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Is it possible that we can develop those breakthrough technologies for Peru?

Yes it is!

Of course we have to work with groups of young students to form them as scientists, induce them to the use of English as a tool  for our daily jobs and advance them in the comprehension of breakthrough technologies and other areas, but no problem we can do that. If Americans did something before, we can do it too!. If there is a problem and someone can find the solution, then those people will be us! There’s nothing that can not be solved with the proper analysis and spiraling approach !

One of the fundamental aspects of my understanding of physics was to realize the existence of resonant processes in matter and added to my experience that electronics is based on signal processing, then  in that venue a counter gravity machine or scalar technology artifact would similarly process signals and energy in specialized circuits and transducers. But the key aspect of these processes is that they are based in quantum mechanical properties of matter and the true understanding of the wave structure of matter as a fundamental aspect and not only in the electrical and magnetic properties usually involved in  traditional electronic artifacts.

Then, it is evident our need to understand the inner workings of matter, but the problem is that what we know from General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, The Standard Model, Super Symmetry, String Theory, etc which is the mainstream knowledge that we posses is a partial knowledge, or distorted information as the one taught by mainstream physics today.

Why does this happen?

Because it is national security for those countries who lead the advancement of science, and they understandable have put locks over locks in that classified knowledge.
The physics textbooks and openly discussed theories are void of the neuralgic content by insane mathematical tricks and deceiving postulates which leads to nothing.

The first book I read was Gravitation a classic book of Charles W. Misner, Kip S. Thorne & John Archibald Wheeler. They wrote a huge book full of mathematical analysis that will take enormous amount of time to process and understand, but the problem is that all that mathematical analysis is based in wrong or partial observations of the gravitational phenomena, just as the majority of physics textbooks about the phenomena. Understand me well, any knowledge and practice of mathematics is OK for our development but will lead to nothing if we don’t grab the real nature of the problem. Mathematical analyses is only productive over the correct model and posterior to envision it.

No one can build a counter gravity machine, or scalar energy shield with the physics as is taught today.
In conclusion, if you don’t dare to challenge that mainstream physics you will not be capable to build 21st century breakthrough propulsion systems as counter gravity, or scalar defensive technology.

There are many extraordinary and talented scientist that are challenging mainstream physics, none of their works seems complete solutions but instead with some notorious flaws, but believe me, not as much as the catastrophic flaws found in the accepted mainstream physics theories.

Scientist Like German professor Konstantin Meyl, gives us a refreshing analysis of longitudinal waves and the wave structure of matter, he also draws our attention over the no existence of mono poles and the common origin of fields as the only source for the existence of matter and those mono pole effects. He also proposed a unification theory which bounds the four known forces electromagnetic, strong, weak and gravity into what he called the Objectivity Theory which include the modified Maxwell equations which account for the missing longitudinal waves. Such waves were hidden from mainstream physics since 1900, when Tesla’s discoveries were classified as secret.

Even some debatable aspects of Meyl’s conception of protons, neutrons and other particles, which are considered as isolated self sustaining only vortical particles. One can accept his views as cumulative for a complete understanding of the physic phenomena, not an invalid view but an incomplete view.

Another scientist who draws our attention is Mehram Keshe from Iran. He proposed a view of elementary matter particles as independent plasma entities. This plasma composed by 3 fundamental more basic varieties of matter called Matter, Anti-matter, and Dark-matter which inside any basic particle generates magnetic and gravity fields which combined produce a magnetosphere around the plasma and interact with other plasmas, allowing the gravitational positioning effects known as MagGrav technology.
Even he gave us several books explaining his theories, they are voided of mathematical explanations as Meyl does. He doesn’t provide also any reconciliation with current physics models, but even so his proposals are not void of scientific truth.

As them, hundreds of scientist have advanced interesting theories about the physics of reality.

Then, what happen with these scientist whose models have a lack of punch, or defining scientific content?
The answer is that any of these technologies are classified and no one is going to give them for free, money is not enough, it has to be accompanied by a political decision.

Then, why Keshe has his space ship institute and Meyl his scalar transfer technology institute?

I will say, for a controlled release of information, but for sure they both are working with advanced teams of scientist developing these technologies far beyond what we know publicly in benefit of their own countries.

In the case of Keshe, I see this as a method of promotion of Iran as a source of technology, and as a challenge to the United States so they will notice that they have the technology, saying “don’t bother us that we will release the technology to other countries if we are attacked”. We have news today that Russia too has Magrav technology among other breakthrough technologies.

I don’t see a real threat to American supremacy, specially after the demo show of scalar, nuclear and anti-gravity technologies on 9/11.

But I see really estrange that the Iranian parliament is totally Illuminati, on top of that USA destroyed his enemy Iraq after 9/11.

See this:

But how it could be? If they are apparent enemies of USA and Israel? May be because the leaders are not loyal to their nations but to the NWO? Then when the time comes they will enter their nations into wars to reduce unwanted population under the command of the self appointed world rulers? Their swiss/kazarian/maffia and the leaders in our own countries will be our own killers?

Remember on 9/11 the same mafia skull&bones/ bush/ Cheney/ runsfield killing 3,000 Americans, and millions abroad.

Why would us be surprised also to discover that North Korea leader is also part of the show?

See this:
Arquitectura Masónica en Corea del Norte – Luciferismo y Magia Egipcia Expuesta

Kim studied in Swiss in a School for Dictators:

DICTATOR KIM SPEAKS SWISS-GERMAN AND SPENT 7 YEARS IN MOTHERLAND OF THAT WORLDWIDE 5TH COLUMN FROM OCTOGON School for Dictators: Liebefeld-Steinhölzli School in Liebefeld Bern near Köniz, Hildegardstrasse 19-25 and appartment Kirchstrasse 10 in Liebefeld Bern near Köniz

Original Footage of Dictator Kim Jong Un swiss` school & North Korea army training in Switzerland

Rumsfeld was on board Of Company That Sold North Korea two nuclear power plants.

Guess who received nuclear technology from Runsfield (9/11) and swiss…?

US politician sold North Korea nuke factories

It is incredible North Korea got their nuclear technology from the same people who are behind 9/11. The same who conspired against innocent American people now playing with nukes?

If I would be Russian or Chinese I would be worried having such nuclear power of a clown friend with Trump but possing as enemies on my borders. Isn’t it?

It is evident technology is owned and managed in strange political ways. It is no surprise that traitors in Peru are banning me as scientist, because they don’t care about us Peruvians, they only follow foreign orders to take out our country out from the technologies of the 3rd millennium.

Now turning back to Magrav technology. Some misleading sites talk against Keshe’s discoveries, even Konstantin Meyl have some declarations in this way. But you have to be sure that the technology that Keshe is talking about is possible and exist. You have to be stupid to think that he is going to reveal its secrets for free and openly to his country’s enemies!

So… What to do?

We have been shown game changer technologies in use but they are not for sale, and not for share, we do not even have a complete detail of the physic processes involved.

Well, here we come scientist like me who dare to accept the challenge!

Any one who work in this field usually work for his own country, if that doesn’t happen then he will be adopted by the country where he works, but probably would not be a way back to his native country due to the secrecy of the technology investigated.

So Peru has to start paying attention to our born here scientist, or we will be relegated to be abused in the future, as 9/11 was an abuse against American people, Iraqi people, and the world.

Lut. Colonel Tom Bearden is a controversial scientist who likes to see Russian plots everywhere, but remain mute against his own government abuses. He presented to us a compelling work about scalar weapons and scalar technology capabilities in general.

No one after reading his books can be happy with the armament and technology of war in our country.
It’s demoralizing to know that our planes can go down by the switch of a button of the same people behind 9/11.

More than explaining how the technology works Bearden confirms the physics phenomena behind that, and I have to say mostly true.

It’s evident that the technology is real and a problem in warfare. Imagine your children’s country fighting a war against other country who posses that technology. Who will win?

Obvious answer, no one country is going to win a war against other in an upper pyramid level of the world rulers control, and that’s what Chile is for them, opposite to Peru.

Using scalar technology the rulers will make our planes to fall alone, our ships will be without electronics for control, and nobody will know who did it.

If you think who is in upper level of importance for the rulers of scalar technology, we will agree is Chile before Peru. If not, why all the ruler’s money is managed by Chile as a hub? Why Airlines using Peruvian flag are subsidiaries of Chilean ones? Don’t forget the most important at least 100,000 Swiss descendants live in Chile. Swiss is the motherland of world rulers! Have you see the world rulers map for depopulation? There is a dot over Peru, almost no other dot in south America. Why Peru? You idiots have to learn real history out of jesuit/freemason control to understand who they are, and why we are in serious problems.

Peru privatized Entel-Peru because it was not strategic, and now we have another Entel here, Entel-what? Entel-Chile. Freemasons will say It was also privatized by the Chilean government so it is not from that government. Don’t be fools. I will do the same if I am going to send a “Troyan horse” to my enemies. Don’t you know electronic communications and energy are key in a warfare? I would like to have a hub of sensors and scalar nodes in my enemy’s territory. Do you think our enemies not? Have you hear about eavesdropping communications?

It’s a shame how Peru have lost any hope to be an independent country, not to be ruled by the interest of satanist world rulers. Now we have to lay our eyes down and remain silents when those criminals do genocides, wars, and abuse innocent people of God. Just as the plots and destruction of Venezuela. They are behind their oil and richness, and Peru stupid is supporting them with his Lima group.

Well, there is hope! Do you remember Nikola Tesla? He worked alone, with a few assistants and discovered and invented all the technologies we are talking about, all this in 1900, when no transistors or tube factories were available to buy from, he had to develop almost all the materials he used.

So for those pessimist like some people of the Peruvian government and FAP that don’t believe in the capacity of Peruvian scientists and disrespect them as imposible for us to understand that kind of technologies and in their ignorance they erroneously think that we need tons of money or advanced equipment and machinery to aspire to anti-gravity or scalar technology. I have news for you, we Peruvian scientist already discovered the secret of gravity and many other breakthrough technologies, and we are in our way to the stars even if it will take us 60 years, We will do it! We have productive projects to sustain our efforts and that will give us the necessary resources without being a burden to the Government. Additional money is not absolutely necessary but helps.

I have been thinking…. Why Nikola Tesla advanced so fast in his discovery of electrical phenomena, scalar technology, and counter gravity?

I have arrived to the conclusion that besides being a genius, it was because at that time there wasn’t misleading books and scientific veto over science. Then he was free to observe without misleading bias the physics phenomena and construct his own model to work with.

Exactly what we see in the cases of Meyl, Keshe or Bearden, They ignore mainstream physics, and develop their own ideas and models of how physics works.

But you will say that all of them explain physics in different way. Then, how could all of them be right?
Here it comes the prejudice, and narrow minded scientist that wants everything served in a gold dish.
First of all to that people thinking this way, nobody cares what you think. You are not a Queen for anybody to explain you in detail things that are secret and are going to remain secret, unless you discover them by yourself. Got it?

Your job is to analyze what they say, decide if it is possible the physics interpretation presented, and translate those new physical terms to the theories and technologies in mainstream physics terms you know.
Having lived in the united States for many years gave me a good deal of sense to affirm that the Americans are not going to invest that huge amount of resources in university science research if they are not getting something in return.

What does this mean?

This means that even the open physics is twisted on purpose, there is a methodology to hide the relation between areas of related phenomena, by example they rename phenomena and investigate it in other apparent unrelated areas.

For example they knew in 1900 longitudinal and scalar waves exist, that they can travel faster than light, and that they carry energy and impulse, but even so they gave the Nobel price to Einstein who affirmed light speed was the maximum speed and denied the existence of the aether.

They renamed Tesla’s aether as the Higgs field, (zfv, zpe, background field, dark energy etc). They hided the zero force vector concept and the potential energy stored in the aether.

How do they develop their physics concepts out of mainstream physics?

As I said , renaming, and hiding. Another way is selecting promising scientist, making them sign confidential agreements under national security and assigning them to black projects.

How black those areas truly are, that the own Americans hardly know what they have. This in turn makes it easy for the world rulers to steal that knowledge in favor of their controlling groups and countries, that’s why Trump have so many problems with deep state. I will say that the only ones who know what technologies the human race has develop are the satanic banksters who control the world.

Why I can not continue my job privately in a corporate research?

Because the highly classified information, that can be extracted and made public giving advantage to adversary or negative nations, or give clues about our investigations. Once scientist will know, they may seek better economic offers. Isn’t it?

We need to be aware of that. In science everything is concepts, visualization of physical phenomena, materials and the circuitry to control it.

It is very easy to catch up the idea and have a competitive team of another nation doing the same efforts. That’s why there are so much secrecy and disinformation in agencies doing research in breakthrough technologies.

That explains why my work had been personal and secret for many years. Now as natural consequence I have reach the point to put it on another level and involve additional people in that research. That’s why I need the collaboration of the Peruvian Arm Forces, to take care of secrecy and control!

There are innumerable aspects to solve before putting the first prototypes to work. Previously I made a cross reference of understanding, of my ideas and conceptions about the dynamic structure of matter against the current mainstream theories like the standard model, general relativity, super-symmetry, string theory and others. That’s why it took me a long time before having the confidence that I am in the right track, and running ahead just behind leading scientist in the world.

How do I know that? Because when I started studying such theories I just assimilate and understand only a small part of what the authors said about such phenomena, as I advanced in the understanding of different contradictory theories my personal interpretation start to appear.

By having a personal opinion, this forces you to confront that opinion in all your next readings and then you start to polish it, redefining it if necessary, then finding errors or inconsistencies that force you to investigate additional aspects re-reading again the same previous authors to find what you didn’t understood properly, reevaluating again everything they were saying, and advancing your understanding.

This is what I call the “spiraling in the advancement of science”, because as you advance , you develop new questions over what you knew before so you have to read again before continuing forward, effectively spiraling about the scientific work of multiple scientist.

Science is the accumulation of work of one scientist over the work of other scientist before you, just like an enormous tree, all leaves are interconnected but there are some branches that lead to the incorrect path, and others straight to the top.

My ability, the one God bless me is to find the truth right away, may be a trait as Electronic Engineer working with mainframe computers in my youth. When young Engineer I worked at Digicom serving Data General Computers the FAP possessed. That gave me the confidence to analyze logically the possible solutions discarding the impossible ones. That scientific method is called retroduction, and was known by ancient Greek philosophers and help me in my research.

The reality is that I have developed a theory which explains gravity, the wave structure of matter, etc , no other scientist have openly publish an explanation of such phenomena at that level.

I also incorporate the known concepts of scalar technology, matter, antimatter, dark matter, dark energy among others. Understand this, these studies are on top of theories of other brilliant scientists whose work as we know is incomplete or may be they kept it secret, that is the same. So I have no more credit than to understand mix and on top of them propose my own ideas and modifications.

Then what we need to put them to work?

The fact that I know the physics behind gravity doesn’t mean I can build a counter gravity machine right away. Remember I understand Big computers. But I need components to build one, may be some you can buy on line. But for gravity? Superconductors?, plasma reactors?
Even if the equipment to build has one name i.e. “Mainframe Computer”. In reality you have several subsystems working together inside it. ie. Power supply , CPU, Memory, Hard disk storage, tape backup units, line printers, serial communications, graphic adapters , controllers etc. Any of them usually has a processing power inside with his own memory running an embedded operating system, all sharing some buses to communicate among them.

Then there is a lot of work to do in order to build one computer from scratch even is well known in its architecture, the problem is not only to hook the required hardware, but most important to write the device drivers that will hook together all those different controllers in a unison application.

Imagine. If it is difficult to work with hardware that you can buy mail order over the Internet, how difficult would that be to build a counter gravity machine if you don’t have any hardware or were to buy from.

Where are we going to buy a plasma reactor to supply the energy to our ship?

Or the transducers, reactors to convert our electric signals into gravitation ally accepted signals?

Or our electric circuits to process signals into scalar waves?

Were do we find the transducers?

There is no mainstream physic book who teach you that. What does this means?

It means that we have to start working from the ground up, searching for the materials who have the properties to be useful in our designs.

But some will say (FAP and Caceres Llica experts). “that is impossible, too much work.”

I will answer. What do you expect stupids, haven’t you heard, “no pain, no gain”?

We have leads, previous investigations, and our own investigations to lead our research, I have right away classified projects to investigate.

That’s the way in science my folks. Are you afraid? It is a hard job to do. But, don’t worry the one who has to be afraid it is me and my team, but I am pretty sure we will solve any problem as it comes, when you are in those situations you know that “if you don’t find the solution, nobody will do, so no way but go back and think again”.

Remember Nikola Tesla, He alone with a handful assistants made all the technological discoveries which are driven our homes today: altern current, electric motors, radio communications, remote robotics, and even some hidden technologies, like scalar technology, counter gravity among the ones I can recognize.

Then, it is not that difficult for us Peruvian and Latin American scientist to endeavor this project, as I already mentioned it is a spiraling advancement of science. We have the understanding of the physical phenomena behind, we have the understanding of how to build complex electronic systems and how to bound them together. We have the understanding of operating systems and device driver routines to produce end user applications controlling those breakthrough technology artifacts.

We are Peruvian scientist daring to work for the benefit of the Peruvian and Latin American race, not giving them a flying saucer to go picnic, but restoring their confidence, prestige and honor to be a capable race to hold the view face to face to any being in the universe.

No more second class citizens in this world, no more silent spectators of stupids who bring terrorism to our lands to undue Velasco’s reforms, no more Lory Berenzons CIA assets passing as terrorist once discovered in fragrant plotting with bombs against our nation, or what do they think, that we are so stupids not to realize they are the financiers and terrorist of the world?

Nikola Tesla

You must remember the greatest scientist of all time Nikola Tesla who did the most amazing discoveries and inventions without any transistor or tube factory to buy from, and with no more than a few assistants discovered all the alternate current theory and equipment that run our homes today. He was precisely sabotaged and kept under strict control by the these world rulers. You probably are not familiar with his name because Freemason official history has hidden his name and discoveries for over a hundred years now.
If you think in hidden science and technology yes the man to start with is Nikola Tesla.

But why?

We all know there are groups of interest who control the wealth of nations and use science and technology for their own benefit in disregard for what is better for humanity. We now know who they are, which nations they control, which secret societies they created to hold ilegal control over our nations, infiltrating them into their false control systems as “Democracy” and “Comunism”.

The name or names they use to hide their tentacles is not important for us because we know intuitively all of them. The important here is that they exist, they are real, they are killing us every day, they are bad people, they are satan worshipers, they want to derail the soul of our children and for that they control a vast net of banks, secret societies, intelligence agencies, government parties, politicians, arm force members, professional and engineer associations, news agencies, movie industries, TV, radio, etc.

How do we know that?

Very easy. If you and 9 more persons are in the same location watching the same scene were one of them step up and commit a crime in clear view and you ask to the other 9 if they saw something, and all of them say there was nothing but you as only witness of the crime. You must conclude that you are stupid and can’t believe your own eyes or by contrary the other 9 are complicit criminals lying on purpose.

Well the same happened on 9/11, all the media, movies, newspapers, TV stations, governments etc. keep saying a plane was crashed at the pentagon but we all know that is not true, as all know there were no planes against the twin towers, but they keep saying the same lies. We know advanced nuclear, Scalar weapons and other technologies were used that day. We all know steel columns falling in mid air can not be converted into dust by any conventional weapon of today, unbroken windows with round holes are symptoms of ball lighting phenomena and strong magnetic fields.

Why no government had protested against this?

Well, it is evident world rulers net is vast and powerful, and all of us are just witnesses of uncontrolled power at plain sight without any shame or remorse, they do what they want, and what we think has no value for them.

Well, now we have to recognize reality and agree that there are hidden truths in every aspects of life, so you want to know who and why the work of Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was hidden from science history.?

Nikola Tesla (Brief Internet extracts, genius for mankind.)

“Tesla was considered an eccentric man who talked of death rays that could destroy 10,000 airplanes at a distance of 250 miles. Tesla devised the AC (alternating current) system that we use in our homes today. AC offered great advantages over the rival DC system.”
“By using Tesla’s transformers, AC voltages could be stepped up (or down) and transmitted over long distances through thin wires. DC could not (it required a large power plant every square mile and had to be transmitted through very thick cables). Tesla also invented electric motors that today are used in every appliance in your house. He invented fluorescent bulbs and neon signs. He designed the world’s first hydroelectric plant in Niagara Falls and patented the first speedometer for cars. Thomas Edison, who’s money was invested in DC power systems, did his best to discredit Tesla. Edison even went so far as to claimed that AC electricity was far more dangerous than his DC power.”

“At the 1893 World Exposition in Chicago, Tesla demonstrated the safety AC electricity was by passing high frequency AC power through his body to power light bulbs. He then was able to shoot large lightning bolts from his Tesla coils to the crowd without harm.”

“By 1898, he was demonstrating to the world the first remote controlled model boat at Madison Square Garden. Tesla wanted to provide free energy to the world and in 1900 began construction of a “Wireless Broadcasting System” tower on Long Island, New York. This tower was intended to link the world’s telephone and telegraph services, and transmit pictures, stock reports, and weather information worldwide.”

“Tesla ran into financial trouble with the world thinking he was insane. The transmission of voice, picture, and electricity was unheard of at this time.”
“Tesla demonstrated the principles behind radio nearly ten years before Marconi. In 1943 the US Supreme Court ruled that Marconi’s patents were invalid due to Tesla’s descriptions of his work. Still, most references do not credit Tesla with the invention of radio.”
“Tesla made the earth into an electric tuning fork by getting a steam-driven oscillator to vibrate at the same frequency as the ground. The result was an earthquake in the surrounding city. He had accurately determined the resonant frequencies of the Earth almost 60 years before science could confirm his results.”
“In 1899, he sent waves of energy through the Earth, thus providing the theory for earthquake seismic stations. By adding electricity to the returning energy he created the largest man-made lightning bolt ever recorded (130 feet). The accompanying thunder was heard 22 miles away and created a blue glow around the meadow outside his Colorado laboratory.”
“At the beginning of World War I, Tesla proposed the use of energy waves to detect German submarines (known today as RADAR). Thomas Edison rejected his idea as ludicrous.”
“Eventually, Tesla was awarded the Edison Medal, which was an insult to Tesla, given the verbal abuse that he had taken from Edison.
Tesla died penniless at age 86 on January 7, 1943. In his lifetime, he received over 800 different patents. Scientists continue to scour through his notes.
“Nikola Tesla has been referred to as “the man who invented the 20th century.” His use of alternating electrical currents and invention of the AC engine brought revolutionary changes in electrical power generation and transmission that remain the global standard today. Tesla recited entire books from memory, and designed his machines in his head, rather than on paper. He was also frequently ridiculed for proposing “impossible” inventions … which he then went and invented anyway.”

Some Interesting Facts about Nikola Tesla:

“Nikola was born the son of an Orthodox Priest, Tesla claimed to sleep just 2 to 3 hours a day. Whereas Sir Isaac Newton needed 3-4 hours of sleep daily.”
“Tesla brought a letter of recommendation to Thomas Edison that read: “My Dear Edison: I know two great men and you are one of them. The other is this young man!”
“He was offered $50,000 to improve some of Edison’s ideas, but when he delivered, Edison claimed that he had only been “joking,” and refused to pay him.”

“Tesla achieved the “impossible” by demonstrating a working brushless polyphase AC induction motor to a group of wealthy investors – none of whom would invest a penny.”
“In 1886, Tesla persuaded investors to fund the Tesla Electric Light & Manufacturing Company. Tesla invented a revolutionary arc lamp and the company made money. The investors then promptly reaped the profits and fired Tesla, who was forced into manual labor to survive.”
“Tesla discovered X-ray radiation 3 years before Wilhelm Roentgen was credited for the same discovery.”
“As a boy, Tesla saw a likeness of Niagara Falls, and dreamed of harnessing the power of the water to create electricity. In 1893, he succeeded in doing just that. Investors included W. K. Vanderbilt, son of Cornelius Vanderbilt.”
“Although Tesla demonstrated his invention of the radio in 1893 and received a patent for it, the patent office stripped the award in 1904 and gave it instead to Guglielmo Marconi. Since both Thomas Edison and Andrew Carnegie had invested in Marconi and not in Tesla. Tesla fought for 29 years to reacquire his patent, finally getting a hearing in the US Supreme Court. With finding that 15 of Marconi’s 16 patents were actually invented by Tesla himself, the court rules in Tesla’s favor in 1944 – a year after his death.”
“When inventor George Washington Carver’s paintings were displayed at the 1893 World’s Fair Exposition, they were lit using Tesla’s AC power – although Edison refused to allow use of his light bulbs.”
“In 1898, the United States military showed no interest when Tesla demonstrated a remote-controlled boat. Even though Tesla’s wireless device was the beginning of the technology that enabled robotics that were initially conceived by Leonardo da Vinci.”
“Tesla worked for many years attempting his wireless transmission of electricity and believed that electricity could be projected into the upper atmosphere for storage and access at will.”
“J Pierpont Morgan invested $150,000 in Tesla’s idea to build a gigantic radio transmitter – but then refused to invest any further after it was revealed that Tesla was instead trying to transmit electrical power wirelessly.”
“In order to keep electricity inexpensive to the public, Tesla sold George Westinghouse his own royalties, which were worth $12 million, for just $216,000. If Tesla had kept his royalties, he may have been the first billionaire, sharing financial history with the likes of John D. Rockefeller the worlds first in 1916.”
“In his latter years, Tesla asserted that he had indeed discovered a limitless power supply from a source that no one else had even suspected, but he never revealed the source.”

“He claimed to have designed a death ray – or “peace ray,” as he preferred – that could electrocute an approaching army completely at a distance of 200 miles.”
“In 1928 he received his last patent, which was a forerunner to the modern day helicopter, which was initially conceived of by Leonardo da Vinci. In his lifetime some have stated that he had applied for 840 patents and received 700. What can be found is that he has 112 US Patents and 34 International Patents. Regardless, he was known as the Father of Radio, Television, Power Transmission, and the Induction Motor.”
Nikola Tesla’s Death:
On January 7, 1943: Tesla died penniless and alone in room #3327 of the Hotel New Yorker. Soon after his death, the United States Government (with the help of the FBI) seized all of his research materials and writings, most of which never again reappeared.
Thousands paid their respects to Tesla at his Manhattan funeral.
Some Books About or by Nikola Tesla:
Tesla: Man Out of Time By Margaret Cheney
Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla By Marc Seifer
The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla By Tim Swartz

Now that we have refreshed our ideas about Tesla, we shall continue.

The conspiracy and secrecy begins

More than a hundred years ago in 1897 there had been a dispute of experts over the true nature of radio waves, Heinrich Hertz and European scientist were claiming they were transversal electromagnetic waves, as supported by Maxwell equations, but on the other side Nikola Tesla claimed that they were misled because the important radio waves were longitudinal waves which have completely other properties just like sound waves.

This was a very important impasse. The scientists in Europe were indignated, but they had to take the message seriously, because it after all came from an important experimental physicist, and Tesla was the greatest scientist of all. So British Freemason Lord Kelvin was designated to personally meet Tesla and solve the problem.

He boarded a steamship as a mediator and sailed in 1897 to New York to spy Tesla’s advances. But the experiments, which Tesla presented to him, didn’t give rise to any doubts, and thus Kelvin returned to Europe with the message: “Both are right, Tesla as well as Hertz! Whereas the electromagnetic wave which Hertz has detected, is a transverse wave, Tesla does work with a longitudinal wave”!

Lord Kelvin chief of the Royal Society and an important Mason leader as a result started to draw most different vortex models, because it was clear to him, that a propagation as a longitudinal standing wave was analogous to the sound wave, and only is conceivable, if quantized structures exist, which knock each other mutually.

If Lord Kelvin understood there were two different kinds of waves… transversal (what we use today for telecommunications) and longitudinal waves (and scalar waves) that in Tesla’s discoveries besides information also carry energy, impulse, and can propagate at speeds faster than light.

Then, why Freemason’s scientist and their governments keep this secret for over a hundred years?

Why we were lied with Einstein’s theories if it was already known that the speed of light was not constant but aether density dependent (it look constant speed to us, but depends of aether concentrations), and was not limited in speed to 300,000 km/s at least not for longitudinal waves.

Why we were also lied with the postulated quantum mechanics particles nonsense if it was known the wave structure of matter?

Freemasons, British, Americans, Jews knew this scientific truth. That is: Tesla’s longitudinal ( and scalar) waves were real and lead to a complete different understanding of physics.

Then. Why did they lied to humanity for so long?

The answer is clear, for their own convenience and desire of controlling the world, and 9/11 attacks were the big presentation show of their technologies.

The stupids in the Peruvian Air Force experts who want university masters degrees as symbol of knowledge how are they going to solve the fact that official institutions have mutilated science forever? How are they going to assimilate that being expert means to abandon mainstream science and their stupid rules and titles?

After all, we have to recognize that technological advantage was always their geopolitical drive into wars.

The fundamental differences are:

Transverse Electromagnetic Waves for which the energy-related vibration is perpendicular to the wave propagation direction.

Longitudinal Electromagnetic Waves for which the energy-related vibration is in the same direction as the wave propagation direction.

Nikola Tesla described the propagation of some of the electric waves from his “Tesla Coils” as being “many” times faster than the speed of light.

Longitudinal Waves are a pressure type of wave, similar to sound, in which the vibrations are along the direction of travel, a sequence of compressions and rarefractions.

Tesla said many times, regarding his magnifying transmitter.“Scalar waves are from longitudinal, as contrasted with EM ‘Hertzian’ waves which have transverse oscillations. Longitudinal waves are non-Hertzian as a result”

One may suggest the Longitudinal Electric Waves, sound-like waves are propagated with the need of an “aether.” but the existence of aether was falsely denied due Freemason experiments done in the 1880s, which caused many physicists to conclude that there was no aether. Now we know that the experiment was faulty because was based on false premises. Clever conspirators have abolish the term aether but instad recognize the Higgs Field, the fabric of space time, dark matter, dark Energy. I have a question. Aren’t those parts of Tesla’s Aether? Why did they lie to us that space was empty?

To date, almost all of the world’s electric and electromagnetic communications technology is based upon transverse EM waves. Longitudinal wave technology and its unique proven capabilities are not as widely known or are only secretly used.

Tesla was banished for those same reasons, to keep a technological advantage over the rest of the nations, and they did whatever was necessary to preserve that hidden as much as a hundred years now.

Those stupid Peruvians being my enemies that don’t understand why the traitor infiltrated as mason leader Carlos Bruce was threatening me, and ordering my isolation and cut of support. Now you can understand. Masons hide anti-gravity, Scalar, and hundreds of other technologies for over a hundred years now. Me a Peruvian scientist who dare to understand those technologies was not in their plans, and then they decided to block me and to stop at all cost that I can continue with my scientific advances.

They want me to starve without resources and finally ask for political asylum in other country. Then they will assure Peru will lost that technologies. That’s why I oppose them publicly so they will not steal that technology from the future of our children.

I did a lot of  studies and sacrifices for my country not for another nation, so I will fight against the whole world to defend what belongs to Peru!

If Carlos Bruce did a mistake telling me that I will never meet with a president of Peru. Why is not honest and brave to recognize that I am a good man, and a good scientist? That I am no enemy of any Peruvian or government official? That there is an illogical order of not being contacted in person and evaluated by experts in such important technologies for our country?

If it is because I hate Masons, I apologice for that, but I know science history and they were part of the distortion of science. Must I remain silent and not tell my country to be aware of this? I already said that it is not the same the international Freemason which hide technology from us, than Peruvian Masons who have to help us Peruvian scientist to uncover those hidden technologies in benefit of our country. May be Carlos Bruce have valid ideas, but me too. So the logical solution is to gather and discuss the best for our country. Isn’t it?

Heinrich Hertz transverse waves which were incapable of delivering significant amount of energy were canonized and Einstein was made his favorite priest. While longitudinal waves and Tesla were banished from official physics.

For Freemason interest, transverse waves had the advantage that they could refer to the mutilated Maxwell field equations for calculations.

Dr. James Clerk Maxwell’s original electric wave equations which he published in 1865 were written in a form of mathematics known as “quaternions” that predicted both transverse waves and longitudinal waves.

Heaviside and other fremason researchers under orders of Mason leader Lord Kelvin modified Maxwell’s original equations to the vector form as is commonly taught in universities today, and in so doing arbitrarily discarded longitudinal waves, changing this way the science of the 20th century.

Do you understand stupid Peruvian Masons that you have traitors inside?Infiltrated traitors that uses the blind obedience of your institution to force military personnel to commit treason against his own country? Traitors who molest, threaten, deprive of income to force the exit of scientist from Peru? Don’t you realize that is treason and that is wrong? Do you understand the treason to your own children who can become Peruvian scientist like me? Imbeciles, traitors, stupids, etc, etc.

Nevertheless, longitudinal waves are part of nature, and Freemasons used the scam of twisting Maxwell’s work to proclaim the only existence of transverse electromagnetic waves, as is taught in all their controlled universities today. One of the arguments of stupids is Where have you studied gravity? in what university? Where is your diploma? and of top of that they are serious, they really believe you can learn breakthrough Technologies from those who hide them from humanity. What stupid people we have in our government!

Today German Prof. Konstantin Meyl resurrected Maxwell equations and updated them to fully support longitudinal waves and to proof the wave structure of matter. He started his analysis underlining the Principles of causality, or the principles of cause and effect as an important proof for the unsuitability of Quantum Mechanics with respect to the true wave structure of matter. He mentioned numerous cases were causality at first could not be fulfilled anymore. Here alternate solutions had to be found, the problem here is that quantum mechanics has consistently failed to find the causes for some effects, and they keep postulating(inventing) fundamental phenomena, particles or force carriers like gravitons, gluons, etc as elementary when they could be explained as consequence of more fundamental processes.

By the contrary vortexes of electric and magnetic field without any additional postulation and using the power behind original Maxwell equations explain all the physic phenomena including the new breakthrough technologies, meaning that we have now the mathematical help for the explanation of technologies like the Hutchinson effect, particle weapons, scalar technology, etc. And this is the real deal, they are possible!

Incidentally the papers removed from Tesla’s hotel room by President Trump’s uncle after his death are still in existence, and they are still highly classified by the US. Government. This is proof of Trump’s connection with the ruling elite. One have to be imbecile to think any normal person can be searching for the most important technical documents in mankind history without the approval of the US government and the world rulers elite. Isn’t it?

Today several scientist have replicated Tesla’ s scalar wave experiments at reduced scale among them Erick Dollard, Konstantin Meyl, and myself replicating in lab Tesla’s scalar waves(longitudinal waves), proving wireless energy transmission at speeds 1.54 times faster than the speed of light and others.

That is absolute proof that Tesla was correct and Einstein’s maximum speed of light 300,000 km/s was a lie (limit true only for transversal electromagnetic waves, but not for longitudinal) promoted by Freemason’s scientists which they knew this was not true since 1900s.

The main consequences of this lie is not properly understood by most scientist. It is not that we lost Scalar waves. The key aspect for us Latin Americans is that all postulated elementary particles of quantum mechanics: electron, proton, neutron, etc, etc. are not all elementary particles any more, but the consequence of electric and magnetic fields in vortex configurations as explained by German scientist Konstantin Meyl which confirm the wave structure of matter.

All the stupidity contrary to this of sheep repeating the lies of mainstream physics shows how difficult is to show the truth to people who refuses to think by themselves. They need titles, certifications from their masters that’s how they got position and money, and that’s why we are third world nations. Because, we refuse to think out of personal interest!

We can clearly see the maneuvers against Tesla and the world’s scientific community.
Why must we trust Freemason’s controlled rulers in our countries to change this?

Could we Peruvian scientists work for the benefit of our nation out of the influence of these individuals with no moral authority, and serving foreign interests?

Who is going to change this?

We will do! We together. Once we unveil the wizard their tricks and mechanisms, then they are at plain sight in their treasonous misery.

Come on young Peruvians we all together are going to show the boot to these garbage!

We are going to defend what belong to us, and the secrets of gravity are already ours. Not a traitor infiltrated as Mason like Carlos Bruce is going to steal that knowledge from our children and Peru!

We know with the current physics, most of our target phenomena remain unexplained (gravity, inertia, teleportation, etc.). We also know physics has been intentionally distorted to avoid us to realize the real phenomena and their mechanisms.
Then the first thing to do is identify which is wrong in the theories of every scientist, compare their work, select the more suitable in our view and understanding, and propose our own conclusions over the same phenomena in our own modified theory.
Of course the first one we considered was Nikola Tesla, in their work almost everything is OK, but the problem is that his work was suppressed and since him, we have been presented with an interminable list of false scientific priests canonized by the Freemasons.
We will start our understanding of the distortion of science by analyzing Einsteins theories, and how he distorted his own theories to preserve secrecy, as demanded by the conspirators.
The first one canonized by the conspirators and turned into hero was Albert Einstein, understand this Einstein was a genius, but in him accepting for national security the abolition of the aether and negation of longitudinal waves he only served the cause of the conspirators. In his theory of special relativity, he determined that the laws of physics are the same for all non-accelerating observers, and he showed that the speed of light within a vacuum is the same no matter the speed at which an observer travels, and calculated that the speed of light was constant and 299,338 km/seg (of course here he did not considered longitudinal waves which can travel faster than light). As a result, he found that space and time were interwoven into a single continuum known as space-time.

He abolished the aether and since his canonization the word aether was forbidden for any Freemason controlled physicist, now they have to use other names instead of the forbidden one, I.e. background field or zero force vector or dark energy or Highs field, but in no case the word ‘aether’ because this was a Freemason imposition.

This way they wanted to disappear Tesla from our lives, but not from theirs of course.

Einstein then spent 10 years trying to include acceleration in the theory and published his theory of general relativity in 1915. In it, he determined that massive objects cause a distortion in space-time, which is felt as gravity.
The work of Einstein was fantastic, even though some of his conclusions were incorrect. We can not assume that he being Jew was not aware of Tesla’s work and the existence of longitudinal waves, then we are forced to conclude that he on purpose mutilated his own theories, at least in the part of science which leaked to us, in mainstream science.

The speed of light is not constant and depend of the kind of wave package formation(transversal, or longitudinal).
Transversal waves speed of light 299,338 km/seg in vacuum seems to be constant but metrics and speed are interwoven and vary simultaneously giving the observer the false impression of being constant. Other zones with different aether concentrations can have completely different speeds even though their local inhabitants will observe the same limit speed.
That’s why even when near massive objects the speed of light slow down, the time and metrics are also distorted, relationship which becomes one of the marvels of creation.

Longitudinal waves behave different, but similar to sound waves forming quanta vortices pushing one another allowing them to carry energy and impulse, velocities up to 10 times the speed of light has been reported in experiments in several universities and are dependent of the medium, in some experiments that speeds were obtained when light entered a narrower wave guide. One group report have transmitted Mozard music at these speeds. I have obtained in my own experiments with Tesla waves 1.543 times the speed of light.

If you think Einstein was only referring to transversal electromagnetic waves, you are in an error. Any traversal wave can turn into longitudinal at any time if encounters a disturbance in space and vice versa. The amplified signal used for Tesla waves is the same for the transversal waves, besides that antennas transmit both kind of waves at the same time. Only some antennas are more suited for one or another, besides at Einstein’s time Tesla’s work was well known.

When light is transversal it exchanges energy with the fabric of spacetime, then its speed is attached to c due the spacetime, but when light is longitudinal it forms vortexes and stop interacting with the fabric of spacetime then carries energy and impulse, not being limited in speed then it can reach almost infinite speed depending of the medium.

We perceive transversal electromagnetic light constant because not only our size and distances changes constantly due to aether concentration changes, but the time rate changes accordingly keeping the ratio of speed constant from our perspective, but could be different with respect to other frames of reference.
This is truly a holographic universe, different beings are having life experiences at different speeds simultaneously.
Wormholes are the proof of this concept. Basically are pipelines of fields interlaced forming tubes which connects two regions of space. We have this concept in the TV series Stargate, but this is not science fiction, theoretically this is possible, inside the formed tube aether concentrations are different than in normal surrounding space, if rarefied, speed can be much higher than c and be almost infinite. This means that any wave entering into the tube will find infinite speed of light, traveling any distance instantaneously.

That is the meaning of the longitudinal wave equation, for the same period of time in a region of space with higher longitudinal light speed the distance traveled will be proportionally higher.
When scientist refer to curvature of spacetime. They are talking precisely of this property, how distances inside the wormhole seem to be smaller than going by the normal space, and one way to say this was ‘space was curved’, but they could also say ‘inside wormhole the speed of light is faster, so waves travel faster and travel more distance in the same amount of time.’
Now everybody understand. Isn’t it? Not like the idiotic explanations of relativity who made everything look esoteric, or beyond normal people comprehension and intentionally suppressed longitudinal waves and aether or dark energy.

Returning to Einstein, which makes time to change while keeping c as a constant, this is incomplete and an error, because in reality being speed of light depending of the type of wave selected, there are several options and phenomena available, no need to force the same conclusions for all cases.

That’s why mainstream science can not go into breakthrough technologies, until they start to recognize these concepts.

Time is perceived as a change of entropy of a particle or a group of particles. ie, me, or you. This means that I can experience time in a different manner than you do. If I take another path and speed in space, for example if I travel near the speed of light and return to meet you, may be you will be 100 years older than me, that is possible because my path makes me experience low entropy or time, and your way was normal time entropy according to our earth’s perspective of time. So time is perceived individually by particles according to the conditions of space-time. Then the concept of Block Space time as Einstein Theorized becomes part of the reality we have to study and technology of the third millennium.

Contrary to Einstein’s belief Aether or background field does exist, and the idiot who negate that will never get electro-propulsion technology, or scalar technology, or any other breakthrough technology. Space-time, zero force field, background field, fabric of space-time , dark energy, Higgs field, are some of the names we use now which describes in part our Tesla’s aether.

All the appliances we have at home today are based in Tesla’s discoveries, none of them from Einstein’s work.

I do not blame Einstein for keeping secret some technologies, but we are stupids if we blindly believe his publicized theories without analysis and debugging.

Scalar technology is terrible dangerous, it is the fabric of space-time itself what we are learning to use and being manipulated, it is the speed way or the bus God uses to communicate with us, to energize us, grow plants to feed us, and any intro mission on this speedway is against God’s will. This kind of energy is the same which keeps planets and stars in motion and harmony in the universe. Unwanted resonances can modify the order in our area of the galaxy and be of terrible consequences for all the creatures of God. So it is no child’s game to play with these technologies.

Must be done in a very rational manner to benefit humanity but never as an aggression weapon. That would be the worst and last error humanity will make.

At the time Freemasons canonized Einstein, Lord Kelvin and the Royal society knew there were two different kind of electromagnetic waves, that the maximum speed of light has no limit, and that the aether exist, if not how to explain inertia?

Then, Why still knowing Einstein’s teachings were incorrect they maintained the lie for one hundred years?

The answer you know now. It was to advance in secret the technologies presented in society on 9/11.

“The theory of relativity is not a physical theory… it is a mathematical poetic idea, a deduction from impossible premises.” ……Oskar Kraus.

“Scientifically it does make little sense, to make an assumption, if at the end of the derivation the prerequisite is deleted without substitute. In such a case either in the approach or in the derivation is a principal error.”
These were the words of Nikola Tesla about Einstein’s Relativity and the suppression of the aether.

Having been living in the USA for a long time, it had taught me that they don’t do things for nothing. If they invested a lot of human resources and money there must be something very important, but secret. But What?

We all know mainstream Einstein’s theories were used as diversion. The supposed no existence of the aether was the reason of his canonization for Freemasons. But now it turned out that the importance of the relativity from our point of view in science comes precisely because it helps us to analyze the physical phenomena from the point of us living on earth and moving through the aether, or by the contrary from the point of view of us moving in conjunction with the aether like a log floating in a river.

Relativity importance is related to the existence of the aether, not the negation of it.

That was the kind of analysis they were doing with Einstein’s relativity, but for us we were told aether doesn’t exist.

Thank you Freemasons! (Jesuits!)

That explain Tesla’s words “Scientifically it does make little sense, to make an assumption, if at the end of the derivation the prerequisite is deleted without substitute.”

Now you see why the science taught in Freemason’s controlled universities stink?

Why do they want Freemasons controlling our universities?
To take us to the Moon or to enslave us?

Some more statements regarding the theory of relativity
“The theory of relativity is not a physical theory… it is a mathe-matical poetic idea, a deduction from impossible premises.”
Oskar Kraus

“The theory of relativity is a mathematical masquerade, behind which is hidden an inextricable ball of a mixing up of ideas, contradictions, fallacies, arbitrary assumptions and ignoring of healthy logic.”
Erich Ruckhaber

“The theory of relativity not only is fantastic, but also of an inconsistency which in the history of science not yet has been present.”
Harald Nordenson

“A physics of hybrids, of contradictions and fantastic confusions, nonsense!”<ii>
Johann Marinsek

“This is absurd.” (regarding mass-energy interpretation)
Nikola Tesla

“In my experiments I have destroyed billions of atoms, without having observed any emissions of energy. “
Nikola Tesla

Don’t misinterpret me. I believe Einsteins was a genius, he has amazing ideas and discoveries, those were twisted by world ruler’s interest, but if you are capable to find those traps then you will love Einstein’s work.

Strong support for the wave structure of matter approach has surface by current experiments, in which matter was transformed in electromagnetic waves, practically the reversal of the rolling up of waves to vortices. To do so, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (David Pritchard and others) sodium atoms were dematerialized in waves by lattice scattering. According to Einstein one surely could have blown the whole M.I.T. in the air with the occurring mass defect; but don’t worry, no emission of energy whatsoever has been observed, entirely as predicted by Nikola Tesla.
So, “beam me up Scottie”, is closer than ever.

We will continue in our next post.


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