Informe 2

Informe 2

Previous part:

Objective of this document:

The establishment of a cooperation agreement with the Government of Peru for:

The implementation of several research facilities in Peru and abroad. The purpose will be for the continuation of our scientific research and the gathering of important scientific information, intelligence analysis, and investigation of scientific advancements. Also to follow the work of target scientists as well as keep personal contact with them to discuss key technological aspects.

Those facilities will include laboratories for experimentation of the physical phenomena of the technologies we will be working on, as well as to be part of the supply chain in order to procure parts and components needed for our projects.

The special investing in science and technology projects through our office in charge “Perú Tercer Milenio” which will set the coordination and synergy of all Peruvian scientific resources in coordination with “WIRATEK” the “Wiracocha Institute for the Research of Advanced Technology” , in charge to take us to the stars.

The office “Perú Tercer Milenio” will be created with the purpose of integrating to our research teams scientist and young university students from all the regions of Perú to form research groups to help us in the pursue of scientific intelligence analysis, and the development of breakthrough technologies in the areas of Scalar technology, gravity electro-propulsion, wave structure of matter, plasma technology, etc. and other important areas of research for our population like cancer, longevity, super-foods and healthy nutrition to boost of the immunological system, heavy metal poisoning and detoxification, etc. This institution will continue indefinitely the research job by me initiated after my retire, then they will be the stars.

The creation of …(classified)….Etc, etc.

This is an introductory document, 99% of my investigations remain secret. In no way my knowledge can be evaluated only by reading this document, by necessity it is required a personal interview for me to freely express my work and ideas, out of the required strategic secrecy.

In my thoughts always was, that if I would start the study of something new, it is of no purpose start with obsolete all explained technologies, specially in our time of exponential development. So I choose breakthrough technologies, anti-gravity, scalar technology, wave structure of matter etc. Some will say those are science fiction, but I smile and say: No they are not!, indeed they are very real and already in use by human civilization.

A major limitation for the development of aerospace technology is the lack of coherent analysis and research of the physics phenomena. Therefore, it makes impossible for countries like Peru to develop projects into those fields that could potentially allow the creation of breakthrough aerospace technologies far surpassing the state of the art.

Such technologies including different categories of advanced energy topics, a deeper understanding of a unified field theory, longitudinal waves, scalar waves, gravity, as well as other advanced physics were here examined by the author.

Many breakthrough technologies share the common characteristic of being “electric” in nature. However, “electric” in the context of this report refers to a characteristic of more advanced concepts such as the possibility of deriving energy from the aether or zero point energy present everywhere by inducing resonances and propelling an aerospace vehicle.

I am certain that some of these technologies can be developed by us Latin Americans into advanced power and propulsion technologies or even help access to cheap and inexhaustibly energy sources.

You have to keep in mind that our mother Earth receives most of its energy as neutrino radiation from the Sun, and that if we tap from that, we will have all the energy we can dream!

Several additional selected topics in advanced physics were also investigated in order to provide increased understanding and further insights into some of the research mentioned above.

I created this report among multiple objectives, as support for the financing of the “Wiracocha Institute of Research of Advanced Technology” “Wiratek”. With the intention to set the start of a continuous mechanism of analysis and research which will allow the development of advanced technologies in a continuous spiraling until we reach the stars.

Also as a seminal investigation knowledge, motivation of spirits, scientific ideology, principles and guide to the education in scientific research of selected young Latin American and world geniuses, which will endure the process to develop the needed technology for the 3rd millennium at “Wiratek”.

In a similar way as I researched and thought to write this report, these young geniuses will create similar ones in any area of scientific research, elevating the world’s perception over our race’s scientific presence in the international community. We Peruvians and Latinos in general must walk proud of what we are and what we are capable to do, and those young scientist formed at “Wiratek”, will be the first line of scientific ambassadors of our millennial race and will make proud God Wiracocha, who brought us from the stars. Finally the Nazca lines descendants will join their seeds into the universal community starting with this document.

I know people from other nations work and look for the better of their own countries, they have decided to keep scientific knowledge for themselves and have commissioned military and civil organizations controlled by them to preserve in secrecy important scientific knowledge. British, Americans, Swiss, Jewish, as other nations share this endeavor, controlling science. I very much understand them, and as Peruvian I will probably do the same for my country.

The problem is, I am not British, nor American, nor Swiss, nor Jewish, so now what? We know they control secret organizations most of them if not all. We know those secret society members have all nationalities of the world including ours Peruvian, also of course We know they pronounce votes of loyalty for their organizations. As logic consequence I asked myself whose interest do they play for? Peruvian, British, Americans, Jewish, Swiss banksters? I know you as me have your own opinion. But I have the right to have one, and good or bad is what I believe, and with all due respect I will share that in this document.

Please allow me to make mistakes in identifying all the real agents of control, because it is not the most important matter to me, also because we all together have to collaborate to solve this problem. The important to me is just get a counter gravity electro-propulsion machine flying, but I am forced to deal with them because some corrupt infiltrated among our Peruvian Government serving other nations oppose my research with illogical decisions, cut of income, threatens, etc. and that is against the interest of all _Peruvian population.

I speak about those organizations not because I want to confront their Peruvian members, but to show the mechanisms employed by these other nations to control science in our country. I repeat again, may be they are not the only ones, may be others, or in combination with others, but if they do not oppose to that hiding and distortion of science, or express concern as I do, or don’t want to pay attention deliberately to opinions like mine. Then we have to conclude that we are some way right in our analysis.

I ask Peruvian Masons. What happens if a foreign mason from an enemy country infiltrate them with a Peruvian traitor and give them orders to block me?. Are they going to blindly obey him? Can they oppose such orders from a higher degree brother against the most brilliant scientist of Peru? Is it not a possibility to stop science in Peru? Why thousands of people against one person? Why on purpose cut any communication with him? Is he a bad person? Why cut his income to force him to emigrate to other country? Is that the best for Peru?

Can you discuss this in your brotherhood and change the decision to support that scientist instead of destroying him? Why no one Freemason defend me against such abuse? Can I have different opinions than yours and still be respected as a brilliant Peruvian professional?

You have to understand that I am not an enemy of my country. I am a hero. Do you realize that?

You respect homosexuality , communist people, capitalist ones, but not Peruvian scientist thinking different than you?

Couldn’t you suspect there are foreign interests in blocking breakthrough discoveries that benefit our children and Peru?

Who is saying among you that I am a bad person? Is that true?

Do you really believe that?

Then why thousands of people under your influence do not want to speak to me?

Why no one offers me support to continue my investigations?

Think again the role of your organization and your own role. Can any of you be a man without fear and protest for the abuse against me? Against your children’s future and your country?

I am not an enemy of Peru, I am not a bad person, I am the best scientist in Peruvian history. My knowledge must be preserved for our children, yours included, so they can reach the stars and develop the technologies to defend their country.

Were is the wrong thing? What is bad for our country?

Why do you allow Carlos Bruce to destroy me? To cut my income, to stop other persons to talk to me?

Why don’t you protect me, and my family? Why not to provide funding and support for important scientific research?

Is he your friend? Cant I be your friend too? Can we work together for the benefit of our children?

Think please.

What stupidity are you doing by being my enemies. Why?

Carlos Bruce has the right to have sexual preferences but still is recognized as a great professional. But me? I can have weird opinions about you and false flag genocides, but I am still a great scientist. Why I do not deserve to have the same respect?

As I supposed corrupt people who blindly follow orders from corrupts infiltrated as high order Masons in charge of our institutions had blocked me again, just as your leader Carlos Bruce predicted and threatened me, “You will never meet a president of Peru”.

Not one officer in Arequipa, my birth place, congratulated me. Not even one requested a personal interview with their science advisers to evaluate my knowledge.

Someones like Ricardo Sanchez counselor to the governor said they can not afford to go into conflict with their leaders in important government positions because they will lose economic support for their projects.

Others as the Governor of Arequipa was totally afraid of talking to me, as if I would be Dracula. He is very funny dressing as Evo Morales. I will say the first coward I saw speaking Quechua. He knew me and was avoiding any eye contact with me, he was being advice by their spies were I was so he can chose a different route. One day I knew his aunt from Chivay and she was praying and thanking God for just meeting with me because according to her I was perfect to help her nephew in his job and she was trying to introduce me to him, the governor. But great was our surprise while seating in from of his office waiting for him as she received a phone call from him just telling her why she was with me, and other things I couldn’t hear, and immediately the sweet lady turned into an enemy to me, as if I would suddenly became a monster. I laugh about this crazy governor. Avoiding at all cost having a personal interview with me. Why was he avoiding me at all cost?

Because he was prevented, and He was following orders from corrupts betraying our country. So I can say with knowledge, Caceres Llica is a fraud. His obligations toward the people of Arequipa doesn’t exist, imagine I am the greatest scientist ever in my city, but the stupid has no time to talk to me. Does not have the courage to defend Gravity for the benefit of our children.

I even submitted a project to turn Arequipa into the technological capital of Perú. The official answer was that it was a kind of project for Concytec and out of their duties? Are not their duties to develop our region as capital city of Peru for breakthrough technologies? A regional Governor does not have the obligation of protecting scientific knowledge being forbidden by traitors to our country? What am I doing with this website? Protecting strategic knowledge which belong to all Peruvians. Isn’t it?

Is this not a primary obligation of a Governor of the city where I was born? Offering me protection? Why he was avoiding me? Not even asked for a personal interview? Not even requested specialists from universities to take advice or evaluate my knowledge? Exactly the same behavior as other Peruvian officers? Why?

The sad thing is that I could help my city by giving him advice for the generation of thousands of jobs without any investment, free!, just for being nice to me.

What a fraud this corrupt Governor. I have no doubt he is in the charge just to rob and we are going to waste years with him in charge.

The same happened when I contacted with the Peruvian air force

They ignored me, and never asked me for a personal interview, they were blindly following orders from corrupts infiltrated in our government and betraying Peru with the most important technology!.

That is treason for arm forces members, they have obligations to their country. They cant be such ignorant not to realize this is the most secret and important technology they were dealing with. They had to suspect their orders were coming from traitors, unless they are traitors too.

My friends told me, don’t contact them, they are controlled by Masons!

But it was my country, for our project of reaching the stars we need the Military, we need secure mechanisms to keep secrecy, scientists, labs, resources. I had to contact them anyway and see by myself the results.

Now after their betrayal to all of us Peruvians. I am sure we all can take our voice of protest to president Vizcarra, because he is the one who has to avoid this to happen against our children’s future. He has to defend the most important technologies for our country.

We Peruvians are not going to let those corrupt people to look only for their personal benefit obeying blindly corrupt traitors infiltrated into our government against the interest of the whole country.

Enough is enough!

General Disclaimer

The content of ” Advanced Technologies for Aerospace Applications”, should be considered as a “work-in-progress”.

What is reported here reflects some of the previous and current status of my investigations and analysis on selected topics of science.

I am not presenting here topics I consider classified, because they are potentially undesirable even mentioning for others to realize they exist, so I will reserve those. Also I have to mention that even though I discuss advanced topics, still I am not mentioning key ideas or scientist I am following, because it is not the purpose of this document or the audience or my desire to reveal those. The original purpose of this document was the urgent necessity for the supporting of a research facility “Wiratek” where I will share my complete work.

I originally mentioned secret societies and individuals only as a necessity for explaining my technological ideas, and for you to understand why and by whom mainstream physics was distorted.

I see terrible danger for our children and I see the urgency of immediate actions by us Peruvians in gaining control of our destinies for the first time since creation, out of world rulers control. Why? Because of the benefit these technologies can bring to our country. I will answer and explain all as you read this document.

The following are lines of the original document I presented to the Peruvian Government:

“As a Peruvian, I work in the same way other nations worked to discover breakthrough technologies like electro-propulsion, scalar, teleportation etc. It is our right as Peruvians to have that technologies too, even if other nations oppose. I have to say that I am not anti British, American, Swiss, or Jewish. But I am not one of them. So If I have dreams as going to Mars, I have to make that possible by myself with my own work and with the help of fellow compatriots, because I have understood we will never receive that knowledge from them, and that is the purpose of my job, sharing it with Peru and getting support for the continuation of my investigations with better conditions and resources as the addition of young scientist by the Creation of “Wiratek”

“But if the Peruvian Government following ill advice decide not to support Wiratek, then all Peruvians will lose the opportunity to enter the third millennium, our children will lose the opportunity to be scientist working in the most important technologies of the planet in benefit of Peru. The incredible would be that I would be forced to emigrate to work those technologies in benefit of other country.

Or what would you expect to happen? To forget my advances and work in other meaningless area? That would not happen!

It is the most strategic technology for our country. It is the understanding of gravity and other strategic technologies my achievement. That can’t be stolen from Peru. We must not allow that to happen.”

“I have endured my research alone due the secrecy and the strategic of the knowledge, with my own limited resources, and I made all the necessary sacrifices to keep it secret in benefit of Peru avoiding to ask support from other countries. If you tell me our government is not interested or not consider those technologies valuable then I will disqualify you and make you responsible for that terrible mistake. May be you are not in capacity to understand the importance of our discoveries, but sadly others will do, specially those who don’t want that technologies in Peruvian hands, making me a target for the rest of my life for Americans, British, Jewish, Swiss, Chileans or not?”

“If you ask me my choice, I prefer let the politicians continue do their job, the one they choose to be useful for Peru, they will respond God for their actions. In my case I prefer to work silently in science, not interfering in politics and working in secret those technologies in benefit of Peru.

Originally I was only granting this document to the Peruvian air Force as a secret document for the consideration of the Peruvian Government by making it available to the president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski who had to be informed of my existence and proposal. I also selected them as the only institution I would contact in Peru, making them responsible of my security. I also asked from them medical, data electronic, and economic protection as I would be targeted from now on by secret organizations.

But after the incredible happened of being ignored and not even evaluated in person by corrupt members of the Peruvian Air Force receiving illegal orders from traitors infiltrated in our government.

Then I have to say that those corrupt traitors committed treason to our country not even asking for a personal interview as I was in possession of advance knowledge of gravity and other key technologies in benefit for the military defense of Peru.

At the time it was evident to me, that something estrange was happening, Something fishy, no arm force member can be such stupids, Isn’t it?

The hidden hand of traitor infiltrated into Masons Carlos Bruce who threatened me before, and ordered molesting me with threatens, phone calls for years to derail my investigations, and always in political positions of control in our government was evident. The fact that no Peruvian official had contacted me in person, not even asking me for a personal interview necessary to explain my discoveries, explain secret topics not put on paper for being “secrets”, and on top of that not being offered protection is clearly a treason to all Peruvians. Isn’t it?

The imbeciles don’t realize that in five minutes I can destroy them and any technical document of their experts with negative opinions about my work. I know many traps in mainstream science to destroy them even without revealing anti-gravity. The stupids don’t know in what problem they are.

As military personnel they had to investigate, especially key technologies isn’t It? Not even a personal contact? and the bosses who approved their negative report? Are they serious? They never interview me, and that is a gross mistake for something that important as anti-gravity, isn’t it? That my paper has a lack of punch? Don’t be stupids, I will never give clues in an open document over important topics. So, stupid traitors you are doomed!

Then as a consequence of their treason, I am now with this document confronting them:

I authorize everybody to freely share this document. The more you will read and comprehend my message, you will understand why they opposed me, and why they are leaving me without protection endangering the lost of my knowledge which is “strategic” for Peru. They went too far in their treason to us Peruvians, it is time to tell them.

Enough is enough!.

Freedom of work and opinion was negated to me based on my interpretation of the role played by secret societies in the mutilation of science, I have to say sorry but as a scientist I am committed to find the causes and origins of any phenomena and express my personal ideas and doesn’t matter if others are pleased or not, it is to every one to respond to his creator and his own consciousness.

I have very important knowledge and I was blocked and denied of support for over seven years now, prohibited to contact with presidents i.e. Toledo and Humala by Peruvian traitors infiltrated into secret societies. Not because they know me, but precisely the opposite, they don’t know my job or what I stand for. They only know what I mentioned once trying to interview with president Toledo and I said that: “the matter was classified and probably will not please to some secret organizations.” That’s it. Since then, I was totally blocked.

Today for the first time I am really talking about my job, that one which I tried to communicate to previous presidents.

I am a reserved person, I do not speak in conferences, not write for magazines and newspapers, the nature of my knowledge makes it dangerous if expressed publicly. I prefer work silently and let my understanding of science to speak. There are so much material to read and process that I do not have time to spare. I understand we are not all equal and I don’t pretend that I am in possession of the only truth, but in the area of science I am flying high, that’s what makes life so diverse and interesting for us scientist, keep uncovering the secrets of science.

Only the obligation before God takes me to work for the humble people of the country where I was born and to whom I belong, and that explains my desire to work with the Latino American people in bringing our race to the understanding of science.

Even though I have my personal ideas, seeing reality and speaking the truth must be the primary condition for any scientist, I account in this work what I saw and what I think, even if others try to negate those, I shall continue.

I have to be clear on this: It is different when I mention ‘Freemasons’ than Peruvian ‘Masons’. Freemasons in this document refer to British, Americans, Jewish, Swiss etc Masons of their respective countries. If they lie, hide or distort science in benefit of their countries, it will be in some way understandable, because we will probably hide such knowledge in benefit of Peru too.”

But as everything is relative depending from the position you observe, for us as Peruvians those Freemasons hiding, twisting and distorting science are like ‘rats’. And as we have to look for that scientific knowledge too, we are in the obligation to find those lies, those false concepts, those false canonized scientist, and any hidden physical phenomena etc. Then it is logic that from our perspective their work would be seen as negative, or from a foe, since they conspire against our understanding of science.

So relativity means that what is a hero for ones, may be a bastard for the others.

Peruvian Masons are in a difficult situation, they may feel criticized when I talk about Freemason’s negative role in science from the perspective of a Peruvian scientist, who see and expose their manipulation of mainstream science.

But they as Peruvians, I think they have to support my points of view, since we all are interested in the best for Peru, and for helping Peruvians being able to go to the stars with our own technology and funding our scientist for making it possible. If they think this is bad for Peru, then why president Trump making America great again says, Americans have to do the next step and inhabit other planets?

It is because it is real and it is possible. I was born to lead not to follow, so if they can I can do it too!

May be for Freemasons I am a ‘Rat’ too, trying to put them in evidence and trying to discover for Peru those breakthrough technologies which strategically they want keep only for their own countries. In different way Peruvian ‘Masons’ will probably have to see me as a hero, because I am breaking fear and prejudice to drive scientific research and knowledge of Peru into the 3rd millennium. Not the opposite! as enemy, as your leader Carlos Bruce wrongly did. You have to be valiant in protecting our country not cowards following traitors because they are masons as you.

In this endeavor of science, position converts one in heroes or villains.

I insist in mention Freemasons, the mentioned other countries ones, which are not necessarily always responsible, there are other sibling secret societies too, so many to mention here, so consider the word Freemasons here as symbolic representative of all them, in the end all of them are controlled by the Pharaoh descendants mafia controlled by the Rothschild.

I have to make it clear, that this hiding of important truths in physics, did not happen by chance or are just bad luck omissions, but deliberate acts of misleads and falsehoods with the purpose of distort, twist and hide scientific knowledge from the international community of scientist. They make those acts pose as foolish errors or distracted mistakes, but accept this, It is naivety or be a moron from our part not realize that this is happening on purpose.

One hundred years humanity was misled giving time to those nations to freely undergo in the development of scalar weapons, anti gravity technology, communications at speeds faster than light, and other secret technologies.

Freemasons are very happy in they succeeded in making us fools for believing their lies and sleeping in science. We blame ourselves for being so naive and foolish for not detecting them before. But we drive our own destinies and now that we know this truth, we Latin Americans all of us have to close files in the untie of layers and layers of false scientific knowledge and establish a mechanism to not let this happen again. Shielding our scientific work from future interference and distortions from this Pharaoh international mafia.”

1. Science in the 3rd Millennium

1.1 Introduction and Overview

When Miguel Grau (Peruvian hero at the war with Chile) said the last good bye to his wife and beloved children he knew he will never see them again, he also knew we would never win the sea war without a fleet. Then, why he sailed anyway?

Because some times life poses over us moral obligations that we are compelled to fulfill because is the right thing to do, and there is no other way left for us.

God has put on all of us the hard test of being all witnesses of 9/11 2001 were traitors to the American Government in collaboration with foreigners did those self inflicted crimes and posterior genocide of millions of innocents. Just as current president Trump says, there is a corrupt Deep State mafia betraying America.

We cannot lose our souls for what those monster world rulers had irresponsible done at plain sight becoming all of us in accomplices by omission of express our testimonies, unless we break from fear and we deliver what our creator expect from us.

Talking like I am going to do is nobody’s choice for sure, but an obligation before God and our souls.

To explain the determination to endure this mission, I have to admit that recent world events have had a profound impact in my way to see the world, my personal and professional objectives and the plans for the future. I also had to admit the profound moral dilemma and fear I had to confront for over 7 years now, before arriving to the determination to properly address them.

Since I realized the attacks of 9/11 2001 were not true, and far different as they were revealed by the Fake News media. I endured a personal research behind the real story for my own sake and peace of mind. The result was an awakening to the crude reality of human society controlled for centuries in benefit of some countries, controlled by audacious groups of individuals, which control our governments, institutions, military, information networks, media, etc, they are also in control of High degree members of secret societies around the world to help their objectives and advance their agenda. Using them and as a diversion, but acting and forming a whole.

The problem, confusion, solution of 9/11, as in any war in the last 300 years explain the methodology used to advance their world control agenda.

In our case the recent war with Ecuador using the same problem, confusion, solution lead to the acceptance of foreign control over Peruvian natural reserve zones as planned by world rulers.

If you think Peru don’t have enemies working against us today, read this pages 72-77 in the web:

The Cenepa war or Conflicto del Alto Cenepa, was a non declared war in the Cordillera del Cóndor, around the Cenepa river in Peruvian territory invaded by the Ecuadorian army since 1994, and confronted Perú and Ecuador during the months of Janury and Frebuary of 1995.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Not only England and USA, conspired with the complicity of Ecuador against Peru with the secret objective of prohibiting Peru the entrances to the Cueva de los Tayos in his own territory, first by putting thousand of personal mines and secondly using the excuse of the war for the creation of a wildlife preservation area in the Peruvian territory under the British and its allies in control as part of the peace treaty.

But NASA itself was involved, as in the immediate years previous to that war, they sent missions including Neil Armstrong who said his experience was superior to the Moon landing. Why was so important La Cueva de Los Tayos?

Because of the discoveries of a pre-diluvian global civilization with artifacts and remnants underneath La Cueva de Los Tayos.

Neil Armstrong was there just before the Cenepa war, NASA was there, and then in consequence United States became a traitor to Peru, because it was in complicity with Ecuador to steal Peruvian treasures using the excuse of the Cenepa war to block Peru’s access to La Cueva de Los Tayos from our own territory, even acting as peace mediators proposing the “Salomonic” solution to create a wild preservation area in Peruvian territory just in the access of La Cueva de Los Tayos in control of the “garantes”. Incredible! Total treason to Peru.

No saben Peruanos que la guerra del cenepa fue una farza en complicidad con NASA para impedir que el Peru ingresara a la cueva de los Tayos desde su propio territorio? No saben que Neil Armstrong estubo alli un par de anos antes de que Ecuador minara e invadiera el area Peruana y dijo que era superior a su experiencia en la luna?

La Cueva de los Tayos: La Conspiración Vaticana

The video mentions the war motivation as a Peruvian plot to gain access to the Cueva de los Tayos, but this is a ridiculous Freemason interpretation to hide the fact that this was a World Rulers plot to steal archaeological treasures and knowledge from south Americans in complicity with the treasonous government of Ecuador!

The same as the steal of knowledge all over the world through their controlled infiltrated as mason archaeologist in benefit for his domination plan. What knowledge remained for Ecuadorian archaeologist? Nothing! The same as NASA stealing Nazca tridactil beings in Peru with the complicity of traitors in the Peruvian government. PPK traitor!

Why Peruvian and Ecuadorian people have to die in a war created in exclusive benefit of traitors serving the world rulers stealing our legacy?

What Peruvian traitor Carlos Bruce infiltrated as Mason have to say other than blocking and threaten me? Traitor!

Kuczinski then invited NASA to steal, kill, and hide the knowledge of our Nazca tridactil beings and culture from our scientist. Kuczinski idiot and traitor!

Kuczinski was put in charge by Masons and Carlos Bruce was his chief of campaign (also for Toledo), he choose him as president, Bruce was the political handler of the Construction Group and Odebretch who financed his campaign with illegal money from Odebretch and other corrupts, the same imbecile who threatened me face to face that I will never contact with a president of Peru!

How? Killing me?

Has to be, because that traitor infiltrated in our government can’t stop me for sure, but he put me in their secret society black list to be ignored, spied, and persecuted.

He is the responsible for Peru not being working in anti-gravity technology right now. Idiot traitor!

I am coming for you to repeat me again face to face that I will never meet a president of Peru! Imbecile!

The inner Earth is inhabited by several races including reptilian beings as the Nazca tridactil beings.

The Earth as the planets and moons have hollow cavities and toroidal shape with opening at the Poles, they continuously grow as fruits grow in a tree. They nourish from neutrino radiation from the Sun and water from the outer rings of the solar system. When the Earth was smaller gravity was also smaller, then humans and animals grow taller, that explains the human giants of antiquity and the huge dinosaurs contemporary to those giant human beings. In today’s gravity not even having a Dino egg fertilized will survive because of the higher gravity. So, no Jurassic park is possible today. That explain also why rocks were lighter in antiquity and why those giants build those colossal buildings with huge stones.

This explain why Antarctic was kidnapped for world rulers to steal and explore inner civilizations technology in their benefit. Not for the human civilization benefit but theirs (Swiss, British, USA, Israel ruling elites, their viper secret societies Freemasons, Jesuits, etc. and their controlled religions Catholic, Jewish, Islam, etc). Why world rulers and Vatican conspire to hide those truths? Why do they protect genocide and pedophiles not denouncing their atrocities?

In a similar way during the “guerra del Pacifico” were Chile in complicity with Great Britain stole land from Perú and Bolivia specially the Atacama desert (the driest of the planet) is part of the same complot against Peru, specially to gain control of areas of land with technological and geopolitical advantage. Why? Because rain never fall in places with gravitational anomalies like the Atacama desert, you must review the work of Bruce Cathie to understand the Earth Grid and also review of the different wars around the planet to gain control of those areas, is in these areas like in Nazca where we have entrances to the inner Earth species. British discoveries while extracting saltpeter drive the conquer and genocidal war destroying Lima with violations and massacre. So British (through its ally Chile) can gain control of those gravitational strategic zones (specially related to the gravity needs of those intraterrenal beings like the Nazca tridactil ones).

You must know that there exist zones on Earth with altered gravitational fields, like lake Ontario in Canada were some initiates were able to levitate by mind control, there are also similar micro-gravities effects on the Moon as it was found by Apollo missions.

Evidently traitors infiltrated as Masons in the Peruvian government ignoring their scientist, show why they don’t need people like me to uncover this. That also explains why Masons who are in charge, hate me!. If those morons would understand that my discoveries are as important as all the hidden information stolen from Peru by the Ecuadorians Americans and British, then they will offer me at least protection, but these traitor’s dreams are for me to disappear from their controlled Peru, the day I will abandon Peru thousands of them will celebrate with Whisky and cheer happy because thousands of them joined together as brothers to defeated one person, Me. Why to celebrate ex pulsing from Peru of its most brilliant scientist? because they want to be ruling kings by means of their illegal use of secret societies and plots, and of course don’t want anyone to wake up their goyim sheep or make them develop understanding.

Are we going to allow that to happen?

The science I am working out is very important for Perú. The understanding of scalar technology, gravity, the wave structure of matter, etc. will open the doors among others to the transmutation of elements changing the electrical properties of materials. For you to understand let us put an example: the transmutation of germanium or silicon used in any electronic components of a computer if transmuted to other different element, will turn those chips into junk forever, it will destroy the semiconductor properties of all the electronic components, making computers just as junk. Interesting isn’t it? Planes, cars, vessels will be turn into junk forever. It is a game changer technology yes or not?

Researching into those technologies are strategically what Peru needs, not the garbage weapons sold by the world rulers to steal our money. But who understand the logic of these traitors to the Peruvian nation?

I question myself. Why Peruvian masons never realize world rulers abuse against Peru using infiltrated traitors among them? How I can clearly see the machinery at work, and can’t they?

Now. Can we understand why they hide and deliver against all logic our Peruvian tridactil beings to the USA and NASA. Not enough their treason in the Cenepa war against Peru, and now Kuczinski open the doors to them to steal our Peruvian legacy?

This stupidity means we Peruvian scientist will never see the truth.

Incredible how these traitors in our own face abuse and betray Peruvian society, and nobody realizes, nobody speak against. Where are the politicians which have lots of money, speak on TV as if they were illustrious men when in reality are lairs who have sold their soul to the satanist rulers of the world.

Only Freemasons have gone to the Moon, only them are allowed to excavate ancient ruins and civilizations whose discoveries remain hidden only for their benefit and to help their purpose of slaving humanity in their satanic rule. They stole information of Civilizations with advanced technologies in Antarctic, in La mana , Cueva de Los Tayos, Egypt etc. And now these thief come to Peru to kill our “tridactil beings”? To steal their gold, artifacts and technology? To continue hiding the evidence of reptilian beings sharing this planet undergrounds with us humans? Hiding our true origins?

Are we going to allow these traitors infiltrated in secret societies to deprive us Peruvians our right to investigate and know the truth of our origins?

I am conscious of the Freemason presence in every country and ours of course. But I also trust the national feeling of their members and collaborators to put aside self interest brotherhood and look into Peruvian and Latin American race destiny and at the reason of our creator to put us in the universe with the mission to enrich with our culture, peaceful approach, and our exotic raze the human civilization. Stop following directives they do not comprehend or understand, based on their greed and ignorance, with their ignorance they are helping traitors rule over Peru.

I also understand that when a person is lied or has little comprehension of with whom they are collaborating they may commit errors, but it is also true those persons can put aside monetary or professional interest if they see a better way. (freemasons/jesuits/other-secret-societies among their rulers are satanist , they are working in a scheme to corrupt human morality and take as many souls as they can to darkness, are you happy with your mission, helping Satan?) (you will truly understand this as you finish reading this document)

As a consequence of all this events. I changed my mind and since that, I don’t believe in the American dream anymore!. May be President Trump success against Deep State will recover that for Americans and Humanity.

See the following video, to see the same concern for the role of traitors infiltrated into secret societies of JFK:

John F Kennedy Speech That Got Him Killed

As a man of science I want to see what really happens in science, Mars, Moon, inner Earth, and other planets. But we all know the data provided by NASA is forgery or fake, as all inventions and propulsion systems they promote, and they are nothing more than a diversion for other secret technologies.

Evidently they have no intention and will never share those with us. So being tired of lies, I decided that for me, Man never went to Moon or sent robots to other planets not until we Latin Americans do it ourselves.

9/11 American traitors attacks were not only a mock to the whole humanity but also a display of powerful nuclear and scalar technology used for genocide and slavering purposes. That’s the name when world rulers take up people liberties i.e. under the Patriot Act, based in a false flag operation excuse. Yes or Not?

We are in a new age, the world wide web changes everything!. Time changes everything! When I was young it was expensive to have a computer and almost impossible to get the latest ICs (integrated circuits) their manuals or theoretical books explaining their workarounds. So we were not able to do research because it was almost impossible, worst if we lived in South America.

But, Today almost any one have several computers at home, Arduinos cost 10 dollars, Raspberry Pi 30, there are hundreds of different inexpensive transducers at our reach using “eBay” or “Ali-express”. We can get Technical manuals goggling in our computer, tutorials in YouTube, schematics with similar applications, variety of programming languages to support our device driver routines, we can buy instantly a PDF book of any scientist and read it tonight, we can listen interviews, seminars, lectures given all over the globe. What else can we ask? We have everything. Don’t you agree that scientific research is now possible if we create the right conditions to support it?

So Internet is a tool for research and investigation. Problem is, that it is controlled and blocked if the content is not convenient for the censors. The search tools we use are also controlled by them and used to spy our every step in our search for information. So if you are aware of that may be Internet still is the best way to research. One final but the most important fact you must consider when using a search engine. When they try to hide some truth, they create hundred of similar sites with similar titles, giving you the most bizarre and twisted versions of the same event, to confuse you from the truth, and on top of that they post those links first, even blocking the real ones. They are very clever from preventing you realize they are controlling you in every aspect of your life under false words of democracy or science. So you have to learn to differentiate liars from truth.

Now that we are aware why Government agencies are behind Google, Yahoo etc, we can use our computer to learn some truths from the work of excellent human beings, who dare to share their experience and work.

The most important change in my life was to realize we were lied on 9/11 and lied too in all the wars and conflicts that have killed millions of innocents in history. We were lied because they were made by a world ruling elite that are under control of a satanist mafia controlled by Pharaoh descendants the Rothschild (you will understand as you read). Secondly and important to realize is that they are really bad people who are Satan worshipers trying to enslave humanity in a one world government that we have to avoid to ever happen!

We don’t want impunity to the ritual sacrificing of children. Understand well, they think you and your children have no value and can dispose of you, lie to you, rob to you, terminate you, kill you with diseases, use vaccines to limit the intellect of your children and introduce in their body the cause of future cancer deceases. That is real, and if you don’t understand this, forget being a scientist, at least don’t count on me to teach you.

What would it be the ultimate goal for those demons besides feeding from horrors and suffering created by their false flags wars and genocides? Of course to have you and your children’s souls for eternity, to abuse you forever. That’s why satanist world rulers through their infiltrated traitors into secret societies are corrupting your children’s education with new ideologies to destroy their moral values and ensure to lower the vibratory resonance of their souls. To ensure they will join their realms in the afterlife.

They are smart evil spirits and as real as you and me. We have now the knowledge and understanding of physics and history to explain how this happens and why you should awake to the danger for your children and whole family.

I know some people will say they don’t believe in daemons and extra-dimensional beings, that it is nonsense, and not proved. I say to those imbeciles: 9/11, Waco, Vegas pyramid massacre, child sacrifices and pedophile, etc are real, and are proofs of satanic rituals. The master minds behind those genocides believe in daemons, they worship them, they do ritual killings to feed their gods. So, it is not important if you believe, they do it for you, and destroy your family and life in doing so. Entienden estúpidos? Carajo! Wake up!

Imagine you have a satanist neighbor, who kill animals in their garden, kill your animals, invite your children to orgies and feed them drugs etc. Is that important that you don’t believe in Satan to stop damaging your family? No, it is enough what your neighbor does without your consent to ruin your life.

Those ruling elite monsters are killing children, eating their flesh in satanic rituals, children are being kidnapped in any city, any neighbor. Would you release lions in your neighborhood where your children walk to school every day? No, because they are beasts, they don’t think, they act by instinct. Is there any difference between a lion and a satanist? They both are beasts, the difference is that the satanist is a smarter evil beast. If we put animals in zoos, where do the satanist belong? Beast cant walk free on the streets isn’t it? What solution are we going to find for this problem? Worst than that satanist are now in government, in charge of nuclear weapons and making wars every day. Are you concerned now, imbecile?

The only difference between us and what we call spirits is the resonant frequencies in which we evolve.

Those entities were seen in the ’50’s by Trevor James Constable. He wrote 2 books about them: They Live In The Sky and The Cosmic Pulse Of Life. Both books show Infrared pictures of these gigantic, amoebalike creatures.

In the movie “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets ,2017 “ you can visualize and imagine in sci fantasy the possibilities of parallel realities in different frequencies look at the big market scenes.

Reality is not what it appears — the ancients knew it, pioneering physicists of the early twentieth century knew it, and current leading edge scientists are beginning to prove it. The fundamental stuff of reality isn’t matter, or even energy, its consciousness! Your soul!

Nikola Tesla, expressed his frustration with this perspective when he said the following:.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

The understanding of matter and energy by mainstream physics were enough to create many useful and seemingly impressive technologies and have erroneously led us to conclude that our materialistic view of the universe is complete and correct and reject other ideas as “mystical” and backward.

The materialistic paradigm persists in popular and scientific thought despite plenty of evidence that it is not true. It should be quite clear by now that energy is more fundamental than matter. Science hasn’t realized particles of matter are just energy patterns condensed to a very slow vibration or comprehended the profound implications of this.

Physicists are still chasing the fundamental “particle”, and focusing on material phenomena rather than focusing on what energy is, how it forms matter, and what other forms it can take.

Nikola Tesla echoed this when he made the statement below.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

There are many more unseen phenomena we have yet to detect and understand. Our visual perceptions are far less complete than we have ever imagined, and this has led to a tenacious conceptual bias that has colored our models of reality. This bias is interfering with formulating a broader, deeper more accurate model including tackling the big question we’ve been avoiding. What is consciousness and how is it related to reality.

Consciousness is without a doubt the most significant and mysterious phenomena in the universe, so assuming that the external world is completely independent of it and that we can safely ignore it in relationship to our experiments and theories about the nature of reality is potentially a major mistake.

In fact, many of the pioneers of quantum physics Max Planck, Albert Einstein, and others all came to the same conclusion that everything is energy and that somehow consciousness is intimately intertwined with it.

Their observations of, and experiments with, phenomena in the quantum realms (the very very small) strongly suggested to them that consciousness is more fundamental than either matter or energy!

Do you remember in the “Science of God” the method of the soul controlling our body? The Earth and trees and many also produce neutrino interchange. Then that way comes the explanation for remote viewing, telepathy etc.

Get over it, and accept the inarguable conclusion. The universe is immaterial mental and spiritual.

Today we humans are witnessing the birth of quantum computing, the implications that bec (bose-einstein-condensate) interactions in quantum computers could potentially be interfacing with trapped souls and is a potential danger of today’s technologies. This means that an extra-dimensional being can learn to take control of our quantum computers and networks and really taking control of our environment. Could we thrust Satan worshiper ruling elite to be in charge of technology today? No. Of course not!

We have to take immediate corrective actions. Look what’s happening at CERN in Templar’s Switzerland, they have a Shiva statue opening an extra-dimensional portal in front of their headquarters, they do satanic rituals, and we are still so stupids to not realize the danger? Wake up stupid scientist collaborating with them!

Have you discovered who and what you truly are? Whether you know it or not, your consciousness is a thread of Universal consciousness and your body is a temporary vehicle for having experiences in this physical reality. Ultimately your self is simply pure consciousness and has no form whatsoever.

One scientist who talked about the marvelous universe we live in was Bruce Cathie, sadly he passed away but I still have an extract of a rare interview were he told us about this.

Not all the planets have the same time rate, gravity, or Lorentz contraction factors. That’s why life is possible in unsuspected places and in different frequencies and resonances. Here on Earth we partially perceive only certain frequency beings and others not. From our senses we are limited in our perceptions of many existing beings, among them the masters of the world rulers, who feed themselves from the vibrations created by our emotions and sufferings. That explains the horrors and ritual sacrifices of the monsters who are ruling the earth.

On September 11 2001. The twin towers of the World Trade Center were destroyed using secret technologies. The airplanes were just a fake video cover up for the real weapons used that day. The same for the Pentagon, no plane crash, just a missile launched from an anti-gravity machine.

See and understand the following videos before continue reading.

9/11 Breakthrough Energy Technology | Dr Judy Wood

Judy Wood entrevistada por Richard D. Hall (subtitulos espanol)

We can clearly observe how steel columns turn into dust while falling in the air. Evidently molecular bonding alterations are happening in the materials far apart from explosives or other disguises used in the cover up. Those are technologies never seen before and put in evidence properties shown by scalar technologies or phonon flux excitation or lattice vibrations produced by movements of atoms in a solid which are key to set and alter the physical and structural properties of matter, and that can be produced by a Shallow deep underground nuclear explosion.


Atomic demolition vs Nuclear demolition

The main difference is that “atomic demolition” or “mini-nuke” produce an atmospheric nuclear explosion while in “nuclear demolition” a great thermos-nuclear charge is placed deep underground and produce a typical “deep underground nuclear explosion” which has completely different physical effects and characteristics.

Thanks to the testimony of the scientist Dimitri Khalezov, now we can have more information of how the phonon vibrations could be produced to alter the structure of Iron and steel used in the towers. Remember that we have also cars in the streets whose engines and door handles dissapeared!

For sure discovering the real physic used on 9/11 will take more time and effort of the international community of scientist. But we are approaching closer and closer, and this is an effort were we all together are one.

Here some interesting extracts of his magnificent article that has to be fully understood:

“In its initial stage any and every nuclear blast produces nothing, but a primary radiation alone, which, in turn, in 99% consists of X-rays. In atmospheric conditions X-rays can not travel very far from a nuclear blast hypocenter, because they will be stopped and absorbed by air atoms. At maximum, X-rays could only travel tens of meters around before they would be completely absorbed by surrounding air. That is why about 99% of tremendous explosive energy of an atomic blast (that could be equal to kilotons and even to megatons of TNT) would all be spent on heating surrounding air in only tens of meters around the hypocenter of the blast. This relatively small area of the surrounding air becomes overheated and begins to irradiate heat (in a form of a visible light – very similar to that irradiated by Sun, but much more intense) – this process is called a “[thermal radiation]”. This extremely overheated area of the air represents a secondary effect of an atmospheric nuclear blast, traditionally called “nuclear fireballs”. It shall be understood that an initial “nuclear flash” (which is of white color) that lasts only a split of a second, and a [thermal radiation] (that is of orange-yellow color and could last several seconds) are very different processes. The first one belongs to the “primary radiation” of nuclear explosion and exists in any case – irrespectively of physical environment the nuclear blast occurs, while the second one belongs to the secondary effect of an atmospheric nuclear explosion – i.e. to its “nuclear fireballs” which, in turn, could only be created in atmospheric conditions. The same thing could be said about another main destructive factor of an atomic blast – its well-known air-blast wave (some people also call it a “shock wave”). An air-blast wave is being created by the same secondary effect of an atmospheric nuclear blast – i.e. by “nuclear fireballs”. Nuclear fireballs tend to expand in atmosphere, because energy is being passed over from inner “hotter” zones to outer “colder” zones which process creates air movement towards periphery. At some point expanding front of highly compressed air breaks off the nuclear fireballs’ border and begins to travel on its own with a supersonic speed – smashing everything on its way. This is how the air-blast wave actually occurs.”

“Properties of a deep underground nuclear explosion”

“Considering all these obvious physical processes, it shall be understood that either of the two well-known main destructive factors of a nuclear explosion – its air-blast wave and its thermal radiation – exist only in atmospheric conditions. If a nuclear explosion occurs in deep underground conditions, it can not create any “nuclear fireballs” due to a total absence of surrounding air, and, consequently, neither an air-blast wave, nor a thermal radiation could be created. What happens during a deep underground nuclear explosion? First of all, we have to distinguish between a really deep underground nuclear explosion (i.e. in a situation when no soil above the explosion is being thrown onto the Earth surface and no crater could be so formed) and a so-called shallow sub-surface nuclear explosion which is capable to throw soil onto the surface and so to create a crater. While physical properties of a real deep underground nuclear explosion are distinctly different compare to those of a nuclear explosion in atmospheric conditions, physical properties of a shallow sub-surface nuclear blast are somehow mixed and could partly resemble either of the above two. Coming back to a real deep underground nuclear explosion. When a nuclear (or a thermo-nuclear) charge is buried deep underground and is detonated, it entire explosive energy is being released in a form of a “primary radiation” – exactly as described above. This primary radiation is being immediately absorbed by surrounding soil or rock, because neither X-rays (that constitute 99% of primary radiation volume), nor gamma-rays and other rays and particles (that constitute remaining 1%) can travel any far in underground conditions. So, while in atmospheric conditions the entire tremendous energy of an atomic (or hydrogen) blast would be spent on heating air in a radius of tens of meters around, in deep underground conditions this entire tremendous energy will be spent likewise on heating some surrounding rock. This rock will be overheated, melted, and evaporated. That is why underground nuclear explosions (providing that they occurred sufficiently deep below the Earth surface) would leave some underground cavities, sizes of which directly depend on two primary factors: 1) actual yield of a nuclear explosion; and 2) density of surrounding materials.”

“Damaged” and “crashed” zones

“Two distinctly different phases of creating of a cavity during a deep underground nuclear explosion could be observed, which is very important to understand in order to realize a principle of a modern nuclear demolition. Phase No.1: a cavity is created and it reaches its final “primary size”. It happens when the entire energy of a nuclear explosion has been spent on heating of surrounding rock and the maximum possible quantity of rock has been already evaporated. So, a cavity of a “primary size” results exclusively from disappearance of evaporated rock. However, this cavity is not empty. It is filled with the former rock, now in gaseous form, which creates an extremely high pressure within the cavity. That is why this process proceeds further into its Phase No.2 – a cavity is being expanded by an extreme pressure of gazes inside to every direction. So it expands from its final “primary size” to its final “secondary size”. It shall be understood that while “primary size” of the cavity results exclusively from disappearance of evaporated rock, it is not so when it comes to its “secondary size”. Expansion of the cavity in Phase No.2 is being done at the expense of neighboring areas of rock, which are still solid. In result of this process, neighboring areas of the rock become very tightly compressed.”

“In result of expansion of an underground cavity from its “primary size” to its “secondary size” at least two zones of extreme disintegration of surrounding rock will be created. The next immediately after a cavity zone is called a “crashed zone”. And the next outer zone is called a “damaged zone”. Everything that occurs within a “crashed zone” is completely “pulverized” – i.e. reduced to a very special state of material that can not be found anywhere else in nature, but only in a “crashed zone” left by an underground nuclear explosion. That is why this state of material is absolutely unique and can not be compared with anything else. Practically it looks like this: some seemingly “intact” piece of rock might even retain its former shape and color and you could even try to take this piece of rock very carefully with your hands. But in reality this seemingly “intact” piece is extremely fragile and it could be instantly reduced into a complete microscopic dust under the slightest mechanical pressure. So if you only press this piece of rock with your bare hands it will instantly crash into dust. The same metamorphosis will occur to any and every kind of material that happens to be within such a “crashed zone” – it could be steel, stone, wood, glass, organic materials of any kind, etc. All of them will be pulverized in the abovementioned sense – i.e. they will retain their shape and color for a little while, but only to be reduced to complete microscopic dust under the slightest mechanical pressure. An approximate particle of such a “complete dust” is amazingly small. It corresponds in its size to a typical particle of a well-known radioactive dust – i.e. it does not exceed 100 microns, which is comparable with a thickness of an average human hair. It is believed that only a nuclear explosion and no other known physical process could reduce materials to such a fine dust. The next zone after the “crashed zone” is called a “damaged zone”. Rock (and other materials as well) within such a “damaged zone” would be crashed too, but not to the extent of being completely “pulverized”. They will be crashed to some debris ranging from millimeters- and centimeter- in size (in areas close to “crashed zone”) to much larger pieces and fragments in its outer areas.”

“Distributions of damaged and crashed zones and principles of a modern nuclear demolition”

“In the above diagram all three zones – an actual cavity in the middle, a “crashed zone” and a “damaged zone” are shown as being ideally round and concentric. However, it would be true only when an underground nuclear explosion occurs “ideally” deep – let’s say for a 150 kiloton yield detonated in granite rock it must be at least a half-kilometer deep or deeper. In this case resistance of surrounding rock would be equal from every direction – from up, from down, and from either side alike. That is why expansion of either “secondary cavity” and of “crashed” and “damaged” zone would be equal to every direction and forms of these zones would be relatively round. If a nuclear explosion occurs not too deep (but still deep enough as not to be considered a shallow sub-surface one), this picture will look slightly different. Because rock towards the Earth surface would offer much less resistance compare to that offered from down and from either side, the pressure of evaporated gases will try to expand the cavity towards the way of least resistance. That is why the major part of its expansion will be directed upwards. So, all of them – a cavity in the middle, a “crashed zone”, and a “damaged zone” will not be ideally round. They will be rather elliptic – comparable to a form of an egg facing upwards with its sharper end, or, perhaps, their upper ends will be even “sharper” than the one of an egg. These “crashed” and “damaged” zones suppose to play a main role in an actual demolition process, thanks to their absolutely unique abilities to crash steel and concrete alike without making any distinction between them.”

“First of all, it shall be understood that we can not use a thermo-nuclear demolition charge with a yield exceeding 150 kiloton, because 150 kiloton is a legal threshold set by the “Peaceful Nuclear Explosions Treaty of 1976”. So, we have to take it into consideration – irrespectively of whether a 150 kiloton charge is enough to pulverize the entire structure we want to demolish or not enough, we can not exceed the 150 kiloton limit. So, this is the maximum we are allowed to use. We know that a 150 kiloton deep underground nuclear explosion creates a cavity of final “secondary” size of roughly ~100 meters in diameter (50 meters radius) if it is detonated in granite. We can not position our nuclear charge in such a manner that an upper end of the cavity produced by it would reach the Earth surface, because we do not want to cause a severe radioactive contamination of surroundings. All what we want – it to demolish the structure above. So, we have to calculate a position of our demolition charge very precisely – counting that the upper end of the cavity should only reach the deepest underground foundations of our skyscraper, and not any higher than that. Considering that the lowest underground foundations in our case are 27 meters deep, with a radius of the expected cavity to be 50 meters, we have to position our “zero-box” at a point that is 50 meters deeper than the lowest underground foundations, or 77 meters below the Earth surface (see a picture above). In such a case we will have also an additional advantage: the building above will not only be subjected to pulverization alone; it will additionally immerse into an extremely overheated underground cavity and melt there, so its major part will disappear, saving a lot of our future efforts to remove its debris. Besides of this, melted parts of the demolished building will provide a kind of a “seal” or a natural “Sarcophagus” that will partly prevent radioactive materials from being emitted from the underground cavity, so preserving surroundings from radioactive contamination.”

“Nuclear demolition dynamics”

“Now let’s consider demolition dynamics based on the abovementioned nuclear demolition scheme. Considering that in our case a demolition charge is not positioned “ideally deep”, forms of a cavity, a “crashed” zone and a “damaged” zone produced by it will not be “ideally round” either. They will all be extended upwards, so their horizontal radiuses will be significantly decreased compare to the above mentioned “round” forms. What will happen could be easily understood from this drawing:”

“Once a cavity in the middle of a process will begin to expand itself from its “primary” size to its “secondary” size, it will automatically produce “crashed” (inner) and “damaged” (outer) zones that will also expand together with the expansion of the cavity. Before the lowest Tower’s foundations could be reached by an upper end of the cavity, they would be reached one-by-one first by a border of the expanding “damaged zone”, and then – by a border of the expanding “crashed zone”. Both of them – the “damaged zone” first, and the “crashed zone” next – will continue to propagate upwards by our building structure and eventually they will reach quite far. It happens because the half-empty building structure offers much less resistance (in a sense of resistance of materials) than solid granite rock around the cavity, so, understandably, pressure wave would go by the way of least resistance – which is the way upwards. The “damaged zone” in our case which is an “outer layer” might likely reach up to 350 meters or so, while the “crashed zone” which is an “inner layer” might likely reach up to 300 meters – thus completely pulverizing at least 300 meters of our structure. This is the main goal of a modern nuclear demolition idea.”

The monsters ruling the Earth abuse our ignorance. It’s of primordial importance expose all the hidden technologies in their possession. Only this way we can stop their criminal insanity!

It is not an option anymore to develop advanced technologies for Peru. It is a must! It is the only option to save our children of being abused and killed by those monsters!

It’s evident why the president of Peru have to stop listening the stupid traitors infiltrated among masons who advises against the best benefit for Peru and who banned my investigations. Peru have to pay more attention to we scientist and once and for all stop my persecution, abuse and isolation!

But what happened at the Pentagon was a scandalous lie and more evident than the towers. This was what initially make me realize everything was false. I also understood that the testimonies of traitors among governmental authorities were all false, becoming then in criminals and real intellectual authors of that genocide and posteriors genocides all over the world.

The pentagon was not hit by a airliner. See for yourself

The following images will let you understand the lies:

This shows the pentagon hours after the attack (no debris compatibles with a plane)

No falling of the building at impact but 20 minutes later. The only sign of an impact is a 6 feet diameter hole compatible with a missile not a gigant plane!

Here we can see the real size of the plane incompatible with the damages. Unbroken windows etc.

missile trajectory.

Exit hole of missile

2017: 9/11 Pentagon Video FINALLY Reveals Truth About Attack That Changes EVERYTHING!

But what they said Bush, Cheney and Runsfield? Let’s look at their testimonies who condemned to death to more than one million Innocent Iraqi people!

Remembering 9/11: The Pentagon Attack | History

Evidently they are lying, Their lies were cause for genocides, deportation of immigrants. That was an excuse to enact laws to spy all citizens of the world.

The monsters forgot to stop airing this video.

the 9/11 video that was aired once and never aired again

But who fired the missile?

FBI footage- missile hits the pentagon.avi

We can see a bluish object firing the missile

Lets look at 3 frames of that video:

The first one shows the buildings at the bottom without obstruction.

In the second the missile appears with its smoke tail.

In the third I applied filters and we can see the thermal signature of fire at the tail.

But is this possible?

Of course if you believe their lies that they don’t have anti gravity or scalar technology or weather modification, then you will never understand reality!

Put this in your head about the traitors infiltrated in our governments. They lie, they kill, they have anti gravity, they are colonizing space, the satanist control that! Entienden?

Look at this:

UFO Attack Caught On Camera Over Iraq | Alien Sighting | Real UFO Videos

Best Of UFO Videos 2016 | UFO Attack Caught Over Syria | UFO Sightings 2015

UFO Attacks Destroys Taliban Camp In Afghanistan | UFO Attack Caught On Camera | Real UFO Videos

What happened to courageous Americans who denounce this?

They erased this video:

International Citizens 9 11 War Crimes Tribunal2.flv

They also brainwashed the poor Alfred Webre.

Alfred Webre and Leuren Moret – Don’t Mention Dr Judy Wood…

Remember that we are not in the obligation to know what real events or technologies were used by the criminals that day (How could we know the technologies that the US government have in stock?). We are only in the obligation to assure that the traitors infiltrated in our governments are criminals, and of not believing their lies anymore, and in the obligation to awake humanity against those monsters.

The development of a progressive understanding toward a full explanation is responsibility of the whole humanity, not us.

For us Peruvians understand they kill, they lie, they have secret technology which they use against humanity is key to comprehend.

Under that evidences can we rely in mainstream science as a tool to understand technology?


They hide, twist, and lie in science too.

We have to freed from them and their infiltrated traitors into masonry to control of our society because they conspire against our scientist and understanding of science, and I am the proof!

I was threaten, persecuted, ignored, isolated to force me out of my investigations.

So, Enough is enough!

When the president of Peru is going to stop following infiltrated traitors erroneous reports and counseling?

When the Peruvian government is going to recognize the existence of Breakthrough Technologies?

When are we going to start our route to the stars?

But do you think the people who were responsible of 9/11 stopped there, or do they continue showing their hidden technologies?

They continue causing new destruction to manipulate our population. See the following videos.

Geoengineering, Weather Modification, and Weaponizing Nature

100% Proof Hurricane Harvey & Others Are Created by NASA @ Stennis MUST WATCH 1

So, from now on for any anniversary of 9/11 we can expect more devastating hurricanes to keep us busy and not protesting against their genocide. And meteorites to hit the Earth, end of the world prophesies, and nuclear alerts from North Korea. All in September. Clever isn’t it?

I am not anti American, millions of Americans think as I do. Among them Dr. Steve Pieczenik.

See this video:

Dr. Steve Pieczenik on the history of false flag terror MUST LISTEN!

Osama & 911 was False Flag (Part1) – Dr. Steve Pieczenik – Alex Jones

Osama & 911 was False Flag (Part2) – Dr. Steve Pieczenik – Alex Jones

Osama & 911 was False Flag (Part3) – Dr. Steve Pieczenik – Alex Jones

STEVE PIECZENIK TALKS | LIVE w/ Alex Jones 10-20-15

I am against the real responsible the infiltrated traitors inside the American government and accomplices abroad who took the disgraceful decision against their own people and millions of innocent families abroad. I am also sure divine justice as well as honest American people will step up and will recover their American dream. I see with sympathy the efforts of president Trump against deep state, but I am terrible disappointed by his racism and abuse toward working immigrants who are depicted as criminals, while 9/11, pizzagate, etc. are protected or ignored by him.

Bush father was called “curious George while spying Tesla, Margared Cheney wrote the best known book about Tesla. The logic question would be. From whom the access to the information come from? His brother Dick Cheney? Rumors tell Dick Cheney is in charge of the secret space program.

As we see, all figures related to 9/11 are some way or another related also to the steal of Tesla’s secret technologies.

I think that stepping into analysis of these problems is disturbing for most good and moral people and creates havoc and despair in most of them knowing we are impotent against such monsters who are in control of our society. In this case we all are psychological and moral victims of 9/11.

So I believe it is a personal decision that has to be freely adopted by anyone as to be involved in the discussion of this kind of affairs where our opinions seem to be hitting innocuous against the technological power we granted such self appointed world rulers.

I do not consider I am more happy knowing this reality. Can anybody speak freely against such monsters?

Then I sympathize with the good American people victims as well. I lived as immigrant there for 13 years, I am part of that nation too. I have most of my direct family Americans.

I am not anti Jew either, my sister and nephews are Jewish, My father and some others in my family have rhesus negative factor, my family got our last name after fighting besides the Swiss knight Templar in the creation of Portugal, receiving a villa from the king in the port villa of “porto Carreiro” Then change their family name to Portocarrero as today, the lion in our coat of arms show our roots and origin and I am conscious of it. They were navigators and among them many Admirals who serve France, Castilla, Portugal etc. The Portocarrero family were part of the supporters for Genoa’s Christopher Columbus discoveries and my specific branch went to exploit gold mines in Cotahuasi Arequipa were my father was born in 1925. So I can not be anti-Jew either because in my family members there is a part of Jewish blood too. (I am not with bad-jews who depict goyims like us, I am not with sionist khazarian satanist false Jews either, not with sabatean believers). I am with Jesus teachings and love even you consider he could be real or virtual after Alexander the Great and the Beres. In reality I am with any good people that exist on our beautiful Earth.

In conclusion, I don’t like murderess of innocent people being them from any country, Peruvians or Martians.

For me as a foreign scientist, I have to continue away from them, in my own path with the Man’s dreams to explore other worlds and the Cosmos.

For us working in science, 9/11 is not an untouchable topic, nothing in physics can be untouchable, everything has to be analyzed and obey physics rules. Those traitors inflicted attacks show undeniable evidence of the use of scalar technology or shallow deep underground nuclear demolition producing a phonon excitement to dustify among other materials iron and steel as we can see by the disappearance of car engines and their door handlers in the vecinities of ground zero.

To explain this for the ones who are not clear with what this means, you must remember that for most of us electromagnetic energy or radio waves are used in communications like radio and TV. They are the well known transversal electromagnetic waves, but more than one hundred years ago there were discovered another type of electromagnetic radiation to exist, the longitudinal electromagnetic waves (and the scalar waves) used by the inventor Nikola Tesla but kept secret by world rulers.

These waves are capable of carrying energy and impulse without any loss with the distance traveled, contrary to traditional transversal waves which decreases with the square of the distance.

The use of Longitudinal electrical waves and Tesla’s scalar waves, could explain how in 9/11 attacks the energy was delivered to cause such destruction, round holes in windows without broken them, melting of certain metals in street cars while other parts remain untouched, and also why steel columns while falling in the air were converted into dust.

The second and more plausible technology will be shallow deep underground nuclear detonation.

For us scientist that does not obey any open technology known in physics, but breakthrough technologies like Tesla’s and nuclear are the ones capable of such physics effects and were put in use that day.

Round holes in windows after the attacks, those are effects of intense magnetic fields, and we can see them in the ball lightning phenomena which creates a bottle containing antimatter which slowly dissipates its energy creating the ball lightning effect.

In the Pentagon attack, it was an anti gravity vehicle who fired a missile.

There are plenty of evidence of these technologies being used on 9/11 attacks, so nobody can doubt they exist and were in use against humanity.

What are President Vizcarra and we Peruvian scientist going to do now that we know that those technologies exist?

In the view of politicians and regular individuals scientific research must be promoted as a declaration of intention and hope for a better future. But these are nothing more than empty traitor’s controlled politicians words. We need real actions, real changes in our strategies and alliances.

I am not trying to define a Scientific Method to be the perfectly suited for every one, but I observe that in Third World countries, there is no coherent synthesis of ideas and description of activities from leading scientist around the globe, and there are not adequate methods for identifying proactive scientist and retaining them with the purpose of advance science and tap into new technologies. President Vizcarra, See my case!

This document proposal includes some key mentality shifts or change of paradigms, which are a barrier in the sustainable and continuous spiraling of scientific development, and introduces the new technological challenges we have to confront as independent nations of the world.

What do I propose?


Stop being passive observers of what’s happening in the world and assume a mature role in the development of science. It is an insult to the Peruvian population that we have no voice in the scientific world, not a single document or idea in favor or against breakthrough technologies originate in Peru. Not a word against the scientific manipulation by the organized groups who seized control of our countries which only purpose is creating a submissive second class society in favor of their promoting countries. That’s why traitors inside the Peruvian government try to disappear me.

Their idea of science is to identify scientist and lure those brilliant minds to work for their controlling countries, to perpetuate a vicious circle of highly technological societies against beggar submissive second class countries like ours.

We can not call us an independent free nation if we observe the criminal acts done at plain sight like the 9/11 traitors inflicted attacks, and still we remain silent accomplices by omission to express our indignation against such disgraceful decisions to kill millions of innocents to seize power, control and richness.

But why are they so desperate to kill innocent people?

That’s the first question anybody has to ask. The answer is control. Control of everything: what you see, what you read, what you say. in other words keep under control what you think. either by brainwashing you with propaganda through their controlled media or by fear to express your opinions and thinking.

Even though everybody knows 9/11 official Fake News version is false, nobody, no government or authorities take a posture against. Then the next question is:

How is this possible? Is everybody blind?

Of course not, that unison omission, derives from a uniform method of control of our governing bodies, that uniform mechanism to finance and select certain politicians, propelled by their corrupt money like Odebretch and their controlled media to seize power in any country.

Those hidden mechanisms include the use of of traitors infiltrated among secret societies working all over the world, offering false excuses as secretly working for the benefit of humanity, of course members and collaborators are going to deny that it is for self interest and greed that they collaborate with them. But we know that is not the truth, but more important than that, God knows.

Those secret societies like the Freemasons and Jesuits, have to check how to detect and sanction those who do illegal things using the machinery of their institutions to control every politician campaign. And those who ban scientist like me.

I am in their forbidden list just because I have a different opinion based in my scientific acceptance of the truth of 9/11 attacks as a mechanism of this corrupt people to seize control of the world.

If not. Why are corrupt members political handlers of the “Club de la Construcción” and Odebretcht banning a Peruvian scientist who knows the secrets of gravity? Just because I believe in God and oppose their criminal acts and treason to the Peruvian population. Isn’t it?

Why oppose a scientist who is not able to attempt against any living creature of God?

What do they fear about me?

Is it not enough that I was blessed by God with a deeper understanding of science in benefit of Peruvian population to allow me to work for Peru?

Are they afraid I can’t stop talking what I see?

They have to be smart and get used to accept diversity, not everybody has to agreed their wrongdoings, but everybody has the right to inhabit this planet and be respected in his capacities not banned.

They are so shocked without a honest reaction that they ignore that if you close doors here, somewhere other doors will open, meaning that if they try to oppose my scientific work in benefit of Peru, then I will switch to political work, and they don’t know what kind of results can happen from that. As it is happening now.

Just think this: long time ago the day I accepted God in my life, I was foretold among the reasons for my acceptance that I will be remembered with admiration, but I am still not sure if that will be for scientific merits or political ideological merits. I will explain this later.

It’s your call president Vizcarra to continue allowing the banning of your most brilliant scientist by infiltrated traitors in the government to steal the future of our children and our country.

To the honest and patriot members of secret societies, are you Peruvians? or British, Americans, Jewish, or Swiss in disguise? Is there any valid reason to avoid Breakthrough Technologies for our country and children’s future?

Are You British Mr Bruce to tell me face to face looking at my eyes one meter away, that I will never meet a president of Peru, about my scientific findings?

Can a scientist be banned because is not able to lie about 9/11 technology used to bring down the buildings? Are you sure being Peruvian Mr Bruce?

Have you ordered your sheep to also ban me to contact president Humala as I was advised by an insider who told me, I was banned “por los de arriba”!

I have to remember to you that I was apparently inactive against your abuse, not because I am afraid of you, but because I needed more time and peace to advance my research. I am afraid of course, but afraid of God, afraid of remain silent witness of your crimes.

How is that. Is not that scientist don’t believe in God? Of course that stupid Banksters socialist propaganda to destroy faith is believed only by immature scientist. The more you know science, the more you recognize the presence of God. Nikola Tesla’s words about his faith in God are opening this document for a reason!

That’s why they work to destroy true moral beliefs, because faith in a loving God is the only force they can not control, look my case If I would not be afraid of betraying God I will have no reason to stop looking for my own economic benefit instead of trying to work against injustice, genocides and economic satanic slavery of world population.

In my understanding I recognize I was born in Peru for a reason, and that was to recognize there is something to do for this sweet peaceful Inca descendants race, something to put them in level terms of opportunities and respect without discrimination of any kind. May be the Nazca beings descendants are the seeds of the good god, against the evil one? That’s probably why they have been killing native American populations for centuries?

But be sure the path is not easy but hard and audacious and I am prepared to lead the way.

People who are their collaborators stop being sheep and stop opposing the scientific revolution of breakthrough technologies for Perú. May be one time in your life you will be doing something in the plans of God.

We are guests in this universe created by God, we have no power invested on us to terminate the life of other God’s creatures. We are obliged by our compromise with our creator to oppose actions like 9/11 whose profound analysis reveal an attack to our souls, the moral implications against our faith and our souls as primary hidden objective of such self inflicted attacks is obvious. Our souls are their target.

Why so stupid chain of errors in committing such attacks at plain sight of the whole humanity?

It is not obvious? It is because they want to be sure no one can claim they did not realize about those genocides! They are trying to make us all accomplices of their acts by the shutting of our mouths for personal convenience. Aren’t this actions parting us apart from God?

Are you sure that was not the real objective of those plain sight killings?

Then, it is evident we need to regain our independence. But how?

Don’t we live in a controlled society?

All political party, and governmental institutions are not controlled by those traitors infiltrated in secret societies?

Those societies who invite naive citizens who are told to be selected by their special qualities to join their humanitarian effort to build a better society! Is not what this morons want to hear?

Being part of the elite professionals, being economically successful, holding charges that must not belong to traitors like them, and feeling successful people? As any human society you must realize you must have some corrupts infiltrated among you. Isn’t? Could you do something to stop them please?

In reality they are serving the same criminals who orchestrated the 9/11 attacks and any war in the last 300 years, if not always.

God have given me the privilege to be alive to observe and act accordingly to my understanding. But God expects something in return, and that’s why I have to deliver for him. Telling the truth as I see.

Sadly for them, God bless me with a gifted mind not in all aspects but in the scientific way. Any person has his own kind of blessings, even me.

That’s why world rulers families are against true moral beliefs and infiltrate our governments with satanic ideas infiltrated among secret societies, because real moral values are the driving force behind normal people like me and make them capable of challenging their brutal control. Is not a shame that they destroy the moral beliefs of our children because it is convenient for their domination plans?

I though deeply. How God will judge us when we die?

If you are a Tiger, you kill everyday, but you are not conscious of the suffering you cause to other God’s creatures. So it is evident the tiger can not be guilty for his wrong doings, because God didn’t provide them the intelligence to realize.

The same way humans will be judged according to their intelligence to be aware of things that they received from God.

This means, that all of us who realize that 9/11 was a world ruler’s crime and genocide would be accomplices of them just for remaining silently passives. As well Freemasons, Americans, British, Jewish or whatever in their apparatus will also be accomplices of them by their silence or omission to pronounce or act effectively against them.

The stupidity of the world rulers has put the entire humanity in the dilemma to betray God by keeping silent or be killed , banned or economically destroyed. Why?

Why do they execute their crimes at plain sight? Are they trying to destroy us morally?

Peruvian Masons have to be smart and think in something more than their personal benefit, life is short, just a bridge to pass, no value in palaces and possessions if they are result of abusing God’s creatures.

They have to remember God gave them intelligence to realize, and they will be judged according to that.

Perú has the right given by God to explore science and decide their use and application, no other genocide countries or secret societies can void that privilege.

I am advanced in the understanding of advanced particle physics, counter gravity and scalar technology which is God’s desire for the LatinAmerican people, if not why I would have been given that gift?

Do we have to remain mute and silent accomplice of such crimes against God’s creatures?

No. We don’t need that garbage in our lives and our consciousness. If we are going to be taken apart from our creator that would be by our own decisions, not by others involving us in their atrocities.

It is evident that we as a God’s nation by constitution, and having all authorities to swear before God to serve this nation, that any Peruvian authority and servant has the obligation to protect our scientist and layman to freely express their opinions and ensure their development and role in our society.

By conclusion, they also have the obligation to stop any effort of organized traitors infiltrated in secret societies who try to seize control of our institutions and deliberately try to conceal those free speech liberties for our people, and at the same time oppose any banning, molesting, persecuting, or negation of the role of such scientist in our society.

I as Peruvian scientist oppose ideologically and morally such groups. Nothing about them as persons or family members, but their conception of life, and our purpose as souls invited to this world of God.

Life is just passing a bridge, it has a beginning and end, nor castles nor fortresses will pass with us, just our actions good or bad. Be smart have a balance in your loyalties, don’t discard God just because you can’t see it. I am a scientist, and believe me, all matter are just waves, everything is physically interconnected, you and the most distant stars and black holes all are connected to the same source, God. This is truly a holographic universe, who adapts to bring sensations, feelings and experiences. Experiences to whom? To our souls.

The most important part of creation are our souls, holographic matter exist only to provide that soul experiences to evolve. Don’t be stupid thinking everything finishes in this material world, play safe, be afraid of your soul, it is not so hard being a good person, at least a decent one. You really don’t need to be accomplice of 9/11 crimes or ritual satanic child sacrifices to be a successful professional or person. Don’t help traitors infiltrated in secret societies to ban scientist who oppose them morally or ideologically.

So again, What do I propose?


Stop being passive observers of what’s happening in the world and assume a mature role in the development of our society and science out of illegal secret control.

Continue in our next post:

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