vortex of pure and eternal infinite love, we are the Immortals. We are the true essence of the human soul. We are the humans incarnated on the planet, the owners and with the right to govern ourselves based on positive values ​​inherent in us humans with an immortal soul and the essence of the creative source. Those are the basic values ​​of the movement of Immortals who seek to regain control of the destinies of Peru in this Third Millennium. We will no longer allow little evolved souls, accomplices of genociders who have seen a kind of millionaire lottery in joining secret brotherhoods, to control the destiny of our children. Enough is Enough. Enough! Together immortal souls we will build the Peru of the Third Millennium.

And let me be clear and assure you this:

This is not a personal or private corporate effort, this is a nation’s

effort. We need that breakthrough technologies, so the Peruvian legacy

will sustain over time. That’s the mandate of our constitution as an

independent nation, ensure the Peruvian legacy will survive.How?As a second class country, not being able to protest against genocide acts like 9/11?No. We don’t want that. We want to protect the moral beliefs of our

population, not destroy them just because it is convenient for the world

control of British, American, Swiss or Jewish banksters families.Of course in my view of a free speech country, there is no opposition

in being at the same time a technologically advanced society and a

correct moral one. It’s harder the challenge, but that’s why we are here

for, to solve the problems.During my life I had the opportunity to meditate a lot, as scientist

who choose to solve problems like gravity, or atomic nucleus dynamics

that demands lots of thinking, thinking that go with you to bed and in

your dreams you continue working to solve those problems. But that

certainly take you to profound meditations over the existence of God and

clarify any experience you have in life. That took me to recognize the

presence of God in my life and understand the purpose of my experience

alive, that I can resume as bringing truth and science to the Latino

American race.What I try to say is that we must start to apply science and logic to

our religious beliefs, and not accept anything because it comes from

certain authority. We all know that even religion seems antique and out

of order, if one is able to assimilate the good advice one receives and

not the false teachings introduced by Pharaoh descendants who control

most religions of the world, that will provide a better life for you and

your love ones.There are hidden truths and messages on those ancient texts. Then it

is important to be humble and recognize that we can find lot of

knowledge inside those old religious teachings out of pharaoh satanic

interpretations and additions in favor of their ruling of Earth, their

New World Order, and their one world satanic controlled distorted

religion.So definitely, We must not be fanatic

religious but we must try to be honest and accept that we must question

our beliefs to improve certain aspects of it.We must confront Freemason/Jesuits/Pope’s actions and silences about

genocides like 9/11, pedophile, pizza-gate, ritual sacrifice of

children, WWII, Vietnam, killing of millions of Protestants, Orthodox,

Buddhist, etc. for our love of God and respect for the sacrifice of

Jesus. Even if at some point we discover that Jesus figure could be

invented due his similarity to tales of previous deities, but we must

not scare! Because we know good men and women like our moral Jesus

existed on Earth, so we choose freely to believe in his teachings

because our souls agree with the love among us and to any creature in

the universe. The fact that we are incarnated souls in search of harmony

love and universal happiness make us by conviction believe in his

teachings.It’s a shame that after all those killings in wars and inquisition

supported by the Catholic Church, today they and the Pope dare to

propose a one world religion under their command. What for? We believe

in God because he is inside us, not because this or that church. And all

those killings? Do we forget? Are not going to happen again toward

dissidents of your one world religion? Come on! We are goyim, but not

stupids!God lives inside any of us, good advice is allways welcome but under

the evidences of child sacrifices and satanic rituals. We choose not

joining your one world party until the church do not clean themselves

from satanic control of p2 Swiss lodges, infiltrated into Jesuits, etc.Let the human beings find their way without political manipulation.

If a change in religion is needed, then that change have to be to

denounce, protest, and propose solutions to those killings as we do. Not

acts to hide them, Not actions to silent the protesters, Never acting

in secrecy or conspiring against the understanding of history and

keeping secrets for yourselves. We are in the 21st century, we demand

logic and transparency.We are too much population at this time on Earth, millions of lives will be lost by any error we will do from now on.You by the amount of errors and killings are disqualified. Build a

new relationship with humanity reveal the existence of intra and

extraterrestrial beings, reveal cultures and real world history, stop

being part of the machinery manipulated by the Sionist Rothschild mafia.We were raised as Catholics but we evolved, we have questions, we

demand answers but corroborated by accions. We really want good

teachings but not manipulation or double standards, one for the mases

and other in secrecy as happens today. We have to evolve, all of us.Paradigm shift and better educationWhat kind of scientist could we produce in languages different than

English as they have to be able to understand other “world scientist”

works and ideas, and not only rely on reading a translation, but

listening live web video and audio lectures and interviews?Scientist study 10 semesters (50 different courses) most topics are

general and cover a wide variety of topics, only a few really of special

scientific value. Then how do they become scientist?The answer is self determination to learn English and turn into

millions of leads goggling for new ideas and concepts, learning from the

work and experience of other scientist wherever far they are, but close

connected through the web.In conclusion any effort to educate an individual from early age to

native understanding of English is vital at this time of history as

personal and national interest. Starting from the teaching of Math and

Physics, you have to understand that 99% of the important knowledge will

be grab from English sources, as this is my own experience at least in

breakthrough technologies.For those Peruvians who believe they are Castizos Espanoles, first

80% of the population are not pure white, more or less? Spanish don’t

like the “Panchito” type like they call our native race and population.

After 400 years of exploitation they don’t want Peruvian ,Bolivian,

Chilean native race among them, not the case for other people. Why do we

allow this discrimination? Why do our native have to stick with

Spanish? I don’t mean forget what is already part of us, but embrace new

parts of us.I was curious why Americans respect so much Hindu people but not

native Latin American people, the same happens for England. I concluded

that it was due to the language. Hindi at the universities receive

science tuition in English besides their own regional languages. They

embrace English as their scientific language and they make their voice

heard in the international community. Reverse case for Latin Americans,

we are absent from the scientific world just because the language self

imposed barrier. So many times looking for tutorials in scientific

topics and I found many of them from Hindi people. They were on my map

just because of this.I see as one of our primary responsibilities to

raise our native populations disregarded as inferior human beings, due

to their lack of participation in the scientific world and retake his

place in the community of nations participating in this technological

international effort as proof of the richness of diversity and equality

of human beings.We also have to open our doors to scientist and engineers from all

over the world who search beauty peaceful communities and nature so

abundant in our region and offer them the opportunity to join a

brilliant free scientific community in a language attractive for them to

learn and work every day, and that means to accept official

multilingual English -Spanish- Quechua etc, as languages in our country

to favor our con nationals to be. We can not expect immigrants coming to

our countries happy to learn Spanish but by the contrary completely

satisfied to work in English and their children receive tuition in that

language too. Then it will be a reality that hundred of scientist will

find our country as an attractive destination to live in.Our own students will have the need to improve their English skills

as the only way to communicate with these foreign teachers. Those

scientist will hardly be seduced or attracted to the false American

dream, as everybody start to recognize now after the 9/11 genocides and

the Deep State confrontation with legitimate president Donald Trump, and

those scientist will tend to remain with us. We have a job to do in

this matter. What a great opportunity that this turn into bilingual

teaching that will open the door to mathematicians , physicist, doctors

from all over the world and their families too, to join our efforts and

raise our race cultural level to a new positioning in the universal

community. The terrible mistake of accepting without control violent

people from Venezuela is an error promoted by these traitors infiltrated

among secret societies like the Mafia de la Construcción, Fuji-Aprismo,

los Bruce Peruanos, etc.We were born in this region for a reason. The one to elevate our

indigenous race to the full of their potential, making them valuable

subjects in any field they choose and without any burden or lack of

language, self confidence, or perfect beauty in their own exotic race.As a scientist I feel myself as a citizen of the world, only

recognize good and bad people , no other difference matter to me. As

born in Peru my responsibility before God is to work for the humble

native people, to put them as equal respected world citizens (Not

discriminated or perceived as inferiors). Hard complex job but I take it

as fulfilling purpose for my existence, ask God forgive my errors.The reality is that coherent, self sustainable scientific research in

every area of knowledge including political economy and production of

technological artifacts is the only way to fulfill our destiny as a

country and raise from Third World nation to independent first class

nation of the world.How do I propose the advancement of technology for Peru?There are breakthrough technologies that are game changers in the

balance of powers between nations. Understand carefully what I say

“balance” it does not mean aggression but dissuasion and respect.But dissuasion of what?Of abusing us, of discriminating us, of separating fathers from their

children based on lies and false flag operations, simulating false

attacks from a false enemy to take over rights and liberties of the

population of the whole world, dissuasion of plots being helped with the

complicity of traitors infiltrated into secret societies, which are

part of the international mafia to facilitate the control of foreign

countries, their governments, arm forces, drug cartels, terrorism etc.

No more secret intro-missions and interference in our national Peruvian

affairs. Should I continue?Technology in a controlled society.It is very difficult to put on paper interesting information when

that is Classified!, but I will try to do it, of course omitting key

elements, names and phenomena under study. Sorry!. But I will mostly

base the presentation in the work of some well known scientist, which

support the veracity of the observed phenomena and the implications in

the development of some of our target technologies.In physics and science in general it is normal the observed facts are

the same so mostly a lot had been said about them before. The

introduced interpretation of those previous advances and their inclusion

in this document by this author is the key. If I choose them among

others it’s because my admiration toward their advances and because I

share some of their ideas and not from others, but it may be because I

know they keep secrets or more profound and important knowledge behind.

Remember, I already know this, but you don’t, so if some quote from

others is here, it is not for my benefit but yours. Besides I am

commenting for your understanding over those ideas, so don’t criticize

me for helping you.The first thing all scientist must do is to read the work of other

scientists, once he gains his own opinions, he chooses the closest

description to his own thinking and on top of that, he writes his

divergent ideas.So many times I have found in books of today’s geniuses descriptions

of physics phenomena word by word exactly as books of 1900s but changed

in some keywords. This means science is a work in succession from one

scientist to another who works further on top of that previous work. It

is like a tree, all branches are connected, no one exist alone suspended

in the air, but only a few grow straight to the top. It means we can

trace any scientific work to its roots, in doing that we will visualize

which scientist are the real stronghold for technology, and which others

are poisonous influence.But why some scientist would poison science?Very easy my folks, because of national security almost no scientist

give for free important information. And world powers in control have

commissioned secret societies to distort science hiding the physics

which lead to breakthrough technologies!The more you know, the more you are able to recognize which

scientists know the truth, and also recognize how they even knowing the

whole truth, they only say partial truths in their writings, but never

the whole story is put on paper.For example suppose a scalar shield depends on variables a, b, c, d,

e. all equally important and necessary, but the way scientist use to

explain this usually is: “Scalar Shields are influenced by the

variations of a and b”. They can use the generic word “influenced” and

omit c, d and e on purpose and still are telling the truth (but

partially).This is how the real science is omitted and distorted under national

security pretenses. But be clear here, all countries have national

security different of each other, so as Peruvians the only national

security important for us it is ours, no more!.If science is occult for other countries interest, it is our

obligation as Peruvians to uncover it, analyze it, and decide by

ourselves if it had to remain hidden, or used secretly by Peru, or

openly by our own con-nationals, nobody, no foreign government or

satanic controlled group can interfere with this basic strategic

obligation we have as Peruvians.But what happens when individual traitors infiltrated into secret

societies to take advantage of them, control our own decisions as

independent nation? Then it is impossible to avoid the technological

blockade, because they will oppose any Peruvian effort in that direction

for their own interest.Does that kind of corrupts infiltrated in those groups exist in Peru?This seems a ridiculous question, we all know the truth is YES, I am

as their victim the example! I was threaten by traitors infiltrated

into the masons that I will never meet a president of Peru. And until

now it is working.I was totally ignored in my secrets reports communicating my advances

in gravity, and no one Peruvian official has been authorized to talk to

me. No one reporter, annalist, or military have approached me, and

nobody from their controlled media want to speak about my work even

though everybody start noticing my existence since I went public on

July 28. 2018.I have more foreign followers than in Peru itself. Mainly Russia,

United States, Brazil, Germany, France, China, India. But I don’t even

start my introduction campaign, I am just putting in order key ideas!.

But soon it will be waves.I think that when one officer swears loyalty to Peru, is an

obligation toward the nation to work for the benefit of Peru and

advanced Technology certainly is important.Traitors infiltrated into Secret societies are not only opposing me,

they are opposing also the poor people of Peru being accomplices of

Odebretch and the Grupo de la Construction forming a mafia to finance

presidential campaigns like Toledo’s and PPK’s, that treason also is

shown in the Nazca tridactil mummies and subterranean cultures being

delivered against all logic to United States. They are betraying

Peruvians hiding postponing important scientific knowledge in our

benefit.Why do they do it?Because they follow orders, orders from foreigners chiefs that’s why

they have all the money they need from Odebretch and others, that’s why

Bruce was several times Ministro de construcción of those corrupts

governments to return favors and millionaire contracts to their partners

Odebretch and the Club de la Construcción. That’s why their actions

against Peru are a betrayal to all of us. But they are so stupids that

think they are successful individuals. They forget we all know they are

protecting world Rulers laws implementation in Peru with their

infiltrated corrupts into masons becoming lawyers and organizations

promoting ideología de genero and ignoring the satanic ritual killing of

children, they are also ignoring and protecting the 9/11 false flag

events and genocide wars all over the planet.The most important aspect these traitors infiltrated in our

government forget is that God knows that. Would be those individuals

smart enough to govern our country?, to be in control of our arm forces

and not induce them into treason as Carlos Bruce did by not

understanding that the knowledge of gravity is of strategic importance

for Peru?The second aspect of change that I propose is Knowledge!We have to know history, we have to know world politics, we have to understand how the world mafias interfere with us. Just see Odebretch!Most Peruvians are so naive that think that our problems are local,

that the president is a stupid, or the Congressmen are the corrupts , or

the judges are immoral thief. But what they ignore is that more corrupt, powerful and evil are the world mafias.Foreigners are more evil and corrupt than anyone ever lived in Peru.

But most of our naive population ignore this. As if it would be of no

importance in our daily life. But this is the worst mistake we as

Peruvians can do. The foreign corruption is responsible of 99% of the

corruption in Peru!Some will say. Hey, here our judge robed a thousand dollars, etc. Yes

it is true but nothing compared with Odebretch or the narco terrorism,

or the bribes from mining concessions, commerce and others. Money

bribing means for foreigners to take advantage of Peru! They know it,

and they use it everyday, more than any Peruvian ever imagine.Suppose you bribe a judge with 300 dollars, now imagine foreign

mafias who also bribe politicians and presidents and government

officials to get some advantage of Peru. They not only invest in heavy

bribes, but lawyers, corrupt people infiltrated and blindly protected by

secret societies, terrorism, weapons etc,etc. Those mafias are the ones

enacting laws as “ideologia de genero”, or GMO Monsanto authorizations

etc.The sionist Rothschild mafia who owns central banks and the most

powerful corporations all over the world, operates in Peru. They own the

“Banco Central de Reserva del Peru”. Every body thinks it is of the

Peruvian government, but not, it is from them, they have corrupts

infiltrated as Masons and Jesuits and Sendero Luminoso, as it also works

with them Soros, who is the financier which pays for the Peruvian

Caviars, and Peruvian ONGs defending terrorist, promoting gay marriage,

abortion etc, etc. All they and much more belong to this mafia.Knowledge my fellow compatriots is the key to produce change!Now, you university students pay attention to who are these mafia controlling the world.Something that made a profound impact in me was the satanic ritual sacrifice of children. See this video:h.

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Este video ha sido censurado por

la mafia mundial genocida.

Este ilegal metodo que asigna a particulares extranjeros (Google, YouTube, etc.), ninguno elegido, ni supervisado, ni empoderado por la ciudadania de nuestro pais, dandoles el derecho a suprimir la expresion de nuestros pensamientos e ideas en nuestros propios paises, es un burdo intento de corruptos gobiernos extranjeros incluyendo el nuestro que tambien esta al servicio de la mafia mundial de entronizarse en el poder politico de nuestras naciones.

Estos gobernantes complices son los que en realidad censuran y su coartada es de que los medios que ellos a dedo les han dado el poder de hacerlo son los culpables.

Peru Tercer Milenio esta en contra de esta ilegal censura de extranjeros en nuestro pais. 

Este video ha sido censurado por

la mafia mundial genocida.

Este ilegal metodo que asigna a particulares extranjeros (Google, YouTube, etc.), ninguno elegido, ni supervisado, ni empoderado por la ciudadania de nuestro pais, dandoles el derecho a suprimir la expresion de nuestros pensamientos e ideas en nuestros propios paises, es un burdo intento de corruptos gobiernos extranjeros incluyendo el nuestro que tambien esta al servicio de la mafia mundial de entronizarse en el poder politico de nuestras naciones.

Estos gobernantes complices son los que en realidad censuran y su coartada es de que los medios que ellos a dedo les han dado el poder de hacerlo son los culpables.

Peru Tercer Milenio esta en contra de esta ilegal censura de extranjeros en nuestro pais. 

Este video ha sido censurado por

la mafia mundial genocida.

Este ilegal metodo que asigna a particulares extranjeros (Google, YouTube, etc.), ninguno elegido, ni supervisado, ni empoderado por la ciudadania de nuestro pais, dandoles el derecho a suprimir la expresion de nuestros pensamientos e ideas en nuestros propios paises, es un burdo intento de corruptos gobiernos extranjeros incluyendo el nuestro que tambien esta al servicio de la mafia mundial de entronizarse en el poder politico de nuestras naciones.

Estos gobernantes complices son los que en realidad censuran y su coartada es de que los medios que ellos a dedo les han dado el poder de hacerlo son los culpables.

Peru Tercer Milenio esta en contra de esta ilegal censura de extranjeros en nuestro pais. 

Este video ha sido censurado por

la mafia mundial genocida.

Este ilegal metodo que asigna a particulares extranjeros (Google, YouTube, etc.), ninguno elegido, ni supervisado, ni empoderado por la ciudadania de nuestro pais, dandoles el derecho a suprimir la expresion de nuestros pensamientos e ideas en nuestros propios paises, es un burdo intento de corruptos gobiernos extranjeros incluyendo el nuestro que tambien esta al servicio de la mafia mundial de entronizarse en el poder politico de nuestras naciones.

Estos gobernantes complices son los que en realidad censuran y su coartada es de que los medios que ellos a dedo les han dado el poder de hacerlo son los culpables.

Peru Tercer Milenio esta en contra de esta ilegal censura de extranjeros en nuestro pais. 

Este video ha sido censurado por

la mafia mundial genocida.

Este ilegal metodo que asigna a particulares extranjeros (Google, YouTube, etc.), ninguno elegido, ni supervisado, ni empoderado por la ciudadania de nuestro pais, dandoles el derecho a suprimir la expresion de nuestros pensamientos e ideas en nuestros propios paises, es un burdo intento de corruptos gobiernos extranjeros incluyendo el nuestro que tambien esta al servicio de la mafia mundial de entronizarse en el poder politico de nuestras naciones.

Estos gobernantes complices son los que en realidad censuran y su coartada es de que los medios que ellos a dedo les han dado el poder de hacerlo son los culpables.

Peru Tercer Milenio esta en contra de esta ilegal censura de extranjeros en nuestro pais.