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The science of God



The science of God

Biological Physics

The Science of God

It’s hard to explain what we are, if we do not understand what exist and what doesn´t, and even some things can´t be seen, they exist and are part of our reality and obey Physic´s laws.

Third Millenium medicine is based in the knowledge of the wave structure of matter and the creative force that is consciousness. One very important aspect to know in the first place is how connected are Science, the human body and its Medicine, and Religion.

But to start we have to understand what exist and what not and on top of that we will define what will be the road for the medicine of the new Millennia.

It is not easy to talk about God and Evil and what do they have to do with physics for 21st century citizens, but believe me it is the most important learning for any of us, because it will define our entire life one way or another. I always though that people who talk about that were religious fanatics talking about some unknown things of no importance, or little interference in our daily life… It’s true that when you hear people talking in religious way …. you turn your head …. and say to you … Not again! …We are tired of religious explanations. I was exactly as you are … until I got to explain that … with science… And voila! … everything started to fit in place, with logic, and according to physics.

Pay attention to this official of the Strategic Command of Russia. He talks about Satan and the satanist mafia in control of the planet. Remember that he is a high rank military personnel of such an advanced country of the planet. For sure you will ask ¿Why is Satan so important for him in the actual situation of the Planet?

It is evident that religion is the way ancient people preserved scientific knowledge for us. Today we realize the ancient knowledge were far advanced than ours. They knew about stars, constellations, zodiac, human nature all they very advanced knowledge some of that partially available to us written in books or secret artifacts like kybalion, Emerald tablets, Kabbalah, The Bible, etc. And in those books they were preventing us of something of terrible consequences in our life and evolution! That’s why they wrote all those books and the Bible. ¿Don’t you believe satanism and extra-dimentional beings? …. Well today … you are going to learn the most important lesson of your life, and this will help you, your family, but most importantly your beloved children to find their way in life. It is the explanation of religion with physics. Remember We now in the Third millennium know about the wave structure of matter, gravity, different existential frequency densities, and we will use those to introduce you to the understanding of the physical reality.

Don’t criticize us for not explaining better, but there are some secrets that we have to preserve. You will know that there are better or worse existential ranges of frequency perception for our souls (or what we call Heaven and Hell) Not in the traditional meaning but in the paths of evolution of our immortal souls, as we are. You will know, how are we deciding our souls destiny with our thoughts and actions. You will understand, the nature of your soul and how it interacts with your physical body. You will discover, that you are immortal, and finally, you will understand that some bible stories were warning us about something hidden and occult conspiring against our souls and trying to derail them to the wrong destination, or evolution path. The Bible is preventing us from what they call ¨Hell¨, and the existence among us of the evil or negative energies, frequencies, and vibrations (modulations), and that knowledge will be the key to surpass this age of chaos and terror for your beloved family.

We will probe, that satanic forces exist, and that satanist are among us creating immorality, genocides, ritual sacrificing of children, wars, etc. for no other reason but inflict sufferings and terror in good souls and produce certain vibratory energy to feed those other frequency range (4D astral) demonic entities who control them. What the collaborators of those demonic entities ignore, is that they are lowering the vibratory state of their own souls, allowing those daemons to take their souls in the afterlife toward their frequency domains, and then they will be abused in the same way they abuse good souls incarnated on Earth. There is no love, but treason and falsehood in their deities you will understand that.

When in the bible we read God is light! … Everybody think, this is figurative, as warm, or good, etc. … But it’s not figurative. … It’s literal … God is light!. It is physics! … Everything in the universe comes from light, Everything comes from God!

¿How ancients knew that?

Light is not only the visible range of frequencies our eyes can see. Light is a much wider spectrum of frequencies, that mostly the human eye can’t see. There are frequencies so enormous and energetic, that passes through us, through our body and we feel nothing, we are in another realm compared to those high frequencies. This explains how the most energetic light coming from the center of the universe with tremendous amount of energy reach and nourishes with energy the black holes or principal stars in the center of every galaxy, and even we can be in the middle of the path, we still feel nothing, because the Earth and we included are so low in terms of energetic levels that it is like if a ghost will be in the path of an Elephant. Black holes are Suns emitting light in so higher frequencies and energies that we can’t see that light, but it exist. That’s why we say they are black, but it is the same light we know in our daily life coming from our Sun, but much more energetic!

Those black holes serve as down converters or transformers, splitting all that energy coming from the center of the universe into all the constellations and suns in that galaxy, and in similar way each sun down convert the frequency they receive from their Blackhole and retransmit that energy again toward each planet and moon in their planetary systems.

Suns are portals who connect to the black holes in the galaxy or to other more massive stars in the middle. They receive the energy from them and act as a white hole emitting that energy to us.

Each planet and Moon takes that energy from their sun and down convert and re-emit that energy to every creature and living thing in that planet. We not only receive energy from the sun impacting our atmosphere, but also from the inner earth after that energy is being processed in the core of the planet transforming those high frequency energies from the sun and re-emitting to the surface in frequency ranges we can’t see, but our bodies and living things can process and nourish from them.

¿Do we have some proofs of this?

According to moon landing reports they couldn’t see the Sun, nor the stars from the space nor the Moon. Armstrong said that they could see the stars only with the help of optics not the naked eye. It’s evident that in the maneuvers with the help of the stars for positioning they were using those optics too. So, they couldn’t see the stars from space not from the Moon.

But the astronauts weren´t the only ones who talked about this. Erick Dollar is one of most respected scientist following for years to reveal the truth about Nikola Tesla´s experiments. He also told us the Sun is black, and can’t be seen in outer space, nor the stars.

and finally in the second video these news of the sun blinking in some places on Earth.

Then ¿what´s going on? ¿What would it be the explanation for this?

As I told you, visible light is a tiny range in the whole spectrum of light. The sun emits light but in a range outside the human eye light range. It means it would appear black to us … unless there is something in between … like the earth’s atmosphere and the above 100 km positive ion barrier around the planet…. then due to those factors the light of the sun and the stars become visible to us on Earth!

That’s why they couldn’t see the Sun nor the Stars in space or the moon. That´s why in the Armstrong declarations he said that navigation was done with the help of optics ¿Why? To see the Sun and the Stars!!! Then, all science fiction movies are false, the space will look mostly black at naked eye. Extraterrestrial beings as being mostly 5D they can see wider spectrum of light. We people of Earth in 3D (3rd existential frequency perception range) can solve the problem with filters to reduce the frequency range similar to the effect of our atmosphere with its 100 Km +ion barrier in the Sky just above us then the space will become visible to us and recover it’s beauty!

The blinking of the sun in Africa would be due to holes in our 100 km ‘glass’ ionized sky barrier. But The Church in knowledge of this truths use those special dates and known places on Earth where the holes are located to make a show of the blinking phenomena practicing ceremonies and attributing those physics effects to miracles for their believers.

The creation … is like a giant tree…. The root (center of the universe – is God) nourishes the trunk and main branches (black holes), that in turn feed smaller branches(suns) that do the same process to feed more smaller components (planets and moons), and in turn any of them feed their fruits (us humans and other beings) …. all this system nourish through its sap (light). ….

No one of us can exist disconnected from the energy coming from the center of the Universe (God!). We grow because our cells process that light in combination with the food also grown from that light (from God). We are part of God, we belong to God … and we nourish every instant from his light.

Our planets and moons are also alive and grow, because in their interior they turn that light into matter. New matter and substances are product of that processes, as Oil that is abiotic. (There is a team of Russian and Finnish scientists, who have proven this). Look the internet for ”abiotic oil. It´s not a fossil resource” The oil sources literally replenish, just like the blood of any living creature. Our planet is like a hollow apple, A toroid that starts tiny and grow and grow over time. That explains the old single continent of Pangea which later was divided into our actual ones. What really happened was that the earth was much more smaller at ancient times and with small oceans, then as all planets do, it started to grow, like a fruit increasing its size with the more water for the Oceans dividing that single continent into the actual ones and the oceans too.

When the earth was smaller the gravity was very weak,… meaning …. trees, animals and humans were giants compared to our todays standards…. That explains bible and archaeological references to giants. That explains also enormous dinosaurs, probably huge lizards of a smaller planet with very weak gravity. This means that Jurassic Park is also a fantasy, because with today’s size and gravity values on Earth it would be impossible for these creatures to exist! They will be too huge and heavy to live for our actual gravity values.

Mountains and rocks are petrified ancient trees … they were huge in a more reduced and gaseous planet …. Then when gravity values increased all that enormeous trees turn into petrified rock, between Silicon and Carbon there are 8 electrons, 8 protons, and 8 neutrons more that means that a transmutation took place increasing a new shell to all the carbon atoms of living beings turning them into silicon... believe it or not… So when we see Avatar and those giant trees and rocks floating in the air, that scenes are really recreating ancient Earth and the Annunaki invaders. That explain also all the monumental rock buildings made by giants with rocks or trees with were lighter in weight at that ancient times.

All matter is made of vortices and Toroidal forms including any living organism, by example let see trees.

If we recognize the shape of the universe it is made of vortices, and smaller structures like living beings follow that pattern too. ¿Do you remember Keshe talking about the magnetosphere around any plasma? And plasma are all the subatomic particles as well as planets and Stars. The universal form of creation is a Toroidal shape being product of vortices.

You have to think in a magnet, it has two different poles and in the middle is the engine which drives the magnet with its power. It is an invisible one. We humans can not see that circular inertial energy that is like if it will be an electrical current of an electromagnet driving it. Its called the dielectric inertial plane. The same kind of energy is driving any living cell. That driving source in us humans is also asociated with our soul. Because any human soul is a collection of vortices which enters the body in the second week of conception and start to manifest the different organs and limbs in our body. One of those vortices is the driving force of our hearth while we are alive.

Matter is a creation of consciousness. That inertial plane which interacts with the fabric of space time to create the toroid Shape of magnetic, electrical and gravitacional effects is created by conciousness.

¿How do we know that?

Very easy. You think, you have ideas and visions and dreams. There exist a medium called Akashic Records. The Akashic records are a compendium of all human knowledge that can be accessed on the astral plane. According to Theosophist philosophy, the Akashic records don't pass judgment or label actions as good or bad; rather, they simply state what has been. So your thought can be stored and retrieved. ¿Isn´t it?

It means that they physically exist, are material, because they can be manipulated and accessed.

So your consciousness can create matter. ideas are vortices like all matter in the universe. ¿Isn´t it?

When we say we are created in the image of our creator it is true! We are coocreators of our reality.

Then ¿why we can not create with our mind a luxury car right now?

Because our perception densities and capabilities to manipulate and create vortices come according to the evolution of our soul. Our soul is immortal and eternal, as all the matter in the universe, they say (the lier controllers) were created in the Big Bang (not true, but for other day). So no doubt about that, our soul is eternal too, and have its characteristics frequencies resonances and vibrations associated to it. Those frequencies determine what existential plane or range of frequencies your soul can experience and inhabit in an organic portal as it is our body today.

So, in order to create a car you have to be a very advanced soul and we have the example of very gifted humans who can alter matter by hands imposition were they can cure illness in people. Beings of other existential densities like 7D, can create matter at will. They can manifest themselves in a human body at will. But they are very evolved beings and for sure do not need gold nor luxury cars either.

There exist several existential densities or frequency ranges, one of them is 4D or the astral of 3D which we inhabit ( 3rd frequency Density is not the same as 3rd physical dimension) The beings inhabiting in that range are what we know as spirits, some good, some bad. I had to explain here about Scalar technology for you to understand throurougly these concepts but i will do it in one of our next post.

So when people is possessed by daemons, those are beings of the 4D astral that found the way to interact with the body of the victim. That´s why it is very dangerous to practice Ouija or any other spiritual ritual because you are opening portals to allow the entrance of those beings in our reality. Remember that religions practice witchcraft in their rituals, and they are invoking entities which you dont know who they are. They say their entities are good ones, but ¿do you believe that after seeing the satanic rituals they practice in the hiding? That is what is happening with the satanist World Rulers they are worshiping daemons to obtain power and richness. Those entities exist and they nourish from human suffering energies that is why they command their satanic slaves to create wars genocides and ritual sacrificing of children with horrible tortures involved.

Lets know more about magnetism, and the way Trees are similar in their form, and also intelligent forms of life with a soul.

We easily recognize the shape of a magnet in trees. The bar magnet being the trunk and following the magnetic lines of the two poles there are branches and leaves in one pole and by the other side the roots inside the ground.

Each branch is born because in the junction node it appears another inertial plane, just in the union to the trunk sucking and driving energy from the trunk to that branch. Even all fruits have a toroidal shape and over there in the same dynamics they start to grow.

As we can see the form of creation is the same no matter of the small or the big size of planets and Galaxies, everything is inertial planes which give raise to toroidal shapes.

Then the logical question would it be...

¿Who and why creates those inertial planes?

The only ones who we know can create inertial planes are the thoughs of we human beings, all the other ones we assign them to God. Our mind when we desire, or think creates inertial planes and vortices that are stored and retrieved by gifted beings.

So the power of consciousness is able to create inertial planes in frequency ranges far superior to all matter we know. It means that there exist ranges of frequency beyond our human senses and current instruments that we can create at will. That creation occurs in what we know as antimatter and dark matter realms which also exist and obey physics laws. Being consciousness a high frequency engine, it can`t come by logic from the material 3rd density world, and by conclusion our soul is the one who

hold our consciousness, and not the body, that is only an organic portal to it.

The same happens with trees there are vortices who drives those living beings and they hold conciousness. Different than ours with different senses, but with conscious think. ¿Do you remember Avatar and how the natives connected with the planet consciousness through the trees?

¿Do you remember Game of Thrones and how the paralitic brother also connected to wise knowledge though a tree?

You must know that ancient Andean people worship special mountains called Apus. Those mountains in reality are giant ancient trees. I was a couple of years ago in an Andean city called Apurimac and the sacret mountain in that city was called Apu Ampay, Apu means something like God and ancient Incas have several sacred Apus or sacred mountains. Once in the field I knew it was an ancient tree and start to look for the kind of rocks it was formed and easily all over the place a black type of carbon rock was exposed. So it was confirmed, it was an ancient tree. And the vortex who formed it is still underground emitting those magenetic fluxes which interact with humans, transfering wisdom to them, and performing miracles according to the believers. Those are the ancient Gods of the Incas. Apus or remnants of ancient trees. And for sure it is true that they communicate with them, because they are real, exist, and have consciousness. I took a piece of rock of the Apu and took it with me to my hotel, once I was resting and thinking holding that piece I tried to contact with that intelligence and bound with the ancient land and people. Later at night I had so terrible nightmares unknown to me which I am used to shield myself from external influences (using the power all we have in our mind) that I have to immediately revoke the pact that I had made with that consciousness, because I was not prepared for that kind of visions and also because that ancient creature for sure has to have witness all the horrors and sufferings of ancient people and that was shocking to me.

There is a lot of knowledge in ancient civilizations. We in the twenty first century are starting to discover all that wisdom again.

Similar places and entities exist all over the world and one of them is Sedona, Arizona.

¿Do Secret Societies know all this? ... Yes they do. But those primitive no evolved souls want all for themselves, nothing for the rest of humanity. They are not only traitors to all of us but ultimately take advantage of our ignorance created by their greed and ignorance. The Pharaoh´s descendants invented any kind of religions and false histories to support the idea that they have some kind of divine right to rule over us. Of course we know that this delirious way of thinking will finish in this century because the time has come for a new peaceful revolution. A Revolution of knowledge and the ascension of the human race to new levels of knowledge, and understanding of what we are, and what we are meant to become, a 5th density interstellar civilization, who will add their efforts to the federation of planets in raising consciousness through the Galaxy in the following millennials.

We are in our way to present our case as a suppressed civilization under the control of primitive beings abusing the incarnated souls in our planet.

It is inconceivable that you incarnate to evolve here in this planet, and the monsters put you a lot of lies in your head, and make you silent witness of their genocides, then they and their allies of the Federation of planets claim that you are immature to ascent and progress toward a happier existence. Violence, Drugs, Porn, Genocides, all false values promoted by Movies or tv series are part of a design by those rulers to keep control over a deluded humanity.

We human beings have to learn by ourselves how to extract good information from all the garbage introduced by those secret organizations ruling the planet in representation of the said Federation of Planets.

As we can see, the bible is a way to describe physics and reality, in a language that has some meaning to primitive people but with profound significance and teachings to us scientist of the third millennium.

Then ¿What about Satan? ¿How related is Satan to Physics? Here we have to go back to the reality of creation. Any physical phenomena starts from the separation of a balanced substrate (Aether, Bacgroud field, dark matter, dark energy) into two opposite energies in exact balance one from the other … because when combined return into nothing (scalar)…. Then once those building blocks are separated the phenomenon of existence and physics appear. …. Magnetism, electricity, and other effects like gravity start to exist. … Without that initial separation between matter and antimatter nothing would exist. ¿What the bible says?

The history of God and the devil, the opposite of God. It means that if God is light, then the devil is no light or a ligth of different frequency or effects. If God is love, then Satan is hate. This is exactly what we observe in physics….. The ying and the yang, …. matter antimatter,…. good and evil. The basis of the creation is the separation between two forces or dominating frequencies incompatible one with the other with a difference of potential between them. We live in a world which is created by the duality of those two forces part of the creation!

But if God is good and noble and loving ¿Why would he created Satan? Because our God of love is also part of the creation as the evil was. You must understand that to exist God, Satan has to exist too! To exist light, has also to be darkness … if not … nobody will realize light exist. … ¿Isn’t it?

So we have to start to pay attention that everithing exist product of duality …. There exist two options in the universe and the only law which controls everything is physics, Those two options manifest in different ranges of frequencies as a difference of potential…. The duality matter antimatter exist at different frequency intervals, and those are the existential densities where different beings evolve. Our soul have the characteristic that according to their evolution or involution it can perceive and interactuate with specific ranges of frequency according to his own frquency values.

God and evil obey physics! … That is in some way described in the bible for primitive listeners but preserving that knowledge for us!

So we can not charge God for the creation of Satan. They are both part of creation, they are both part of these separation of energies. What humans have to realize at this time … and it is important… is that some of us already have chosen to be part of the opposite of God …The Satan worshipers by joining the opposite to love and justice have choose a path that in reality exist. Those kind of people exist!. And we can see them killing children, generating false flag events, terrorism, and genocides. They are real, they are different, they exist among us!

That’s physics!

They exist because it is part of reality that they must exist. Beasts exist also, lions and tigers kill everybody if they are hungry, but we do not let them walk freely on streets. ¿Isn’t it? ¿What differences them from us? Intellect to realize between good and evil, ¿isn’t it? … ¿What differences us against Satan worshipers? …. Exactly the same!, intelligence to differentiate between good and evil and the respect for other human beings.

We say …. they adore the beast… ¿Isn’t it? Yes it is, they practice satanism and ritual killings, like beasts.

We would not put a lion in charge of our governments. ¿Isn’t it?

Then ¿Why do we allow not evolved souls to control our planet? … ¿Why do we allow pedophiles to kill and do satanic rituals with our baby children? …. ¿Why are they walking our streets while they truly belong to a zoo?…

They choose to be beasts ¿isn’t it? ….¿Why not honor their request then? … They promote the legality of change of sex ¿isn’t it? …. Then we must just recognize their free choice … and recognize them as beasts! … So from now on … they must belong to a wild animal reservation! And that is Incompatible with children walking our streets and going to school!

Enough is enough!

So, evil exist, as God and love exist!… But they say Lucifer is their God! ¿Is there another god? …. Yes there are two opposite forces, for one to exist, the other must exist too! …. The creation is based in that dualism. …. That’s our dimension of existence, either we like it or not.

So … We are positioned under the influence of both! … What the bible is preventing us is that there are two possible destinies for us as immortal souls. Either we are seduced toward the God of love or toward evil! and they say that election will have consecuences. To explain you how this happens with physics first we have to understand what is the soul.

The physic reality of our soul!

We know …. that when we die the soul leaves our body…. But ¿How that the soul coexist and interact with our body? We know those teachings about energy vortexes or Chakras in our body. As we observe those are vortexes of energy in different parts of it….. So we can conclude…. that when alive the soul creates vortexes to communicate and control the body…. So we can also affirm that our soul is formed by several vortexes on it. We actually in this third millennium understand that vortexes are the constituents of matter and the cause of our reality to exist. We have matter, antimatter and darkmatter … Different kind of vortex which are responsible for the existence of our basic particles. … But there exist different phases densities or realms of frequencies for existence,… and they depend among other things of frequency, gravity, and resonances. …. This means … that even we are aware of matter and the physics laws governing that. There also exist the immaterial body part of us or the soul,…. and it exist in an imperceptible range of frequencies for our senses to notice,…. but it exist and it’s real, … and it obey physics laws as the material part of us. So the souls exist and obey physics according to the rules in their realm or range of frequencies. ¿How do we know that? We have proofs of the soul leaving the body, and we understand now how the soul communicates with our brain and senses. Every body knows how a magnet works….. How a magnet creates two opposite poles and creates a magnetosphere around. Those two lobes have different characteristics and frequencies,… in other words …. are different… One of them favors growth and the other retards it. That’s why Northern hemisphere humans grow taller and forest is taller and abundant, while southern hemisphere to the very southern almost no tall vegetation is found, in the experiments growing vegetables in space the results were terrible. flat and small growing because we not only need light but also the radiation of invisible light coming from Earth. … Other factor retarding normal growth is high elevation in mountains like what happens to the Andean population. They receive little of that energy coming from inside the Earth meaning they will be less taller. If we will transport those Europeans to Andean mountains for generations they will have evolved in a similar way under heavy sun light and less favoring magnetic flux from earth. So it is stupid assume some kind of racial supremacy favored by chance and location of inhabitance for millenniums! Well, at this time we know magnetism plays a role in our existence, as well electricity and what we call gravity. ….. Now we will understand a little bit of those vortexes creating matter/antimatter/darkmatter and anything existing in the universe including our souls and God and Satan. Vortexes obey physics and there are certain rules they follow. By example they join together when they have the same frequency and repel one another when the frequencies are different. Those of you who want to know more can read the excellent book of German Professor Konstantin Meyl. Vortex emits magnetic flux and electric and gravitational fields and effects…. The soul as we know by the Chakras is composed by several vortexes emitting energy in our body. Analyzing the locations of those vortexes all of them concord with the structure of our brain, limbs and organs.

In the case of our brain we see that the vortex is located between the two lobes of our brain, imagine a dish separating both halves, that is called a dielectric inertial plane, meaning that a magnetic flux is emanating from our soul and creating a magnetosphere over our two cerebral lobes, …. meaning it will function as a frequency converter … between the soul vortexes neutrino flux and the magnetic flux of our neurons in the brain. …. Meaning that the soul can do the frequency conversion between its range of frequencies and ours, and allowing the taking of control of our body by our soul and allowing it in reverse to receive information from our senses. This means that the soul body connection exist in our material world…. and it is part of our reality, … and obey physics laws as anything else…. If not … it will be impossible for it to control or communicate with our body. ¿Do we have proofs of this?

Yes, … When we have poisoning with heavy metals …. We have retard and mental problems. … This happens because heavy metals oppose magnetic flux by creating eddy currents or diamagnetism distorting the normal magnetic flux and information interchange between our soul and our senses, … generating what we call mental illness. … This means detox of heavy metals is key. … and this is why the monsters ruling the Earth poison our children with obligatory vaccination which include mercury and heavy metals….. They want passive people in porn, drugs, video games, garbage TV shows, but not smart and free thinkers. …. Heavy metals over long periods also generate cancers….The monsters know all of this, and they take advantage of their naive collaborators (secret societies) because not only use them to approve laws to poison our population, but they also vaccinate and give GMO poisoning foods to the own traitor’s children. ….. They think that the devil loves them. …. What a retards to not realize … love doesn’t exist in their side of the road.

The brain is not the only region were that exchange of information between the soul and the body occurs,…. the heart, stomach, and other body parts also have neurons and cells which are controlled this way. …. you can listen Jose Alfonso Hernando to have more knowledge of that.

The soul is a physical entity in our reality, no doubt about that. Those stupid people living in false ideologies and moral depravity are producing a terrible damage to the frequency and vibratory resonance of their souls,…. and they without knowing are modulating their souls getting the frequencies to join in the afterlife the ones of Rockefellers, Podestas, Rothschilds with all their daemons together….. ¿Horrible Isn’t it? …Wake up people! …. is not that bad to be a good people,… may be less rich but happy. We have a beautiful planet, just spread love all over it. God gave you intellect, use it!

Our consciousness is coming from the vortexes of our soul. Vortexes divide the substrate of space, capturing essence of God and then consciousness, It is immortal and eternal part of creation since everything was created. Those soul vortexes also evolve, making complex relations with other vortexes following the laws of physics…. The soul is a complex evolution of vortexes capable to have location and consciousness…. From time to time it takes control of a physical body as a organic portal…. Consciousness is essence of God trapped by those vortexes. That’s why in the end all souls will join the consciousness of God….. This is exactly what happens in another scale in a black hole. At first you feel little attraction later stronger, until you reach the point of no return, and then you will be part of it. All our thoughts and experiences create small vortexes around the nature of or soul, modulating their frequencies. Those vortexes are eternal too. We know that Akashic Records can be acceded by some gifted people. They do it tuning that neutrino light and recovering the information. Any experience on Earth while we are alive creates eternal vortexes and we can’t change the higher frequency content of them. This process of constantly being creating new vortexes by our soul changes their own frequency and vibrations modulated by these new frequencies created. When we die the soul leaves the body and follow physics laws joining together with similar resonant frequencies and going apart from different frequency ones, just as vortex physics predicts. Now we understand the bible when it says noble souls will join the god of love and evil ones will go to hell. Exactly! all those souls implicated in genocides, crimes, ritual sacrificing of children, or protecting the killers, or servicing them, are modulating their souls in the same frequencies as other evil people…. and when they will leave their body will be joined together, in their new realm by physics laws …. not by God or a final judgement. … The judgement is what you allow your soul to experience while alive changing its natural resonant frequency.

To encarnate in a higher density plane other than the actual 3D one … by example 5th density of Taigeta … you have to raise your soul’s frequency into the the frequency required to perceibe that kind of reality and be incarnated in Taigeta ….. If you are a evil one … it will be imposible for your soul to go to a higgher frequency realms…. probably you will reincarnate in a low frequency planet … living inside caves because probably it is cold over there and getting energy from inner volcanoes …. That must be if your soul frequency and energy is appart from the light comming from God ¿Isn`t it?

¿Does that remember you the images of Hell in religious teachings? …¿What do you expect?

¿The soul not to obeying frequency and resonance laws?

¿Your body not obeying gravity and time? ….

¿What do you think will be the difference between Heaven and Hell dimensions? …

Frequency, resonance, vibrations! ….

The same it will be, if there are more domains in between them (different levels of unevolved planets etc, etc.)…. Don´t be naive, your soul exist and obeys physics!

¿Do You want to experience torturing and killing children? There will be consequences! …. the modulation of frequencies you made to your soul will be eternal! ….. Those satanist ideologies like Sabbatai Zevi. (Rothschild family?) who said to do horrible things and then later god will save you…. Sorry to say, but …. That is not true! …. Akashic Records are eternal can’t be changed,…. can’t be changed not even by God itself, … no way to change that….. You have to remember there are a God of love, and other who wants to be called God too. this second one, lie and have no love for you, nor for their own servants. …. Sorry to say but modulations to the soul obey physics … no either God! …. Through your life and actions you and your family choose which planets or realms of souls you will be capable to inhabit in the afterlife. That’s why knowledge is important for our children.

Robert Monroe’s Out of Body Experiences

Physics is the law!. It is the final judgement. It is the heaven and hell for eternity. The bible is science in a language for primitive people, but it is true,… exist love and evil, … exist many heaven and hell realms to evolve, …. exist the forever life.

The Satan worshipers in control of our planet are doing everything they can to derail as many souls as they can. …. That’s why they promote corruption, drugs, sexual depravity, violence, terrorism, fanatic religions. …. They are incredible active creating propaganda and laws that the majority of the people don’t understand.

Well, We now understand …. We know, That the World Rulers represent extraterrestrial beings of other density under the name of Federation of Planets 5D, and the rulers also have a pacts with 4th Density beings or daemons ….. We know they are usurping our planet representation and have a pact with them under the false premise that they represent us and we are accepting that because we remain silent and passive accepting their ruling over us.

What those stupid 5th Density "advanced" extraterrestrials beings of said Federation refuse to see, is that we are censored and killed if we expose or oppose that control, and we all know that they are killers and genociders put in control by said Federation….. An illegal pact to keep control of the planet and derail as many souls as they can in favor of those entities they represent ..... Who in return provide them pleasure and power. ….

So those derailed human souls who are their naive victims in base to false education, drugs, false values, etc. will join the daemons in their realms, where they will be abused forever as a method of payment for the benefits received for those monsters in control of our planet.

It is very easy to ascend to superior existential densities or frequencies when we incarnate in advanced civilizations like Taigeta were we have peace and education … but when you start to lower in your frequencies of reincarnation …. then you will inhabit bodies in very dangerous and primitive planets with other no-evolved souls … so you will be fighting for survival and killing and watching your love ones dying by the day…. in that conditions it is very difficult to evolve to supperior planes with your soul…. Remember that you can not ascent to a upper frequency realm unless you elevate your soul’s frequencies to be compatible with that realm….We have people who know this, and these monsters are living among us, … derailng our youth and children. …. ¿What kind of fathers are we? … not to protect our most beloved treasures from the insanity of Hollywood, criminal video games, promiscuous sex without love etc….¿ Are we stupids not to realize what the satanist Rothschild mafia is doing to our society and our families? ….We have to stop those Anunnaki monsters to bring the destruction to our homes!

PizzaGate is the confirmation of all this dynamic in the control of the planet and our lives, some incredible abuse to children of this planet to extract the Adrenochrome from their body. That substance is produced by their body under extreme fear and suffering, and it is a substance that produce pleasure and youth to the monsters.

This kind of practices were here on Earth from the beginning of the Extraterrestrial control. ¿How do we know?

Very easy, For thousands of years they have provided technology to the elite in control. There is evidence of nuclear detonations all around the Earth. Ancient Maps shows us innumerable cities in the African continent and suddenly all of them disappeared, innumerable round circles of explosions are all over the place. in the 19th century Africa was rediscovered, but without those cities found in ancient European maps and totally primitive.

All history books has been changed.

We all know from the textbooks on the history of Russia, that in 1812 the French led by Napoleon entered Moscow. The city was given up without a fight. it was a wise strategic plan of the Russian command led by Kutuzov. And while Napoleon Bonaparte waited for the defeated Russians to bring him the keys to the city and to sit down at the table in order to begin negotiations, a fire broke out, which almost burned down the entire capital of Russia. After that, the French army was forced to leave Moscow and to run home by the devastated road of Smolensk, suffering enormous losses. And so, the myth of the invincibility of the army of Napoleon was scattered into the wind with the ashes. The collapse of Napoleon’s political career began with that event. ¿Who set fire to Moscow?

In reality a nuclear explositon was detonated over the city.

¿Why? ¿By whom?

Memories of French Eyewitnesses at how “Moscow fire” is described by the French, who were at that time in the Russian capital. Here, for instance, what Lieutenant Charles Artois of the Napoleon’s army wrote in his diaries. On that day, the dim sun illuminated Moscow with golden light. Suddenly, a second sun appeared just above the true sun, it was so bright, that it blinded my eyes; and it burned the face of Paul Berger, who was relaxing on the balcony. Our house and the roof began to smoke, so we had to douche them with water. In other estates, which were closer to the “mock sun”, fires broke out …A week later, after the second sun appeared, Paul wrote that all the officers and men began to lose hair, that men and horses were sick and weak, so the command made a decision to leave Moscow and it was received with great relief. Paul even described the retreat as very peculiar. From his record it shows that the French soldiers suffered not only from the Russian frosts and guerrilla raids, but first and foremost from some strange disease that they have picked up in Moscow. People could not eat, became covered with ulcers and sores, which led to hundreds dying every day, and the horses were weak and fell. Paul Artois himself returned to France an invalid, resigned and soon died of the “Russian contagion” at the age of thirty two years. Napoleon, apparently, being in the stone building at the time of the appearance of the “second sun”, did not receive a strong dose of radiation. However, he died in prison on the island of St. Helena not of a natural death, but apparently from arsenic poisoning. The symptoms of radiation sickness are very similar to such poisoning. The Comte de Segur in his memoirs also writes that his officers have seen a “second sun”, from which stone buildings ignited like candles, so in a few minutes Moscow was reduced to piles of debris. And among the people were wandering men, women and children; wandering as if blind ghosts; the majority in charred clothes and with blackened faces. Two officers, the count wrote, on that day were in the Kremlin building. They saw an unusual light flash in the sky, which is then covered the buildings, and they began to crumble like a house of cards. The sphere, according to the reports of officers from all sides, ignited over the palace of knyaz Trubetskoy … A nuclear explosion at the beginning of the 19th century?

Everything indicates that at the time, an atomic bomb was detonated over Moscow. The light from it burned all the stone buildings of the capital at that time, and the people in the city received a lethal dose of radiation, that is why the French army suffered such huge losses. From 600,000 men only 27,000 returned.

¿ But where did the atomic weapon in the early nineteenth century come from?

There are several versions as to what really happened, the blow to the French was related to the old civilization of Tartaria that is hidden from our history books.

The atomic explosion which happened over Moscow was just a “trial run”. The real devastation followed in the coming years. It is said that Napoleon’s true aim (at least one of them) was to take colonies (including India) away from the British. In addition, Napoleon was able to anger the Jewish ruling families in 1806 (who’s support … and money he had before) by saying the following: We must consider the Jews not only as a certain nationality, but as foreigners. It would be a humiliation for the French to be under the authority of the lowest nation on Earth. Now, those ruling Jewish families (one to be the Rothschild) had a different enemy in those days – the Grande Tartarie! The Grande Tartarie was said to be the greatest empire on Earth at that time, with a population of at least 130 million. It is also said that Moscow was never the capital of what Russian territory is today, but rather of only “Moskovia” (the province of Moscow). There is also a theory that Napoleon’s true aim was to create an alliance with the Grande Tartarie in order to take away the colony of India away from the British. Because such a powerful alliance would create real problems for Moskovia and the powerful Jewish family (who’s country of residence was said to be Britain), Moskovia could have created an alliance of its own. The extraterrestrial connection of the ruling elite would make it possible for the most powerful families to have, atomic weapons at its disposition back in the early 19th century. And so, Moscow was “sacrificed” as a way of stopping Napoleon and testing the power of such weapons, for in the following years, thousands of such atomic bombs with a yield of over 1 megaton and some with yields of over 10 megatons were detonated over the territory of the Grande Tartarie.

There are several factors that confirm such a nuclear way: first, the population of the Grande Tartarie has been reduced from over 130 million to less than 3 million by the census of 1820; second, there are virtually no trees older than 150-200 years in what used to be the territory of the Grande Tartarie; third, there are literally thousands of perfectly round lakes of different size in modern day Russia and Siberia, the names of many of these lakes have a direct relationship to death (or dying); lastly, the “year without summer” of 1816 (or as I like to refer to it – the year of nuclear winter). After looking at satellite images of the territory of once Grande Tartarie, it becomes apparent that not only large cities, but also towns, villages and even small communities were destroyed … none were left alive! Records of Arabic sources speak of the Grande Tartarie as of a “commonwealth of a thousand cities” … cities that literally disappeared overnight!!!

After that the new world order emerged and the United States raised as world power.

What we know in science is distorted and mutilated as it is distorted and mutilated our real history.

Let take a look at the hidden history of what that extraterrestrial domination of our planet is bringing to our societies.

Ninth Circle Society & Satanic Child Sacrifice

Now that we have an understanding that we live in a controlled society we are going to talk you about the suppression of medical science and the biology of the Third Mllennium, then we can understand the challenges in human medicine.

Frequencies, Resonances and Vibrations are the medicine of the future,

for millennia Shamans and Kabbalists have practiced healing through rituals invoking entities and healing at a distance. These procedures are no longer a mystery and we know the physics behind such events. We are in the process of studying the technologies necessary for such effects, but remember than the range of frquencies of human conciousness are out our senses and equipment to detect them but we can see their effects in the physics of matter, We are study the recognition of patterns, and the way it could be generated those kind of signals. These investigations are the challenges of the next hundred years. The final objective would be to develop medical Pods to cure diseases that in view of what has been evaluated is totally possible and will be developed in the present century. We at Wiratek are part of that effort. It is a major objective that requires the support of institutions that want to join us in such fundamental areas for the well-being of our families.

We are in the century of changes, no more the illegal practice of the suppressing of knowledge is acceptable for humanity. The change will never come for their own will of the monsters. We are the ones that have to push forward peacefully toward a new era of progress and logic in the solution of human affairs.

We are almost 10,000 Millions of inhabitants in our planet that will be a catastrophe if we do not start to look for some kind of moratorium to solve the problems we are facing right now. The monsters want to eliminate billions by their illegal methods of wars, pandemias, vaccinations etc. But that is illegal and criminal. And they have no legal authority given to them to decide who live or who die. So they are in total error thinking that the solutions they are working on are going to work. It is incredible that minds like Bill Gates and others are so involved in stupidities that any body can realize are criminal and illegal.

This means that all that false idols or geniouses of technology belonging to the elite are false.

Gates stole the CP/M operating suystem from Gary Kildall ownner of Digital research and real pioneer creating the first Operating system for microcomputers, Gates did that buying a almost identical copy of CP/M from other firm to avoid legal issues. Later without being the creator nor the best option, he was chosen to be the official operating system of the IBM PC and corporate America. By whom? His Daddy and Mommy. Who were part of the ruling elite.

The same model happens with all the gurus of this mafia in control of the planet. World Rulers stole the radio technology from Nikola Tesla giving the patents to Marconi who was his employee, and only after his death the suppreme court restored his patent to his name.

What other proof of this incompetent people can we ask but to see the stupidities that Bill gates does with their total complicity in the genocide of millions through vaccination. Several governments are processing their fundation for the sterilization of African girls and by mental illness after their vaccinations.

We people of the planet have the moral obligation to raise our voice to stop this criminals.

People of other planets are behind them in the believe that they represent the best of our planet. That is a total fallacies. The only reason they are in that position of power is by the use of the force, by the illegal infiltration of their secret societies in our own governments and the corruption they introduce in our societies etc.

We have to raise our protest to those foreign civilizations that inexplicable are collaborating with this corrupt elite.

Nobody is going to raise humanity unless we do. You have to be clear on that.

Science including medical discoveries are suppressed and blocked in our countries, scientist like me are threaten by politicians who are leaders of secret societies. Doctors discoverings and cures for important deseases are equally threaten and destroyed.

Let see the case of Dr. Royal Rife

We at Wiratek are prepared for any aspect in the development of the hardware of the devices used by Dr Rife in their investigations, and also with the required knowledge for the implementation of the research laboratories to test the cure of diseases by the concept of wave structure of matter, frequencies, resonances and vibrations.

The work of this scientist was the first in line of advancements in the investigation of the relation of certain frequencies and radiation techniques in order to destroy specic organisms without affecting the rest of the human body. For sure it was a one great first step in line toward the objective of the mapping of healing tones and frequencies for the whole human body, but we need to implement now the latest discoverings in the wave nature of matter, Artificial intelligence, conciousness and the healing effect it can produce. The final objective is the knowledge for the construcction of medical pods were an Artificial intellingence will scan the body for diseases or neuralgic zones and will aply the studied solution automatically until it detects the solution was reached.

That kind of instruments are reported to be on board of Et Races supervising the development of our planet Earth.

Those who still don´t know what is happening in the planet here I have a video of European government authorities who speak and discuss political matters with Extraterrestrial Races. Races that we know now are in secret control of the planet.

It is true that we must start to address our messages to those beings, telling them to stop using the Satanist World Mafia as their representants on our planet, and also that we name them responsibles for the atomic detonations and killings of the past.

For the ones who don´t know. There exist another Federation of Planets in the 7th Density formed by elevated beings of that frequency Realm with a reported base in the rings of Saturn, and they are in rank over the "5D Federation base" in charge of planet Earth. ¿Does the 5D Federation FEAR the Federation above? Yes ¿Why? Because it supervises them, restricts them, monitors them and holds them accountable for their actions and the omissions of actions.

So we are jumping in our demands toward that 7th Density instance. Just for protection of our ideas and freedom of expression as incarnated souls in this planet.

(We are not just 3rd dimensional souls, we can have soul projections in higher Density realms, and based on that we can express this kind of demands, besides that other high density beings will support our case too)

For us the killing in secrecy of innocents specially children in horrible suffering is unacceptable with our human experience and we will denounce that loudly specially if the Federation in Charge is responsible.

The secret creators of the New World Order and self proclaimed eye of the Pyramid now we know are extraterrestrials. They not only control Earth in secrecy naming a Satanic Elite, but they posses far advanced technologies which were used against humanity through history. But the main problem of all this is that they with their support brought a satanist cult to rule our planet, and they are the creators of the new World Government agenda. On top of that, now they are threatening humanity with a planetary reset (Meaning genocide) because we have learn what they dont want us to know, and that is that they are the ones behind all this satanic mafia, behind all the sacrificies of babies, and behind all the horror and wars in the history of humanity. We have learn they created religions to manipulate incarnated souls, and they have killed humans in several planetary resets. Now we are discovering that the last one was as recent as in the 19th century with Tartaria and the nuclear bombs over Moscow and other Siberian cities during the invasion of Napoleon.

Now they are in problems because their mask is out, and we can not be their lies victims anymore.

We demand control of our own planet and the removal of their satanist mafia in control. Only then we will agree to One world government. We need justice for 9/11, liberation of suppressed technologies, end of the illegal censorship of ideas, all that as a first step toward start considering that kind of planetary union, and as a first step to establish an equal relationship with said Federation of Planets

It is suspicious the One World gobernment imposition by those extraterrestrials who were in control for thousand of years and responsibles of all horrors and suffering to incarnated souls in this planet. ¿Who will be in charge?

¿Their satanic Elite?

No Way!!!!!!


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