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Breakthrough Technologies

Gravity – Time – Faster than Light – Wave Structure of Matter -Scalar Technologies – Existential Densities – Biological Physics

Fisica de Gravedad






In my thoughts always was, that if I would start the study of something new, it is of no purpose to start with obsolete

all explained technologies, specially in our time of exponential development. So I choose breakthrough technologies, anti-gravity, scalar technology, wave structure of matter etc. Some will say those are science fiction, but I smile and say: No they are not!, indeed they are very real and already in use by human civilization.

A major limitation to the development of aerospace technology is the lack of coherent analysis and research of the physics phenomena. Therefore, it makes impossible for countries like Peru to develop projects into those fields that could potentially

allow the creation of breakthrough aerospace technologies far surpassing the state of the art. Such technologies including different categories of advanced energy topics, a deeper understanding of a unified field theory, longitudinal (and scalar) waves, gravity electro-propulsion, as well as other advanced physics were here examined. Many breakthrough technologies share the common characteristic of being “electric” in nature. However, “electric” in the context of this report refers to a characteristic of more advanced concepts such as deriving energy from the zero point energy (ZPE zero point energy, or ZFV zero force vector as per Bearden, or background field as per Meyl, Aether as per Tesla, or dark energy etc), field present everywhere, and propelling

an aerospace vehicle.

I am certain that some of these technologies can be developed by us Latin Americans into advanced power and propulsion

technologies or even help access zero point energy, which has a calculated energy density of many orders of magnitude greater than any other currently used sources of energy. You have to to keep in mind that our mother Earth receives most of its energy as neutrino radiation from the Sun, and that if we tap from that, we will have all the energy we can dream! Several additional selected topics in advanced physics were also investigated in order to provide increased understanding and further insights into some of the research mentioned above.

I have created this report among multiple objectives, as support for the creation of the “Wiracocha Institute of Research

of Advanced Technology” “Wiratek”. With the intention to set the start of a continuous mechanism of analysis and research which

will allow the development of advanced technology in a continuous spiraling way until we reach the stars. Also as a seminal investigation knowledge, motivation of spirits, scientific ideology, principles and guide to the education in scientific research of selected young Latin American and world geniuses, which will endure the process to develop the needed technology for the 3rd millennium at “Wiratek”. In a similar way as I researched and tinkered to write this report, these young geniuses will create similar ones in any area of scientific research, elevating the world’s perception over our race’s scientific presence in the international community.

We Peruvians and Latinos in general must walk proud of what we are and what we are capable to do, and those young scientist formed at “Wiratek”, will be the first line of scientific ambassadors of our millennial race and will make proud God Wiracocha, who brought us from the stars. Finally the Nazca lines descendants will join their seeds into the universal community starting with this document.

I know people from other nations work and look for the better of their own countries, they have decided to keep scientific knowledge for themselves and have commissioned military and civil organizations controlled by them to preserve in secrecy important scientific knowledge. British, Americans, Jewish, as other nations share this endeavor, controlling science. I very much

understand them, and as Peruvian I will probably do the same for my country. The problem is, I am not British, nor American,

nor Jewish, So now what?

We know they control secret organizations most of them if not all. We know those secret society members have all nationalities of the world including ours Peruvian, also of course We know they pronounce votes of loyalty for their organizations. As logic consequence I asked myself whose interest do they play for? Peruvian, British, Americans, Jewish, Swiss banksters?

I know you as me have your own opinion. But I have the right to have one, and good or bad is what I believe, and with all due respect I will share that in this document. Please allow me to make mistakes in identifying all the real agents of control, because it is not the important matter to me (and because we all together not only me have to collaborate to solve this), the important to me is just get a counter gravity electro-propulsion machine flying, and I am forced to deal with them because they oppose my way. I speak about those organizations to show the mechanisms employed by these other nations to control science in our country. I repeat again, may be they are not, may be others, or in combination with others, but if they do not oppose to that hiding and distortion of science, or express concern as I do, or don’t want to pay attention deliberately to opinions like mine, then we have to conclude that we are some way right in our analysis.

As a Peruvian, I work in the same way other nations worked to discover breakthrough technologies like electro-propulsion, scalar, teleportation etc. It is our right as Peruvians to have that technologies too, even if those nations oppose. I am not anti British, American, or Jewish. But I am not one of them. So If I have dreams as going to Mars, I have to make that possible by myself with my own work and with the help of fellow compatriots, because I have understood we will never receive that knowledge from them, and that is the purpose of my job, sharing it with Peru and the rest of third world nations and getting support for the continuation of it with better conditions and resources, and with the addition of young scientist by the Creation of “Wiratek”.

When Miguel Grau said the last good bye to his wife and beloved children he knew he will never see them again, he also knew we would never win the sea war without a fleet. Then, why he sailed anyway? Because some times life poses over us moral obligations that we are compelled to fulfill because is the right thing to do, and there is no other way left for us. God has put on all of us the hard test of being all witnesses of 9/11 2001 self inflicted crimes and posterior genocide of millions of innocents. We can not lose our souls for what those world rulers monsters had irresponsible done at plain sight and becoming all of us in their accomplices by omission of express our testimonies unless we break from fear and we deliver what our creator expect from us. Talking like I am going to do is nobody’s choice for sure, but an obligation before God and our souls.

To explain the determination to endure this mission, I have to admit that recent world events have had a profound impact in my way to see the world, my personal and professional objectives and the plans for the future. I also had to admit the profound moral dilemma and fear I had to confront for over 10 years now, before arriving to the determination to properly address them. Since I realized the attacks of 9/11 2001 were not true, and far different as they were revealed by the media. I endured a personal research behind the real story for my own sake and peace of mind. The result was an awakening to the crude reality of human society controlled for centuries in benefit of some countries, controlled by audacious groups of individuals, which control our governments, institutions, military, information networks, media, etc, they are also in control of secret societies around the world to help their objectives and advance their agenda. Using them and as a diversion, but acting and forming a whole. The problem, confusion, solution of 9/11, as in any war in the last 300 years explain the methodology used to advance their world control agenda. Advance science is not disconnected from this mechanism of control and it is mutilated and distorted on purpose to avoid other nations as Peru to develop advanced technology in the benefit of their population. We are aware of that, and that is why We at Wiratek and Peru Tercer Milenio have decided to expose those truths, and develop the solutions to drive our country to an era of progress and justice out of the secret control of this satanic World Maffia in control.


Strategy & Sacrifice

¿Is it possible to build advanced technology to reach the Stars?

The answer is another question ¿What do you think the Americans are doing? They are building vehicles and technology beyond your imagination. But, We are not part of them, and many of us will never be. So ¿What are we going to do? ….. To cry ?

No!… We have no other way but to do it ourselves. Whatever they do, we can do it too. If there is a problem and somebody can solve it then for sure those will be us. We can take a 100 years more due our actual level of knowledge but at some point in the future we will make the breakthrough advance and we will level the field, but we have to start now!

You have to be realist in knowing that in order to solve the riddles of Gravity there are innumerable aspects to develop before putting the first prototypes to work. First we have to make a cross reference in the understanding of all the different ideas and conceptions about the dynamic structure of matter. This means that we have to work against the current mainstream theories like the standard model, general relativity, super-symmetry, string theory and others. That’s why we had to expend a long period of time before going public in solving the lies impossed by the controllers in theoretical physics, that was before we gain in the confidence that I we are in the right track and running ahead, but just a little behind the leading scientist of the world.

¿How do we know that?

Because when we started studying such theories we just assimilate and understand only a small part of what the authors said about such phenomena, and as we advanced in the understanding of different contradictory theories, our own interpretation started to appear. By having a personal opinion you start to confront that other scientist opinions in all your next readings, and then you start to polish your own theories, redefining them if necessary, finding errors and inconsistencies that force you to investigate additional aspects re-reading again the same previous authors to find what you didn’t understood properly. Reevaluating again and again every aspect of your investigation. This is what I call the “spiraling in the advancement of science”, because as you advance , you develop new questions over what you knew before, so you have to read again before continuing forward, effectively spiraling about the scientific work of multiple scientist.

Science is the accumulation of work of one scientist over the work of other previous scientist before you, just like an enormous tree, there are some branches that lead to the incorrect path, and others straight to the top. Our ability, the one God bless us is to find the truth right away, May be a trait of any Electronic Engineer working with mainframe computers in our youth. When young Engineer I worked at Digicom serving Data General Computers the Peruvian Air Force (CINFA) possessed. That gave me the confidence to analyze logically the possible solutions discarding the impossible ones. That scientific method is called retroduction and was known by ancient Greek philosophers, and that way of thinking help me in my research. The reality is that we at Wiratek have developed a theory which explains inertia and gravity at the particle level, no others cientists have openly publish an explanation of such phenomena at that level. We also incorporated in our studies the concepts of scalar technology,matter, antimatter, dark matter, dark energy, teleportation, adn secure undetectable communications among others. Understand this, these studies are on top of theories of other brilliant scientists whose work as we know is incomplete or may be kept secret that is the same. So we have to understand, mix and add on top of those theories our own modifications. But the fact that we know the physics behind gravity doesn’t mean that we can build a counter gravity machine right away. Remember I understand Big computers (mainframe computers). But I need components to build one, may be some you can buy on line. ¿But where to buy for gravity? ¿Where to buy ambient temperature Superconductors?, ¿Where to buy plasma reactors? More difficult than that is that even if the equipment to build has one known name i.e. “Mainframe Computer”. In reality you have several subsystems working together like the Power supply , CPU, Memory, Hard disk storage,tape backup units, line printers, serial communications, graphics adapters , controllers etc. Any of them usually has a processing power inside with its own memory running an embedded operating system, and all of them sharing some buses to communicate among them. Then it is evident that there is a lot of work to do to build one computer from scratch, even if it is well known its architecture, we not only have to hook the required hardware, but most important we have to write the device drivers that will hook together all those different controllers in an unison application. Imagine, If it is difficult to work with hardware that you cam buy mail order by the Internet, how difficult it would be to build a counter gravity machine if you don’t have any place to buy the hardware you need. ¿Where are we going to buy a plasma reactor to supply the energy to our ship? Or ¿Where are we going to buy the transducers to convert our electric signals into gravitationally accepted signals? ¿Or our electric circuits to process signals into mirrored scalar waves? ¿Were do find the transducers? There is no mainstream physic book to teach you that. ¿What does this means? It means that we have to start working from the ground up. Searching for the materials who have the properties to beuseful as traducers in our designs. But some will say. “That is impossible, too much work.”

I will answer. ¿What do you expect stupids, haven’t you heard, “no pain, no gain”? We have the knowledge, the theory, leads, clues, previous investigations, and our own investigations to lead our research. We have right away classified areas to investigate. That’s the way scientific research works. ¿Are you afraid? It is a hard job to do. But, don’t worry the ones who have to be afraid it is me and our scientist, but we are pretty sure that we will solve any problem as it comes. When you are in those situations you know that “if you don’t find the solution, nobody will do. So no way but go back and think again”. Remember the work of Nikola Tesla, He alone with a handful of assistants made all the technological discoveries which are driven our homes today…. altern current, electric motors, radio communications, remote robotics, and even some hidden technologies, like scalar technology, counter gravity among the ones I can recognize. Then, it is not that difficult for us Peruvians and Latin American scientist to endeavor this project, and as I already mentioned it is a spiraling advancement of science, we have the understanding of the physical phenomena behind, we have the understanding of how to build complex electronic systems and how to bound them together. We have the understanding of operating systems and device driver routines to produce end user applications controlling that breakthrough technology artifacts. We are Peruvian scientist daring to work for the benefit of the Peruvian and Latin American race, not giving them aflying saucer to go picnic, but restoring their confidence, prestige and honor to be a capable race to hold the view face to face to any being in the universe.

No more second class citizens in this world, no more silent spectators of stupids who bring terrorism to our lands to undue Velasco’s reforms, no more Lory Berenzons CIA assets passing as terrorist once discovered in fragrant plotting with bombs against our nation, or what do they think, that we are so stupids not to realize that they are the financiers and terrorist of the world?


Objetos voladores

A disc, which has proven its suitability to fly, was constructed and built by the English technician John R. R. Searl, although he said he can’t explain the effect. He also had big difficulties to get the apparatus under control. A disc broke through the ceiling and the roof of his laboratory and disappeared to never be seen again. Five other flying discs, which he constructed after this experience and were started in the open went lost in the same manner. Without knowing the effect, he of course neither could assess the dangers. His experiments have claimed serious injuries and a casualty. While he 1985 was put in prison under a pretext, his laboratory and his house were burned down and all documents destroyed.

Reports of this said “Professor Searl has reversed this old principle were normally the component of the velocity towards the center of rotation decreases, it increases in Searl’s case. For that the works with roller pivoted concentric rings, which he drives by asmall electric motor. Doing so something inexplicable for him happens: After switching off the motor the revolutions per minute don’t decrease again, but increase audibly and increase further, until the produced electric field shows the well-known high tension phenomena: corona discharges, formation of ozone, ionization of the air and production of a vacuum in the inside of the disc. The rings and rollers consist of several layers, which are built up similar to a bi-metal.” “The only explanation some scientist think of is that a change in structure would occur as a result of the physical length contraction which is caused by the increase of the E-field in the direction of the center of rotation. The bi-metals try to withdraw themselves from this change by an increase of their rotation of their own. To compensate the field the disc builds up a spin, as also the elementary particles do. While the formation of vacuum prevents sparking in the inside of the flying disc, and the revolutions per minute further increase because there is no air friction whatsoever, the disc weighing 5 tons all of a sudden takes off the ground and according to reports of eyewitnesses shoots vertically upwards. “

Nikola Tesla in his laboratory in Manhattan has incidentally built resonators, of which he could bring all electric, magnetic and mechanic factors in resonance. On an evening stroll he fastened a battery operated vibrator to the tubular steel scaffolding of a new building and let everything shake and wobble. In his laboratory such a device once got out of control by inattentiveness and triggered an earthquake. In that way the roadsurfacing and pipeswere and window panes got broken. The police penetrating his laboratory only could see, how Tesla forcible finished the experiment with a sledge-hammer.

The experiments which got out of control of Tesla, Searl, and Schauberger have one thing in common: it concerns constructions with a unipolar arrangement of the field and by consequence build up a resonance to form the needed dipole. Tesla had arranged the magnetic field in aunipolar way, as he has reported himself, Searl had realized electric unipolar fields in a construction similar to the electron, and Viktor Schauberger had specialized in producing unipolar structures with water vortexes. Further analysis of this phenomena is… Classified and part of the investigations being performed at Wiratek.

¿Electro gravitation?

Wild speculations circulate about the mechanism of a “flying saucer”, which should function without sound and without combustion, and for which no sound barrier exists as pilots have observed. The talk is about canceling gravitation or about an “electro gravitation”.

Reproducible in any case is an experiment which has been systematically investigated by the American professor Biefeld and his pupil Thomas Townsend Brown in 1925. Accordingly, a body charged to high tension shows a force effect in the direction of its positively charged node. As a check for oneself a capacitor can be suspended on its connection wires and it can be observed, how it moves visibly in the direction of the positive pole in case it is charged.

¿Isn’t it suspicious to say the less, that beingNikola Tesla the father of high voltage experimentation and having been working in secret for 40 years before his death, he had never mention these gravity effects of high voltages?

Even though he mentioned he was working in anti-gravity. We at Wiratek will reserve those investigations as….Classified.

The Motional Electric Field

We all have been taught by Freemason’s physics there exist one Electric field and one Magnetic field. What this morons forgot to tell us is that there are different flavors among them with completely different characteristics, as example I will mention only a few characteristics of them but there are more about this at investigation in our labs.

Our textbooks have taught us that when a linear conductor moves with a velocity V across a magnetic flux of intensity B, an electric field of vector intensity Em = VxB is induced within the wire and gives rise to a voltage at its terminals. This electromagnetically induced electric field, is often called a motional electric field (Em), we have been taught, that it would be electrostatic (Es) in character, that is, identical and indistinguishable from an electric field arising from charges of electricity.

But It is not electrostatic!

It’s immunity to shielding, magnetic or electrostatic, is the exciting property which it shares with the gravitational field, If one Electric field do not pass through a Faraday cage, and other does. ¿Are they the same? Penetrating properties of fields rendering them immune to shielding, possessed by some and not by others, this kind of behavior have no mathematical representation in such so-called mainstream science proofs, hence the proof are not rigorous because they do not include all the field properties.

¿Why this idiotic Freemasons hide this fact?

Because it is the same property as observed in gravity and scalar waves! ¿Do you still think there is no conspiracy inscience? None of Faraday’s famous experiments show or prove the existence of but one electric field in nature. It is Maxwell’s translation by Heaviside of these experiments into the language of mathematics that bear the tacit assumption of only one such field exist.

Some of you will ask ¿Why is this important?

For some of you which still don’t grasp that all matter and physics phenomena are just waves of electric, magnetic, and gravitational origin, the fact to discover there is not only one but different kinds of electrical fields has capital importance, because allow us different amount of possible combinations to explain different physical phenomena. This will be as discovering that besides protons and neutrons in the nucleus of an atom we have another equally important particle. Now ¿do you realize the importance of this in an electric universe?

(1)Electrostatic Field Es

Es = Qr/4 pi eor3

The electrostatic field Es or Coulomb field is the one arising from the presence of charges. Two charges experience mutual forces in virtue of their positions. This is the electrostatic force of attraction or repulsion.

(2)motional electric field-Em

Em = v x B

The motional electric field- Em is the one which acts on charges traveling with velocity v across a magnetic induction field B. This field is produced by flux cutting. Thence arise the forces experienced by a conductor carrying a steady current in a constant magnetic field, the forces between current-carrying conductors, and the induction of an emf in a conductor moving relatively to the source of a magnetic field.

(3) electric t field (transformer)- Et

Et= dA/dt or curl Et = dB/dt

In this field B changes intrinsically with time. A is the magnetic vector potential. The electric t field Et in this formula arises from flux linking, or transformer electromagnetic induction discovered by Henry and Faraday. Et also experience additional forces by virtue of their accelerations, from which arise the induction of an emf bytransformer actions, and electromagnetic radiation of energy.

Each of these unique operations with charges brings into existence a new Electric force field which will act upon charges of electricity to accelerate them. It is not difficult to distinguish fundamental differences in the Coulomb field Es and the magnetically induced fields Et and Em, but some were unable to see any clearly defined difference between the Et and the Em field. Little literature appears to exist which directs attention to the ambiguous nature of the concept of the spatial distribution of energy as concerns the two electromagnetically induced electric fields. That the electric field induced by a magnetic flux intensity which is changing with time has a spatial distribution of energy, whereas the motionally induced electric field does not have any such identical distribution of electric field in space is one of the most crucial and fundamental differences in their properties. Since the establishment of this fact that these two fields differ radically in their relation to field energy is all-important to the objectives of our work.

The electric field Et produced by this type of induction is most conveniently designated by the time rate of change of the magnetic vector potential. The transfer of energy between the primary and secondary coils of a transformer without any movement of its component parts give direct evidence that electric energy is distributed in the space occupied by the Et field. The very nature of this electric field requires the concept of the spatial distribution of field energy. By the contrary Em = v x B. This vector field equation was derived by Lorentz from the empirical force formula of Biot and Savart. This is the electric field which is present in the moving wires constituting the armature coils of an electric generator. It causes an emf to exist in a conductor by virtue of motion across magnetic flux.Page and Adams have emphasized one of these unique properties. They point out in the case of the generator with a rotating armature coil that this field, “exists only in the moving conductor ” where moving electric charges are present” since no electric field is present in the observer’s reference frame, neither the electrostatic field Es nor the Et field possesses this property. One observes that the moving charge is acted upon by a force which to all appearances is wholly magnetic in nature. Whether we think of it as a deflecting magnetic force or an electric field, it is obvious that it exists only at the points in space where moving charges, either free or in matter, are present, for stationary electric charges are unaffected. In a vacuum, or in space between moving electric charges, no Em field or deflecting magnetic force exists. Hence it must necessarily have a spotty, or discontinuous nature. ¿How can this be possible?

Because is the aether who intervenes to produce this force q(v x B). It means the aether energy is disturbed by q and v producing a new B’ field around the particle which turns into a moving force reacting with the other B field The particle has initial kinetic energy

T = 1/2 mvo2

It will be acted upon by a mechanical deflecting force

F = evo x B.

It will also be readily seen that this force on the charged particle exists only when there is a second magnetic field B’ around the particle produced by the movement of the particle. The force is actually the force of lateral repulsion between two magnetic fields. Without the presence of both magnetic fields, no such force exists, hence the existence of f requires the simultaneous presence of all three of its essential components, e, v, and B. The actual action on the charged particle is magnetic in character, rather than electrical.

B, acts like a circular deflecting constraint or baffle, which only changes the direction but not the magnitude of the velocity of the particle. The speed of the particle and hence its kinetic energy remain unchanged. It is well known that such force will cause the particle to travel in a circular path. The particle is thus trapped by the magnetic field, which will hold it to a circular path until its original kinetic energy is dissipated by collisions with neighboring particles, or by radiation.

The concept of v x B as an electric field is a convenient mathematical construct, for computing induced emf’s, but the actual nature of the phenomenon with which one is dealing must be kept clearly in mind to avoid mistakes is magnetic.

The electromotive force induced between the terminals of a short straight linear conductor of length l moving with relative velocity across a magnetic induction B is given by the formula:

emf(Em) = v x B • l

whereas that induced in a closed circuit is given by:

emf(Em) = ʃ vx B • dl

and is often difficult to evaluate. In these formulas the term v x B represents the direction and magnitude of the fictitious electric field intensity Em. The energy associated with this field is directly imparted to the charged particles by a mechanical prime mover which produces the secondary B’ field instead of an actual electric field. An important point in the foregoing analysis is that it serves to illustrate the fact that since the Em field is by its intrinsic nature only the repulsive force between two magnetic sources, that of B and that of the moving charge B’, it can not exist except at those points where electric charges with magnetic fields about them exist. The Em field is only at those points where amagnetic field exists that can interact repulsively with the magneticinduction B. ¿You will ask why do we bother on this? The answeris clear: gravity, scalar energy, teleportation are influenced by these fields, not by fictitious atomic Quantum Mechanics inventions. ¿Got it?

Therefore, it is evident that there can not be continuous spatial distribution of Em electric field energy as is in the case of the Es or Et fields. Since no electric Em field exists in a space without charges present, there is no Em field energy in a vacuum or in free space such as that can be measured or can exist with an electrostatic field.

This self-proclaimed world rulers in control of scientific institutions is slap in the face to all of us scientist. Just as it is their ignoring that the 9/11 attacks were made by the use of nuclear demolition technology. The ignoring or banning of scientist in response to their capacity to see things beyond the apparent official reality, is what define the negative influence in the pursue of scientific knowledge, of these arrivistes individuals belonging to secret societies.

One scientist asked to discuss this problem was the distinguished physicist and authority in the field of electrodynamics, Enrico Fermi. Among the questions asked, two will be of interest to us.

(a) “If it were ever discovered that the motional electric field v x B/c was unique and not identical to, and indistinguishable from an electrostatic field, would this discovery be of any great value to our scientific knowledge?”

His answer in substance was: It would indeed be of very great significance and consequence. “

(b) “To your knowledge, do you know of the existence of any direct experimental evidence which confirms the belief that the motional electric field and the electrostatic field are identical in nature?”

After considerable thought, his reply was, “Come to think of it, I can recall of no such existent evidence.”

Then what can be done if controlled science can’t be modified or corrected from catastrophic mistakes, ¿if they refuse to listen?

The answer is only one.

Forget about them, extract what is true, correct the introduced distortions, and continue in secret your endeavor until humanity is rescued from the influence of this mediocre egoist people (all for them, for their benefit, nothing for the rest of humanity).

I want that research to be done at Wiratech.

¿Could we Peruvians act as an independent nation on this?

¿ Can we research for science without Secret Societies control?

I can do it. ¿Could you? We do not have to put all the eggs in the Freemason basket, Until we seize democratic control of our government we can not leave them doing their normal circus controlling u sand our scientist, but at the same time we have to spare some brilliant minds at Wiratech.

All the garbage you were told, to be away from anti-systems supposedly like me, is done based on your perception of the terrorist that they create, train, and finance. Those people who become terrorist where immersed without understanding in manipulated control and lies from the World Rulers and have poor analysis and intelligence. Useful stupids working for them without knowing to create chaos in their benefit. ¿Could anybody be so imbecile to not realize secret societies are behind all terrorism and wars in the planet?

They seduce violent young people into those terrorist groups to later do some stupid attack and give them theexcuse to send all the military force to kill them. This extermination of young people seduced by false leaders under secret societies control and finance is proof of the twisted and poor intelligence of the self proclaimed world rulers. If there is over population ¿aren’t there better ideas? Stupids! Ask me and I will analyze the problem for you.

Reverse is the case of a scientist like me. ¿What is the base to say I am anti system? It´s because I have my eyes opened to see what others can’t see. It is for my believe in God and not in Religions and the obligation I feel before him for the blessing to be awake in my perceptions, It is for the fact that I want to return him with my labor for the benefit of the people were he put me to be born, for some unknown reason to me, Peru.

The Em field has all the earmarks of being a link which ties gravitation to electricity and magnetism. The Oerstedflux, first its discovery, and now the discovery that it moves with the electron drift velocity giving rise to it, thus holds a unique role in the process of welding science into one uniffied Theory. The crucial evidence of uniqueness is experimental and it has been shown that this field does not obey Poisson’sFundamental Law of Electrostatics with respect to shielding. Now you can visualize why those breakthrough technologies are not so far away from our understanding, ¿Do you think if I already solved the gravity puzzle?

Yes indeed! I did it! I know how gravity works and We at Wiratek are ready to start the reasearch work to solve the technologies to control it, but we need a team to work, we need all the brilliant young Peruvian scientist in many different areas of knowledge, resources have to be assigned, and special security have to be assest around all our investigative effort. So fellow Peruvians celebrate! And be in guard so that the World Mafia servants are not going to avoid us to deliver our knowledge for Peru! We have to be protected! So nobody can steal Peru’s destiny..

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