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In the recent past, scientists have talked about the terms dark energy, dark-matter, anti-matter, where these cover the part of knowledge which they can not find explanation for within the present understanding in the scientific world. For example the term dark energy is used to understand the forces, which are not explainable and neither does fall within the conventional present world of physics. Now scientist like Iranian Mehram Keshe have branded new terms like the matter, transition matter, principal matter to refer that phenomena too, where these terms are and have become recent addition to man’s scientific vocabulary. As scientists we must not expect other scientists to use our own technical terms, as sometimes they have a complete different approach and terms to name and solve the same problems. One of such cases is Dr. Keshe and we will see what does he proposes.

In the recent past, scientists have talk about the terms dark energy, dark-matter, anti-matter, where these covers

the part of knowledge which they can not find explanation for within the present understanding in the scientific world. For example the term dark energy is used to

understand the forces, which are not explainable and neither does fall within the conventional present world of physics. Now scientist like Iranian Mehram Keshe have

branded new terms like the matter, transition matter, principal matter to refer that phenomena too, where these terms are and have become recent addition to man’s scientific vocabulary. As scientists we must not expect other scientists to use our own technical terms, as sometimes they have a complete different approach and terms to name and solve the same problems. One of such cases is Dr. Keshe and we will see what does he proposes.

Dr Keshe names everything as a kind of magnetic field, one can can try to relate that to String Theory or M-theory or to classical mainstream Quantum Mechanics physics, but for you to understand I will help you in the terms. More profound analisys are reserved for later posts. We will use Keshe’s own words to introduce you to the MagGrav technology, be adviced he uses the same words that for us physisist have another meaning but in his case he assign them with another different or broader conceptual meaning. ¿Do you remember I told you there were several aproaches to solve the manipulation of gravity? Well, you have to find by yourself, if this one is just a placebo to keep you busy in something to keep you away from the real ones. My opinion will be reserved for Wiratech. I am sure Keshe knows more than he talks, but logically that strategic knowledge have to be kept in secret for Iran. Then… ¿Why Does he went public with his Space ship institute in Italy?

I think the key idea was to include new scientist in their area of research and grab contacts and attention toward Iranian’s technology, and of course to get alliances and new customers, but you have to be sure that the core of the technology is secret and for other countries that information have to be unfolded by their own scientist. You have to do it by studying and understanding its potentials, don’t expect a controlled University to give that to you, this kind of technology is not for the public, less for free. That will never happen because is related to energy and that is a secret area of technology, not to be taught because you are touching energy extraction which is key for the future control of humanity.

What is the MagGrav technology in Keshe’s words:

Normal “Matter” is composed by 3 different kinds of matters ( matter, antimatter, dark-matter) and dark-energy. MagGrav technology refer to the property of plasmas to emit magnetic and gravitational fields surrounding the plasma object, and then creating a magnetosphere around it, interacting and positioning in space such plasma in respect with any other neighbor plasmas.

In Keshe’s view electrons, protons, neutrons, Earth, Sun etc. everything constitutes plasmas and interact with their environment accordingly. That is the foundation for his gravitational positioning reactors. In the universe the same as in the physical Matter world, there are sources of magnetic fields, Some of them are stronger in magnetic fields spectrum strength like the Principal Matter or Antimatter, and some which are in the transition strength as Transition Matter or Dark-matter and Dark-energy, and lastly the weaker field strength or Matter strength. In Keshe’s mind the term “magnetic field” has a broader significance than for normal scientist. I will not explain here the real meaning, but I prevent you to avoid to burn your head, because sometimes Keshe’s English ishard to understand, so be patient. I will clarify concepts.

The lack of understanding of Dark-energy, the Poynting vector, or energy flux in electronic circuits are some of the reasons why breakthrough technologies are so elusive to mainstream physicist, here in Keshe’s view .“When, magnetic fields are in motion (mafs or plasmatic magnetic fields) they are called energies, where these translucent fields as they are in motion from one state of mafs to another they create what is called the Transition energy (darkenergy) which explains the Transition energy mystery of today’sscience.

These magnetic rays or fields and their collection as plasmatic magnetic fields, become known as the Initial Fundamental Particles. Therefore we consider that magnetic fields to be the “real” fundamental particles.

“¿Do you find resemblance here to The Science of God, and God is Light , everything is light?“

The existence and interaction of these magnetic fields leads to and creates all other effects that one sees and observes in the universe, like creation of Magnetic and gravitational fields which leads to creation of what I call different Matters (matter, antimatter and dark Matter) of the plasma, from this point on, we refer to ‘magnetic fields’ as the ‘elementary particles’ and not consider quarks and others as elementary particles any further, I consider that these quarks of different color, with up and down notation and spin are all created as the outcome and consequences of different interactions and attraction of these ‘magnetic fields’ or ‘plasmatic magnetic fields‘. As quarks themselves are now known to be made of simpler particles of ‘magneticfields‘, then quarks cannot be considered to be the elementary particles.

Where we consider that gravitational fields and Magnetic fields cannot exist in the universe without each other, and that they are produced simultaneously. It has to be noted that the co-existence of these two fields always in interaction with any other magnetic fields or plasma of fields always lead to the creation of a magnetosphere, which the boundary of the magnetosphere is the maximum point of balance or equality between the two field forces.

Any variation in strength of one of the two fields in respect to the other will create different effects, for example such unbalance field between the two fields can be seen in Mercury, which has no atmosphere, and such an imbalance can also be observed in most moons of planetary systems.

As one field cannot exist without the other, for representation of the MAgnetic and GRAVitational fieldS we usethe term: “MAGRAVS”. Plasmas are considered to be collection of combination of interaction of pmtics forces of matter, antimatter and dark matter and other magnetic field forces, all at the same time and within an overall sphere of the confines of the plasma.

In the Universe we clearly distinguish between states of Matter (gases, liquids, and solids), and kinds of Matters that will be (matter, antimatter and darkmatter). The interaction of different magnetic fields of different strengths, upon each other, is considered to be the creator of initial gravitational fields for the start of the creation of the initial seeds of the Matters of the plasma. Dark Energy will also provide for virtual particles, fabric of space-time, or aether in our physics. It’s very important for us the presence of the aether even in a disguised form, because some phenomena will be impossible without it. Keshe also states that most plasmas are inside one another´s magnetosphere, ie we are inside earth’s plasma, earth inside sun’s plasma, sun inside the galaxy’s plasma, etc, it means other bigger plasma’s Dark Energy fabric becomes our aether. To understand this logic. Keshe also defines the electric field as a ray byproduct of magnetic fields.

At the same time, we consider “rays” as individual and directional magnetic forces. We consider “fields” as the same ray’s magnetic force as it is influenced by other rays and magnetic field forces, which the ray makes a dynamic zone of influence in its path.

¿Do you remember Hertz saying that if we do not forget the magnetic field as primary cause, physics will become complicated for us? Well here we have the same version but in reverse, now the electric field is not fundamental in the Keshe’s version of reality. But ¿from where these scientist’s ideas come from? The answer is quite logic magnetic fields only appear when electric charge is moving, even depends of the frame of reference to appear or not, this clearly shows the dependance from the eather for those fields to appear. That point to the fact that those supposed independent fields are different manifestations of the same underlying potential with the aether as responsible. So it is not disqualifying Keshe’s theories for this kind of interpretations he does about physics phenomena. So, if we already have experimental proofs that those MagGravs technologies work, then we can translate those Keshe’s views of physics phenomenato our own understanding of physics.

It is important to note that different from Meyl, Keshe does not provide openly any mathematical model, or reconciliation explanations with actual mainstream physics. Therefore in simple terms, the Principal Matter(antimatter) is the like in energetic strength of the suns and blackholes sources of tremendous energy in the universe, the Transition Matter (darkmatter) are the magnetic fields strength fields travelingfrom the stronger field to the weaker field (invisible light), and the Matter strength fields (matter) are the like of the planets and our material reality in the solar system.

There are no mysteries about these fields, energies and matters, except in the lack of knowledge in the man’s progressive and advancing science about his universe and living environment. Where, in the universe one sees the effect of the stronger Principal matter fields as in the center of the galaxies as the stars do in the solar systems. The present world of science will come to realize the order of fields are all time kept and all followed the same rules and principles in all levels of the universal creation. This meaning that in the center of the galaxies (black-hole) the entity which is called as the Principal star of the galaxies in its center have nothing but Principal matter magnetic fields strength, which their interaction leads to creation of strong gravitational fields. Where, this center of Principal matter is covered by the transition fields as they are on their way to visible matter fields strength or what one observes as the dark environment around the central Principal matter region, hence the term “black hole” or “Principal star”, which this darkness region is only due to the balance transition between fields in motion and the fields which the rays are traveling through.

The existence of the principal fields and matters in the center of the universe with its strong gravitational fields is the reason as it seems that the Principal star is eating everything and absorbing everything this being rays or matters, where in fact it is the gravitational field forces of the Principal matter in the center of this dark spot which are creating these large pulling fields. The size of the Principal star in the center is the combination of gravitational fields and Magnetic fields forces of the MagGrav of the Principal matter content of the Principal star. In a sense as the Principal star extracts more material from its environment in the universe, then a position is reached that the total Principal matter absorbed by the Principalstar from the objects, like of stars, planets, plasmas and so forth, a point of criticality is reached that the gravity of the Principal matter fields exceeds the Magnetic fields of the Principal matter and that these forces cannot sustain their balance, hence the Principal star has to release enough material and fields so that it can reach equilibrium between its two fields, and that is the point where theprincipal stars release vast amount of fields and matters without actually causing the division of the universe. “

The concept that Black-holes absorb everything is false, neutrino radiation leaves black-holes, and this radiation is in the principal matter spectrum range traveling faster than light speed, so it is undetectable for us which only perceive through our senses the slowest Matter spectrum range. That’s why these concepts were absent of mainstream physics. Stephen Hawkins British guru in black-holes was previous to his pass away forced to admit this truth after receiving a paper for publishing from Keshe explaining his foundations. Of course they refused to publish the paper, but never the less Hawkins announce his change of heart as if that paper was unrelated. Later this ¨Scientist¨ was claiming the necessity to a new world order. ¿What? This guy can’t hide his British NWO interests and adhesion.

That neutrino radiation feed with energy every sun in the galaxy, which in turn feed every planet, and so on. All the universe is interconnected as a tree and its leaves, branches are principal stars (black-holes) and its associated galaxies and suns, which in turn divide themselves into solar systems and planets etc. Energy flow is stronger in the root than in the leaves, that’s the concept of Principal Matter (antimatter),Transition Matter (dark-matter), and Matter mafs field strengths.

The principal star of the galaxies as much asthe stars of the solar systems or their suns have this PrincipalMatter process in smaller scale. Where up to now, man has not have had the tools to observe that when the star of its solar system not only release the visible Matters and releases huge amount of magneticfield into its heliosphere, but at the same time through and amongst these eruptions of the Sun huge amount of Principal fields and Matters are released into the plasma of the solar system, which these have not been observed by the scientific world due to the lack of appropriate tools.

The ejection of Principal mafs and Matters from the surface and right from the center of the sun is an essential part of sustainability of the fields and matters within the solar system and an essential part of the creation of new atoms and matters on the surface of the planets of the solar system. Where at the same time the solar systems on continues bases receives large amount of principal mafs and matters from the principal star of its galaxy, and principal stars discs in turn from center of the universe.

If we cut the trunk of a tree near the root, all the branches above will die. The same for the universe, if we cut the Principal matter flux between us and our sun, or this and the center of the Galaxy, or this and the center of the universe(God) all will cease to exist.

¿Do you understand?

We are all connected to God.

Nobody exist by chance or out of nothing. All the energy comes from one point and in the route it is converted into the matter and the souls we are. All we, are permanently connected by neutrino resonance to the source (God). So anything that happens in the universe is immediately known, bidirectional communication. (this means that our soul’s consciousness could equally be here on Earth or in the center of the universe, or in one of it’s hubs).

It will be observed that Principal stars in the central disc of the universe even absorb principal light (high frequency antimatter light), this shows the fact that light is an entity which possesses both gravity and Magnetic fields and its own mass, thus Principal star that is extracting this object from its environment due to its stronger fields strength is a normal occurrence.

In truth when the Principal Matter magnetic fields over time reduces in strength, they unwind and transfer their fields to their environment, and as these fields slowdown, they becomeTransition Matter energies and then transition matter finally slowdown enough that they reach the plasmatic magnetic fields energies of matter, observable and absorbable to human field touch and visible to it.

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